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Adventure MC Tours of Norway offers amazing off-road / all-road tours in many countries, as well as guided and self-guided adventures.

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Bjørn M.Broen

Bjørn lives at Farm Karset together with his wife, a dog, two cats and 7500 hens and roosters. He is a teacher in sports and outdoor life. He worked as a teacher for 20 years before starting up on the farm. He has no future in motorsport but got his license and first bike at the age of 20. After a long break from motorcycling when raising the children, he resumed MC-life again in 2012, with no regrets.

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Espen H. Teigland

Adventure MC Tours of Norway website

Joined the Mountain Adventure Tour 2-7 July and I can only recommend this to everybody who likes gravel roads and fantastic nature scenery. The trip was very professionally with very little tarmac. You will get a lot of fantastic gravel roads, river crossing, some sand and a lot of great tracks.I can only give my best recommendations and as "MC Adventure Norway" say: "Its all about gravel" I had a smile around my face the whole trip.

Seb K

Adventure MC Tours of Norway website

What an amazing way to see Norway !! I joined both the Ride Light Tour and Mountain Adventure in 2017 on my BMW F800GSA, 2017 model. I travelled there alone but that was no problem, as many others like me from around Europe/Scandinavia. The bikes were a mix of adventure bikes (Tenere, Africa Twin, GSA) and a few 650cc thumpers from Sweden (KLR, DR, XT). The owner/guide Bjørn is a master of this terrain, he is enthusiastic about his homeland and has a wealth of knowledge. You could not be in better hands. You travel some of the best terrain Norway has to offer from gravel roads, forest trails, river crossings, sand, plateaus, hill climbs etc. Some parts are challenging but travelling in a group & with Bjørn gives you the confidence to get through, you work together. Lots of good tips and instructions along the way and, plenty of laughs. The Ride Light is at a higher pace and is more technical, great for keen riders. The Mountain Adventure is about the scenery, Norway is beautiful and many of the spots along the way are breathtaking. Some tips from my experience, these tours are all about riding, so pack light, have the right tyres (most ran TKC80s), bring extra go-pro gear (min 2 batteries & SD cards – you ride all day), be prepared for rain it's Norway, ideally have spare tubes (we had 1 leak) and have a hydration system. Would I do it again ? Definitely

Lise Hofland

Adventure MC Tours of Norway website

I have experienced my second tour with Adventure MC Tours of Norway. This was a private tour made for 9 xladv from Bergen, Norway, in May 2017. We had a great guide, Bjørn- Magne that took us on gravel roads,paths and rivercrossings we would never find on our own. We stayed in his nice private cottage.All meals included. A great experience!In 2015 I came excited and a bit scared to Bjørn Magne`s farm a varm summer day in August. I had a BMW R1200GSA, 2010 model. My experience with gravel was a two days course with Touratec a few months earlier. Adventure MC tours of Norway became 5 very excited days on gravel roads, in woods, on the mountains, in water and sand if you wanted and much more. The group was just perfect. We experienced a good friendship the 5 days we were together. Good tips and a lot of help when needed. A lot of laughs and good stories that week. I believe we all learned a lot during the week. I learned that the impossible is very much possible! Just ride your bike and enjoy. Two came from the USA( living in Germany), one from Sweden, one from Denmark, two from Finland and me and my man from Norway. The days on the bikes were full of nice surprises as nice roads, beautiful nature and great view and sceneries every day Bjørn Magne is an amazing guide when it comes to remembering nice roads for us to experience in 5 long great days on the bikes. I am glad that he believed that I would be able to ride and manage the same as the guys. He is also a guide that understand that the challenge sometimes should be different for some of the participants. At the end of the fifth day I just wanted to continue. Thank you for believing in me Bjørn Magne. Memory for life! This is a perfect way to be in the beautiful nature of Norway at the same time as you do what you love;- RIDE YOUR BIKE! PS! My man, Valter participated on a 3 days tour in June 2016. He loved every minute. We are both going to join a 3 days tour in May this year.

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