Eccentric Travels

Eccentric Travels is an extreme Himalayan expeditions company offering motorcycle tour, mountaineering, and trekking expeditions in Uttarakhand, Himachal, etc.

Guides 4

Ankit Karki

Ankit is one of the directors of the company and he heads the expeditions division for Eccentric Travels. Ankit has five years of experience in motorcycle tours, trekking, and mountaineering expeditions.

Nitish Dubey

Nitish is a highly skilled motorcycle tour sweeper with four years of experience in conducting motorcycle tours across the Himalayas. Nitish chooses to opt for sweeper role, leaving the leader role. He quotes that looking the riders from behind gives him a sense of security while riding a motorcycle.

Rishabh Bisht

Rishabh is a young motorcyclist for the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. Rishabh holds the distinction of conducting the first commercial motorcycle tour to Uttarakhand in the year of 2017. Rishabh has a unique style of driving and handling the group. He says that if the rider can ride a bike slowly, he definitely can ride safely at a fast speed.

Gopal Krishna Goud

Gopal Krishna Goud is one of the head instructors, a bike leader for Eccentric Travels. He is a certified mountaineer and holds 15 years of experience in Himalayan motorcycle expeditions. A middle-40 guy with typical Himachali accent, Gopal is more concerned about the safety of clients rather than the services being offered. He quotes that when they paid you, they were alive, so it's your responsibility to get them back alive.

Testimonials 3

Ashwini Murthy

Eccentric Travels Facebook page

Exactly a month ago we started this dream bike ride of ours to Leh. I had no idea about the travel company that we would go with as my husband took care of all the bookings and I didn't bother to know as I didn't wanted to have any high expectation. Now, where do I begin with about these people?! I don't know if I should highlight on their way of handling the entire trip or the crew that we had or the facilities that were being provided or the awesome tour captain that we had! Because each & everything and each & everyone were just perfect. We were fortunate enough to have had a wonderful group of 50+ (That's quite a big one!). And I think, team Eccentric handled the entire trip and the notorious group excellently I would say, takeaway of this wonderful trip was visit & stay at Tsokar lake. Stay and food at each and every place were great. Special thanks to Ankit Karki, person behind all these wonderful trips. It was our best decision to travel with Eccentric and we shall join them in future too

Annamalai Kasi

Eccentric Travels Facebook page

Just back from the Leh-Ladakh biking expedition with Eccentric Travels. Leh-Ladakh being one of the most touted 'To-Do' list for most of the people from South India (who have never seen snow clad mountains), it is best to be associated with a team like eccentric to enjoy the most. Ankit and Team concentrate on services, safety and customer delight rather than filling the checkbox no. of places covered. Their knowledge on the terrain and detailed planning help everyone overcome the obstacles thrown to us by mother nature. All the stay facilities are nitpicked by the team to ensure the clients enjoy the trip to the fullest. And last but not the least, an approach of treating clients like friends actually makes us forget that we are associated with a travel company. Way to go Eccentric!!!

Varun Pappu

Eccentric Travels Facebook page

I am here to just say a few words about #ankit and his team. They are professionals in what they do and know in and out details of the valley. They gave me a complete explanation of the entire valley, it's speciality and even about the people living over there. In addition, they do have a great team who are well versed in survival skills and also in providing immediate medical aid. Fyi they can get your bikes fixed within minutes when you fear the worst. Had a great time in Leh-Ladakh and going back home appreciating the beauty Mother Nature has to offer. Wonderful experience ever, next stop #audenstrek. Thank you eccentric travels for your service.#eccentrictravels.#monkrider (If you ever wanna do the leh-ladakh trip just go with them, you will not regret it.)

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