Freedom Riderss offers the most beautiful rides on the iconic Royal Enfield motorcycles through the magical landscapes of Rajasthan, Himalayas, and South India.

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Testimonials (3)

A traveler

TripAdvisor website

He had so much fun in India with supreet ! He organizes us an amazing adventure ! We discovered the great places of Rajasthan like no one, he brings us in places where no touristes has been ! Adventure like a real Indian with a Indian guide

I was with my dad, we share a great experience together thank to freedom riderss !!

We decided to go back the next year to make souri valley !!

So incredible and beautiful India !

This is the best way to discover this country !! Shanti my friend

Arsenis M.

TripAdvisor website

I am a professional photographer and taking this road trip with Freedom Riders was a lifetime experience for me, as well as a great photographic trip that changed my life.

It was really a magical road trip, a great chance for me to leave everything behind and enjoy 16 days full of emotion and kindness in the eyes of the people of Rajasthan, amazing desert landscapes, unique culinary flavours, scents and local markets full of goods to fall in love with...

Supreet organised our trip in an examplary way, gave solutions at a glance to everything that came up and he and his crew made us feel extra safe and calm during our trip with a permanent smile on their face.

I am sure I will return to the mystical and deep world of India and he is the man I want to have beside me again, a man that instantly became my good friend and companion.

Ankur J.

TripAdvisor website

Look, I am going to go straight into it. If you have doubts about it, leave em back home. This is, most probably, going to be the best ride you will commit to. I still talk about it over bbqs with my friends and family. The vibes, the route, Supreets expertise, the amount of thought put into's fantastic.

Thanks heaps Supreet, what an experience.