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Cambodia Trails

Cambodia Trails offers motocross, enduro, single trail, jungle tours, and other outdoor trips in Cambodia.

Testimonials 2

Katja Hollfelder

Cambodia Trails Facebook page

I've already been to Cambodia twice and all I can say about it is awesome! In comparison to other enduro tours I did elsewhere (not in Cambodia), this place is my favorite. Aki and Bot (who was my guide twice) were great riders and I wish I could come here way more often. During Easter holidays 2016, I also brought a friend who does enduro riding for several years now and he also rates this place 5+++ stars. We'll be back in 2016, hopefully with a larger group for the 2-week tour. I can't wait for it. If anyone reading this has any questions, feel free to send me a message (like joining our 2016 tour, maybe). I did the same thing when I went to Cambodia for the first time and had some bad experiences traveling alone in Vietnam. I have really good experiences in Cambodia, mostly because of this place. Thank you.

James Baldanza

Cambodia Trails Facebook page

My friends and I went to Cambodia and decided to take a few days to do some trails. It was awesome and I would recommend the company to you. I have not ridden a bike in such a long time and they were very helpful to get me going.

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