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13 Days Guided Motorcycle Tour Japan

  • Sapporo - Wakkanai - Sounkyo - Shiretoko Peninsula - Kushiro - Urakawa - Furano - Toyako - Hakodate

Stunning Japan Motorcycle Tour

This motorcycle tour is designed for you who seek to experience the grandeur of Hokkaido. Hokkaido will give you a full taste of European atmosphere and greatness of its nature. As someone who enjoys motorcycle riding, you will have an amazing and engaging riding throughout the whole course of this tour. Best Bike Rental will be with you to enjoy the splendid Hokkaido during this motorcycle tour. Don't miss the chance!


  • Motorcycle rental
  • 2.875-kilometer mileage
  • Beautiful Furano town visit
  • Daisetsuzan national park visit
  • English-speaking tour guide
  • Daily breakfast & dinner
  • 12 nights' lodging
  • 10 riding days
  • Japanese, English
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Your 12 nights' accommodation during this motorcycle tour is specified as follows:

  • Night 1: 4-5-star hotel, conveniently located in the heart of Sapporo.
  • Night 2: ANA Crown Plaza at Wakkanai.
  • Night 3 and 4: 4 or 5-star hotel at Sounkyo.
  • Night 5: Yuyado Daiichi at Yorou.
  • Night 6: ANA Crown Plaza at Kushiro.
  • Night 7: Urakawayushun Village at Urakawa.
  • Night 8 and 9: Spa and Resort Furano Latail at Furano.
  • Night 10: Toyako Winzar at Toyako.
  • Night 11: Hanabishi Hotel at Hakodate.
  • Night 12: 4-star hotel in Sapporo.

Day 1 - Arrival in Sapporo, Japan (0 Kilometer)

Upon arrival at Shin Chitose Airport (CTS), you will be met and transferred to your hotel in Sapporo. There will be no riding today. After arriving at the hotel, have some time to relax before dinner. The hotel is very comfortable and the management will be helpful in getting you settled in. Later in the afternoon, you will have a kick-off meeting to go through the trip details and procedures and turn your motorcycle over to you in order to familiarize yourself with it. You can also meet your fellow riders. You will end the day with a nice dinner in the hotel.

Day 2 - Sapporo to Wakkanai (330 kilometers)

After leaving Sapporo you will travel north, overlooking Japan sea on your left and mountain range (1500 meters) on your right. In autumn, many salmon go up to the river surface in this area. You will take a road N231, 232 and 40 to Wakkanai. You will see Gold Cape in Lumoi, it is the most famous for a beautiful sunset in Hokkaido. You will ride north to have some rest time and lunch. When you approach Wakkanai, you can look at Lebun and Lishili island on the left side, they are very beautiful islands. You will soon arrive in Wakkanai, the northernmost part of Japan. Souya cape is the northern tip of Japan. You can go to Karafuto (Russian name Sakhalin) from Wakkanai by a ferry to the north in 1.5 hours. 70 years ago, Karafuto was the territory of Japan.

Day 3 and 4 - Wakkanai to Sounkyo (360 kilometers)

Today, you will ride on Route 283 called Okhotsk line. You will go south 200 kilometers along the shore. You will overlook the sea of Okhotsk on your left consistently. The sea of Okhotsk becomes rough and frozen during winter. From Monbetu, you will ride inland to the biggest and most beautiful Daisetsuzan National Park. You can enjoy approaching Sounkyo, Route 273 has beautiful Ukishima Pass. You will ride on the bog. It is the place where the tourists’ eyes are pleased in 4 seasons. The colored leaves begin in September. The whole mountain is dyed red-hot. You will stay here for 2 days and you can fully taste its atmosphere. In addition, you can enjoy delicious Japanese noodle (ramen) which is famous here.

Day 5 - Sounkyo to Shiretoko Penisula (340 kilometers)

This day, you will spend a half day for mountain and coastal ride in the afternoon. Route 32 is nice for tour riding. You will go to Abashiri and cross Mihoro and Sekihoku Pass. This area is a sunshine area in Japan. After that, you will ride to the maxim point of the mysterious Shiretoko Peninsula, Shiretoko National Park.

This area is covered in the deep mountain and marsh. You may come across many animals and brown bears. You can see some nearby islands on the east side. The island is Kunashiri, Habpomai, Shakotann, and Etorohu. However, these islands are occupied by Russia.

Day 6 - Shiretoko to Kushiro (273 kilometers)

Today, you will run to Nemuro city (N335 and 244) then to Nosappu Cape, which is located in the far east of Japan. Afterward, you will visit Nemuro city which is very famous for Hanasaki crab. If you have time, you can try this crab. After leaving Nemuro, you will ride ahead to Kushiro. Konnsenn Daichu is damp areas less than 200 meters above sea level spreading in east Hokkaido from Nemuro to Kushiro. The area amounts to 5.000 square kilometers’ wide. It is covered by thick volcanic ashes. After that, you will ride on the earth earnestly towards Kushiro with a beautiful sunset.

Day 7 - Kushiro to Urakawa (350 kilometers)

Today will be the longest ride. You will ride inland lakeside and high mountain route. You will take north route to Tsurui Village that is famous for Japanese crane. The route is in a primeval forest. You will visit the mysterious Akan Lake. Next, you will ride to Obihiro city. You will head for the mountain. This mountain is called Hidaka mountain range. You will ride to Nozuka Pass and then to Urakawa. In Urakawa, you can try to enjoy horseback riding at the hotel you stay in.

Day 8 and 9 - Urakawa to Furano (318 kilometers)

This morning, you will ride to Erimo Cape as well as east and south of Hokkaido. You can see the Pacific Ocean from Erimo Cape. After that, you will head north to N235 and 237. You will go north while looking at a mountain, river, and the sea. Your today’s destination will be Furano. The road is wide, the sky is bright, and magnificent scenery of Hokkaido continues. The suburbs are dotted with ranches and many thoroughbreds are put out to pasture. In this neighborhood, production of horses center follows. You can enjoy a quiet ride. Ashibetsu mount range pressed it to approach Furano. You can see the Tokachi mountain range too. You will stay in this area for 2 nights. Have a nice holiday in Furano!

Day 10 Furano to Toyako (282kilometers)

Today, you will head to the countryside in the first half of the course. You’ll taste a rural district of the quiet Hokkaido. In that way, you will get on the highway in Iwamizawa. It is the last highway on this tour. A voice will come out unintentionally. Then you will head for Lake Shikotsu in the latter half. It is a beautiful lake and a taste of water springing out everywhere. The water tastes delicious as it was chosen as one of the top 100 Japanese water. In that way, Lake Toya is today’s staying place. Your beautiful hotel was a place where the G7 meeting was held once. It is a luxurious hotel.

Day 11 - Toyako Lake to Hakodate (262 kilometers)

You will head for Hakodate. The town is full of the international atmosphere of more than 150 years ago. Therefore, it is extremely exotic and is a gorgeous town. A streetcar runs in the town as it is the town which is important historically. The war of the internal disturbance in Japan has carried out approximately 150 years ago. This Hakodate is the last ground. Goryokaku Fort is a symbol of the fight. In addition, Hakodate is famous for the beauty of the night view. The hotel where you will stay is a 100% Japanese style. You can try a yukata, enjoy hot spring, and Japanese cuisine.

Day 12 - Hakodate to Sapporo (360 kilometers)

Today will be your final riding. You will enter the town of Esashi across a west mountain pass after you leave the town of Hakodate. It is recommended that you look at the herring palace and listen to the famous song (Esashi Oiwake). Surely everybody will be surprised to this song. This twisting road runs along the west shore. You can look at old Hokkaido on today’s route. A town of Yoichi is the birthplace of whiskey. They learned the manufacturing method from the Scottish. Otaru will be visited last after you pass Yoichi to Sapporo.

Recommended bike

400 cc

It is a very tractable motorcycle recommended for beginners. You can choose either Honda CB400SF or Suzuki GSR400.

401 cc to 999 cc

It is a tractable, faster, and more powerful motorcycle recommended for more advanced users. you can choose either Honda NC 700X, Suzuki Vstorm650, Yamaha MT08 tracer, Yamaha MT08, Yamaha MT07, or Kawasaki Versy650.

You will start and end the tour in Sapporo. You will visit many destinations in Hokkaido including Sapporo, Wakkanai, Sounkyo, Shiretoko Peninsula, Kushiro, Lake Furen, Nemuro City, Akan Lake, Nosappu Cape, Tsurui Village, Hidaka Mountain, Erimo Cape, Obihiro City, Urakawa, Furano, Toyako Lake, Hakodate, Esashi, Yoichi, and Otaru. Here are some of your location highlights for this tour.


Sapporo is the biggest city in Hokkaido. You can enjoy various Japanese food here.

Daisetsuzan National Park

Daisetsuzan National Park is Hokkaido’s greatest national park and a big mountain resort around Mount Asahidake. A deep ravine and big waterfall hang in the outskirts, and there’s a hot spring there. This national park is located near Sounkyo.

Nosappu Cape

Nosappu cape is a stunning location covered with a primeval forest and flower. It is near to Lake Furen which has mixed fresh and sea water. There, you can see many bog, sand dune, and forest.

Urakawa Town

Urakawa Town is very famous for its thoroughbred in Japan. This town produces a lot of famous thoroughbreds for horse racing and a town of the horseback riding.

Furano Town

Furano Town is mountainous and rich in agriculture. Furano is very beautiful town. It has a very delicious wine and one of the best scenery. You can see Tokachi mountain, Volcan, on the east side.


Esashi is famous for herring fishing. 200 to 300 years ago, this town is said to have prospered than Tokyo (Edo). It is because herring fishing was prosperous.

  • City sightseeing
  • Horseback riding
  • Karafuto visit
  • Ramen and crab tasting
  • Wine tasting
  • 12 nights' accommodation
  • Daily breakfast and dinner
  • Guide fee
  • Insurance
  • Rental motorcycle
  • Sales tax
  • Drink (except soft drink)
  • Gasoline
  • Highway toll
  • Lunch
  • Self-inflicted accident expenses