California Motorcycle Tours

California Motorcycle Tours offers guided motorcycle tours throughout California and the American West with the bike, fuel, all meals, and all accommodations.

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Corinne is co-owner of California Motorcycle Tours. When she first rode behind Fred, she thought it was fun, but thought it would be more fun if she had her own bike and was in control. She hasn't looked back since. Corinne loves long rides — she would rather ride for a week than just ride to breakfast on Sunday mornings. She goes on tours whenever she can get away.


Fred started California Motorcycle Tours in 1999 as a way of sharing his enjoyment of the open road with riders from around the world. Fred designed most of the tours based on his years of exploring the backroads of the American south-west. He hates freeways and looks for twisty, secondary, and tertiary roads. Fred loves to lead rides whenever possible.

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