Freebird Adventures provides off the beaten path motorcycle tours in Vietnam to create pure adventures, unique experiences, and unforgettable memories.

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3 Day Guided Off-Road Motorbike Tour Vietnam

Available in November & December
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Andrew Harding

from Great Britain, September 2018

"Fantastic Bike Tour"

From meeting Minh until the day we left Hanoi the tour was really good we went to fantastic places and saw the real Vietnam......

Abdulla Almarri

from Qatar, February 2020

"good experience"

My guide was patient and insightful, he answered all my questions and took me to real Vietnamese places to eat. The food was amazing! I was a little unsure about my ridding but my guide was patient and took everything nice and slow for me.

Adam Kuhlman

from United States, October 2018

"7 days north countryside"

Our group really enjoyed the people and the countryside and the very interesting roads that we were on. We requested dirt roads and we had some nice Trails up into the Rice Terraces it depends on what time of year you go whether the trails will be open or closed. The bikes all ran well and the people were very happy and friendly. Our tour took us through many small villages of local people and we were eating all the Local Foods and no one got ill, And of course the coffee was always fantastic in Vietnam. Definitely the tour was a learning experience and Minh explained how rice was harvested and tea was produced . Minh is always ready to answer any questions he is it a very knowledgeable person.

Ulla Neureiter

from Laos, March 2018

"More than I could ever dream of"

I experienced so much more than i expected on this tour! Minh showed us the most beautiful places with the most lovely and welcoming people and surprised us every day with how beautiful Vietnam is. I had the best time and the routes were so much fun, from perfect asphalt mountain roads to challenging off roads, we had everything :)