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Bali, Indonesia

Bali Dirt Bike Tours offers trail and enduro riding tours in Bali through jungles, rice paddies, forest, and even the beach.

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2 Days Enduro Motorbike Tour Bali

Available from January till November

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from US$450
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  • a traveler Taiwan

    TripAdvisor website

    Me and a friend booked a week of riding with Gede and crew. We are both avid bikers, and have gone on other tours internationally. I can personally say this was the best one for me.

    What made this one special was the genuine care and warmth we felt from the guides and support staff. They weren't just guides; they were guys who loved riding who joked, teased and adventured with us. They also took care of us 100% of the way. A sore knee from a rough spill? Out came the tiger balm. Boots stuck on after a long day of hitting bumpy clay? Someone was there to help. Coconut looks good? Trust that Agung will scale the tree and get it down, hack it open, and share the spoils with you. There was a great balance between professionalism (a schedule, planning, equipment on the ready, solid roads) and laid back (not hungry? we'll stop a bit later then. don't want to see this attraction? let's move on!) living in the moment. We got much more than a spectacular trip; we got an incredible "experience" which we'll treasure for a long time.

    Getting down to the nuts and bolts; the roads were tremendous. Some of it was really challenging, and we found ourselves testing and pushing our limits after a few days. But that's exactly what we were looking for. Bike damage was repaired pretty much on the spot so there was no downtime. Having a support vehicle drop our personal bags off at the next hotel was a godsend. Even better was the fact that all equipment was supplied, and how so. Our boots would get soaking wet pretty much every day (rain, streams, beach riding etc). The crew would simply provide us with a fresh, dry. clean pair the next day, and the old ones would be taken away for cleaning and drying. Socks were provided, so no need to carry a bunch. It was the same for pants, jerseys etc. It's a small detail that was priceless.

    On our day off Gede took us around to some great attractions in Bali, and our two guides came along for some fun too. We ate spectacular local Bebek Bakar (grilled duck), went rafting, go karting and a bunch of other good stuff. This for us was above and beyond what we were expecting for a day we only paid for accommodations.

    The price we paid for all this was beyond reasonable. In fact it is a bargain. If you are a real biker, want to ride on all terrains (we did beach, single track, volcano, MX, village farm roads on this one trip), and have a great time then I don't think you can do better than this group. 100% recommended, and I am a customer with high standards who doesn't give out 5 stars and 100% reviews that easily.

  • a traveler Australia

    TripAdvisor website

    My husband, son & his father in law enjoyed an amazing half day Dirt Bike Tour with Gede. They were so impressed with Gede, his knowledge & everything involved with the tour. My husband and sons father in law are novice drivers. Gede lead them through the bike training and tracks. My son got to ride the more difficult trails. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They were picked up, trained, taken through amazing terrain, given lunch and a quick dip in the pool before being dropped back to our Villa. They strongly recommend the experience for novice & experienced riders. They said it's the best way to see remote Bali.

  • Duncan M.

    TripAdvisor website

    The staff of the tour are all about having fun and accommodating the varying skill levels within the group. I have ridden off road for a number of years, whereas my dad has limited experience. Our two guides rode to our different abilities ensuring we were both safe and having the most amount of fun. You ride in so many different and exciting environments. While I had fun blasting along a seemingly endless beach, the most fun I had was riding through the streets in torrential rain. We shared plenty of laughs with our guides and at no point did I feel they were going overboard with boring rules and limits (there weren't any at all really lol). This is a true adventure and I recommend it for thrill seekers and people with at least a little riding experience. Thank you guys!

  • a traveler Indonesia

    TripAdvisor website

    My wife and daughter were keen to try their first moto-cross experience. Luckily Gede and the team have an automatic bike (converted scooter) which was a great help for their learning. Eventually they got the hang of both types and did several laps of the training course before heading onto the beach. This was pretty tricky as the tide was up and the dry sand proved to be a challenge resulting in a couple of falls, but they were both geared up with all the required safety equipment and felt no pain. We finished up with lunch at the start compound, and caught a few fish from the local ponds which was greatly appreciated by my wife. A great day out, well organised (communication via email and telephone no problem, although the compound can be a bit hard to find as there are no signs out - give him a call if you get lost), and we'll definitely be back for another try.

  • a traveler

    TripAdvisor website

    I'm an absolute beginner at dirt biking but the team made it so easy for me. They taught me how to ride the bike and showed me to different places. By the end of the half-day session, I was able to drive around with ease. The views by the beach and near the jungle were stunning as well! Special thanks to Gede for his first-class support and service. He's responsive on the phone and very accommodating. I can't ask for more. I'll definitely come back again for this. One of the most exciting things to do in Bali!

  • Eduardo M.

    TripAdvisor website

    The team is very friendly. They helped my girlfriend, who is beginner, to be comfortable in the whole trip and they push her limits safety. The guys were always keeping you safe in all cross roads. After the trip, you could swim at their swimming pool, take a shower, and have good meals. I don't have the words to express how good they have treat me, thanks a lot.

  • Max Singapore

    TripAdvisor website

    My friends and I had an amazing day trip with Bali Dirt Bike Tours yesterday. The communication with Gede was easy and very friendly. He was very flexible in the timing and took care of our requests. The guides were super friendly, knew the area and bestowed us a great day. The riding gear and the bikes are in a very good condition. All in all we had a great time and I will book a day ride with Bali Dirt Bike Tours again. I can absolutely recommend this place.

  • Dave

    TripAdvisor website

    It was a fantastic ride with very capable riders and awesome bunch of blokes. Thank you very much.

  • a traveler Australia

    TripAdvisor website

    I went for a full-day-ride for the first time with this company. The pickup and drop off were very punctual as were all other times stated. The owner, Gede, was very quick in replying to all my questions and emails. My guide, Putu, and the mechanic were great guys and very helpful. The riding was very varied and showed Bali that I would never have been able to see in any other way. The scenery and views were just spectacular. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. I will be back for sure.

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