Enduro Tours Costa Rica is a passionate group professional dirt bike riders. The goal is to share a wonderful journey through their unspoiled passion.

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Christophe Eliet

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Mike Klodginski

February 2020

"Don't think twice, just go!"

Amazing bikes and rides. I was a an enduro newbie so I got my eyes opened pretty quickly to the intensity of it but learned a lot. The scenery was amazing.

Brian Ramage

January 2020

"Excellent Tour. Would Do Again"

Amazing adventure! Different terrain. Christophe and Jason were incredible. Became a better rider. Everything done like clockwork. Accommodations and route well thought out. Will definitely book with this company again. Anyone looking at a Costa Rican tour will not be disappointed with this one. They consistently go above and beyond. Christophe's love for riding is evident. Very upbeat and has a genuine love for the beauty of the country.