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Ricardo Congote

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Igor Bartoshuk

from Australia, December 2018


Tour was healthy mixture of on an off-road twisty tarmac, gravel and muddy trails through Andes mountain ranges.

Colombia can be easily described as real paradise for adventure riders.

For last couple of years country become attractive tourist destination.

People, climate, landscape, local food, Latin temper, music and salsa dancing (for sure!) will live unforgettable feelings in your memory.



Testimonials (3)

Tim de Jong

Epico Moto Adventure website

Waaauw! Amazing! If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime and a smile that will not get off of your face, book a tour or rent a bike now! (We went 2 weeks all over the place). Colombia does not have a very good reputation, I have been in total about 3 months in this country and never found more than lovely people and full of passion about music /food etc. This trip was my third time in Colombia and wanted to see more of this great country, (deeper into the country) and the best way to do this is with a good adventure bike! The confort and service that Epico moto adventure provides is on a really high level. We were flabbergasted and surprised about the intens empathy of the owner (Ricardo) what a hero! He really cares about your experience. The bikes were amazing, from small to big bikes and all look like new! (he cares about his lady’s). It was our trip of a lifetime! Still can not stop smiling! Thanks Ricardo!

Monya Amallia

Epico Moto Adventure website

EpiCo Adventures sets the bar pretty high :) I’ve met few people in the touring industry who are more meticulous about planning the perfect adventure than the guys at EpiCo Adventures. I went on a 6 day tour as a first time off-roader with 3 other experienced riders and Ricardo as our guide. I didn’t know what to expect but it was clear 5 minutes after meeting Ricardo that I was in good hands. I didn’t question anything he lead us from one unique experience to the next. We stayed on a mountain top and soaked in hot spring pools while sipping Colombian rum. We slept in mosquito net covered beds next to a gorgeous river among coconut trees. Another night in a small country town with homemade dinner and South American wine. Yet another night in a tourist location with wonderful restaurants and shopping. We saw volcanoes, toured a coffee plantation, and floated across a river on a ferry, bikes and all. We road through dirt, gravel, mud, rocks, rivers, pavement and sometimes a combination of all! Nothing was too technical, but all stretched me perfectly. Ricardo has a personality that puts everyone at ease. No adventure is complete without a couple mishaps but he adjusted to the changing needs of our group quickly and he was never frustrated when I dropped my bike what felt like 164 times a day. He truly cared about our experience more than he cared about anything else…even his poor abused bikes! We quickly felt like he was a riding buddy more than our guide. He frequently presented us with options and let us pick what sounded best to us. He happily interpreted for all of us and never made us feel like we were getting in his way. You can only conclude that he absolutely loves his job. He’s proud of what he has to offer at EpiCo and he’s proud of his country. I literally don’t have one piece of criticism. The tour guide of any trip makes ALL the difference and I unreservedly recommend Ricardo and his team. Colombia is NOT what you think. The people are happy and friendly, the food is simple but delicious, the country-side is stunning. Do yourself a favor and book a trip to Colombia with EpiCO. I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if you’re disappointed by even one thing.

Gala Van´t Schip

Epico Moto Adventure website

In love with Colombia ! Thank you, Ricardo for helping us to discover a Beautiful country with friendly people and Unique culture! See you next time !