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Free Bird Adventures

Freebird Adventures provides off the beaten path motorcycle tours in Vietnam to create pure adventures, unique experiences, and unforgettable memories.

Testimonials 3

Nunzio Liistro

Free Bird Adventures Facebook page

Myself and 4 friends did a tour with Minh in April 2016. What an amazing experience. Minh looked after us from start to finish. Look no further. Free bird adventures is the way to go.

Billy Martin USA

Free Bird Adventures Facebook page

I've done 2 trips with Minh from Hanoi north to the border with China. Two of my daughters came on one ride and one came on the other. Both trips were absolutely amazing. Minh knows every river, stream, hill, buffalo trail, dirt road, bridge, short cut, cliff trial, petrol station, place to say and eat. He makes tremendous effort to take care of his groups and tailor the trips to their interests and abilities. He also is continually on the lookout for spontaneous things along the way that enrich the experience beyond all expectations. He does everything he can to insure the safety and comfort of his travelers and packs more things into one day than most could see in three. Wake up, eat and ride and leave the rest to Minh. No worries. Don't think to much. It's beautiful. These are phrases that you will learn to appreciate. He can help beginners navigate the wild traffic of Hanoi safely and let the experienced riders get the thrills they seek. I would never even think of riding with anyone else in Vietnam.

Baurie Loon UK

Free Bird Adventures Facebook page

Totally rocked. Went on to do my license after as rekindled my love of bikes. Saving up my pennies to come back and do more and go further! Big up among. #NeverGiveUp