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Ernst B.

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Yesterday I went on a daytrip around Shinanoukville with Tim and Theara. It was my first real offroad experience and my legs are still sore. But it was totally worth it. The guys took good care of me, adjusted the level of difficulty and pushed me to my limits. I think I learned a lot riding the XR 400 through creeks, sand, over rocks and narrow jungle footpaths. Thanks again guys.

a traveler Sweden

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I did a short tour for only two days but it was still a really nice ride. The first day we did some "challenging" riding on small tracks. I been driving a motorcycle for 20 years but still thought it was a good level to start at. I guess if you do the big tour you really get in to it

The second day was mostly tarmac but still saw a lot of nice places.

To be honest I think a longer tour would give more but as a backpacker you have to prioritize.

Oh, and the guide was really good as well, even when I failed to start my motorcycle for the 3 time (no comment...) Theara still smiled, even do i guess he laughed a little on the inside