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Saha M.

TripAdvisor website

I am one of the 11th batch participant from Mumbai... until i reached the venue and rode the giant on my own, (of course, initially with the help of our coach Chetna) it was really difficult for me to believe i can ride it. Only in two days I have learned to ride a RE, the experience was amazing. It is a very good opportunity for all women bike lovers to learn it safely, not only the riding part the technical session by Arun was also very useful to know the giant thoroughly n small small imp tips to meet a crisis if required on road while riding. Highly recommended !!!

Rikisha M. Mumbai

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It was a normal day like any other day.. surfing the net and liking some posts on Facebook. Came across a page that mentioned Women's motorcycle coaching by Enfield Riders.. Bullet training for women, seriously? To make sure, got curious for more details. Looking at all the videos, reviews, was pretty much convinced to give a shot for enrolling. I had an inner craze to learn riding a bike, and when you find a source to boost ur dream, you must chase it. I was pretty much nervous whether 2 days would be enough to ride a bike, but becoz of the coaching, motivation, patience and faith of the trainer, within 2 rounds of practice, i was able to ride alone and control the so called hefty bike which felt like a feather. I'm deeply indebted to our coach Chetna mam for the 2 days, really blessed for her guidance throughout. Arun sir too gave valuable technical details to know more about our bike, thank you sir. There is no stopping here girls, u have to keep that passion running ahead for greater miles. Keep practicing, rent/ lend/ buy a bike and keep riding the freedom of ur lives.

Nandini B.

TripAdvisor website

Thanks to Chetna and Enfield Riders I could ride a Bullet now. Chetna's positivity and riding passion is inspirational. It made me confident as a rider. Kudos to the entire team for this initiative of woman motorcycling coaching :)

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