Bhutan T.U.S.K Motorcycle Tours

Bhutan T.U.S.K Motorcycle Tours is the only tour company in the country that has been established with the sole purpose of exclusively promoting motorcycle tours.

  • Thimphu, Bhutan

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from US$4,590
from US$4,590
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14 days / 13 nights


  • Review by Stephen and Marry

    "I want to say huge thanks to you, Khandu, Tshering, TP, Mike the mechanic, Tiger, and the rest of the crew. Our 1,000-kilometer trip across Bhutan was exciting, challenging, and so rewarding. You guys provided fantastic support. Thank you, you are the perfect team in a wonderful country!"

    Bhutan T.U.S.K Motorcycle Tours website, edited

  • Review by Nick and Catherine Hanbury-Williams from Illinois

    "Dear Khandu, as a part of Julian’s recent trip from west to east across Bhutan, Catherine and I wanted to thank you and let people know what an outstanding job you and your team did to deliver one of the most spectacular trips we have ever undertaken. In spite of the condition of the roads, we felt safe and there were always options for those who had had enough riding for the day. Your guides, Tshering and TP, were knowledgeable and attentive in the extreme. We never wanted for anything. The hotels were clean and comfortable and even if the food was repetitive, the kitchens always did their best to make it interesting. You went out of your way to give us a wedding anniversary we will always remember and to throw a birthday party for Sacha. That was a wonderful surprise. The bikes were always in tip top condition and our special thanks go to all of those who made our trip so much fun. When I looked around our group in the evening, we were tired but always smiling and laughing. When I looked at the other groups, who were doing much as we were, they looked tired and irritated. The only difference between our trip and theirs was you and your team. I think that says it all. Best wishes to everyone."

    Bhutan T.U.S.K Motorcycle Tours website, edited

  • Review by Ron Newton from Canada

    "I have been involved in motorcycle tours through many countries in Asia and my Bhutan ride which was guided by Khandhu, ranks right near the top. I rode his classic Royal Enfield bike on a multi-day tour that encompassed the stunning 4,000-meter Chele La Pass, challenging off-pavement tests, and cultural visits to dzongs and Buddhist monasteries. Unlike neighboring countries that are rapidly losing their cultures to globalization, Bhutan proudly retains its traditions and offers a pure and unique Himalayan experience that I didn’t think existed anymore. This was an exhilarating trip and I thank the Bhutan T.U.S.K Motorcycle Tours team for designing a custom tour and making it work so seamlessly."

    Bhutan T.U.S.K Motorcycle Tours website, edited