Blue Frog Angkor Tour is made for any tourists who love cycling tours and cultural exchange through any destination.

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A traveler

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I did the tour with Som and it was amazing. He explained not only everything about Angkor Wat but we had the opportunity lo learn about the country, the culture, the people..really commited with helping in his community! And he took us very nice pictures.

Luisa C

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We get in contact with Som thanks to another group that was with him a weeks before and suggested him as a tour guide for his professionalism and knowledge of Angkor history, his English is also perfect.

I can say that is all true, he explained in details all the temples and the history behind each temple.

Thank you Som!

Daria L

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I was struggling to find good bike rental deal in Siem Reap until I stumbled upon this place. It's a new shop - they just opened when I found them in May, so all bikes are brand new and the price still low as they are looking for customers. The owners were very welcoming and friendly, they even offered me a discount making it the cheapest possible deal in town.

P.S. I strongly advise going for a mountain bike vs. regular one because roads are not always paved & smooth. And I really enjoyed going off the road sometimes to see beautiful smaller temples hidden in the forest. Makes you feel like a real explorer.