GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours

GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours is a unique motorcycle touring company with years of riding and touring experience in Southern Africa.

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Darrell van der Merwe

Darrell has been an avid rider since his youth and on a professional level taken part in trial riding taking the podium on a number of occasions during his riding career. His passion for riding is evident in the meticulous research and exploration undertaken to find the best rides to offer. With the skill he has accumulated, riding both on and off-road over the years, he is a natural teacher and has often enabled riders to gain new skills and confidence. With close to a million kilometers (no exaggeration there) in the saddle, he has filled a vault with stories and adventures.

Michelle van der Merwe

Michelle has been riding for the last 25 years and is a strong competent rider but this is not her only strength. With her sense of style and the keen eye for detail, she goes the extra mile when sourcing unique accommodation and points of interest for the clients to enjoy. Each establishment is visited and inspected before being included in the itinerary, ensuring the very best. She is also responsible for the logistics of every tour. Her role as the backup vehicle driver is a crucial one and it goes far beyond just driving the vehicle and loading luggage.


Dylan has been riding virtually since he was an embryo, with parents such as his, he was genetically predisposed to riding a bike. He possesses a natural talent and ability for riding which has also taken him into the competitive arena with trials bike riding and enduro, with podium finishes in both arenas. He also has a sound technical knowledge of motorcycle mechanics. His empathy for fellow riders combined with his skill set also makes him a great teacher and puts any rider at ease.

Testimonials 3

Chris J. Botha South Africa

GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours Facebook page

Wow what a experience! The most awesome people a novice rider like myself could've asked for. Had a lifetime experience and will definitely do more trips with them!

Gillie Beanz

GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours Facebook page

Passion and commitment to detail. This a wonderful owner run tour company who go the extra mile to ensure great riding and the best in accommodation. You'll come away with not only great memories but new riding skills to boot. Highly recommended!!

Nidal El-Khalil

GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours Facebook page

I recently had the pleasure of joining GS Adventures for what turned out to be, bar none, the most enjoyable motorcycle journey I’ve ever embarked upon. The personable, attentive, ethical and joyous approach that comes so naturally from the GS Adventures team is of more value than any other component that contributes to a successful and truly memorable tour. It was refreshing to be around people who funnel their passion into a professional pursuit while simultaneously having equal and genuine interest to grow with and include clients into their ever-expanding circle of friends from all over the globe. The trip from Windhoek, through Namibia and down to Cape Town was not only an eye-opening and humbling experience but, on the back end, flawlessly executed by the team demonstrating the subtle but important refinements garnered from well over a decade of experience operating in Africa. This was my first ‘off the beaten track’ riding experience and thanks to the efforts of Darrell and Dylan, who we had the pleasure of having by our side for this adventure, it will assuredly not be my last. Wishing GS Adventures happy riding till next time and looking forward to meeting the rest of the team in the near future.

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