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For an experience of a lifetime, you can’t get much better than a motorcycle tour with Compass Expeditions in Australia, South America, Central, and Southeast Asia.

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Linda United States

Compass Expeditions website

The trip was extraordinary, Craig. Hugo and Dennis are outstanding young men! They are trustworthy, thorough, thoughtful, intelligent, capable and fun! In addition, I was struck by how well they work together tirelessly and with an eye out for each other. I was really impressed with each of them. Thank you for recognizing talent when you see it! Also, the trip itself was nothing short of amazing! Such an incredible route! I was in awe each day and found my self riding along almost in a state of overwhelmed-ness in the surroundings and the opportunity to do the excursions. Loved every minute of it! I’ve been sharing photos on the Facebook site which I thought worked very well! In addition to extraordinary people as staff and an incredible route, the co-riders on the trip jelled very well and got along with fun and support. As a women rider traveling on my own, I really felt comfortable and supported! Definitely one of the best adventures of my life! Thanks, Craig!

Gregg Australia

Compass Expeditions website

I have never been on anything like this before. I had high expectations and every day exceeded my expectations. It was fantastic. Your tour has probably ruined every normal holiday I will have in the future.

Kim Australia

Compass Expeditions website

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Compass and staff for a truly great experience on the Los Andes tour. When I booked the trip, I was at the end of my tether with an incredibly high pressure/high responsibility job. So there were moments when I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew when we started the off road part of the Los Andes tour and questioned why I hadn’t chosen a trip away to the Bahamas. Most riders had ridden all their lives and had excellent off road experience. However, the Atacama and Bolivian desert was the best thing I could have wished for. All other parts of the tour were amazing and I love South America. All guides, hotel staff, Anna Marie and family, the 4×4 special tour guide and cook were lovely. Leo’s mature and caring attitude to all situations thrown at him is highly impressive – (of course nothing runs smoothly but that was all apart of the experience). He is a great asset to Compass. Mauricio ensured Leo was supported; that guests were well fed and he never seemed to be bothered by anyone’s demands…. that is a rare quality. A big thank you again as I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

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