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Himalayan Bike Travel & Adventure

Himalayan Bike Travel & Adventure is a motorcycle tour company devoted to travel through Nepal and the mighty Himalayan range on the latest BMW models.

Testimonials 2

Tim Maccabee, Managing Director Ducati UK

Himalayan Bike Travel & Adventure website

I really enjoyed going on a short tour with ‘Himalayan Bike Travel and Adventure’. The countryside outside of Kathmandu is beautiful and to experience it from a motorcycle, as all motorcyclists know, gives a much more intimate view than from the inside of a tour bus or car. I thought it would be quite scary to ride on the roads of Nepal which are not all to Western standards but in fact it was fine - there is a different pace and I felt quite safe. Really enjoyable and for sure I would recommend it.

Capt. Rajesh Shrestha Shree Airlines

Himalayan Bike Travel & Adventure website

Lhasa on Diavel! It was always my dream to go Lhasa once in my lifetime and fortunately I got an opportunity to join Ducati group for the EPIC Lhasa tour. I found the roads were standard, clean and performance of my Diavel was superb. I still remember one road while returning from Lhasa, the road was totally black tarmac, straight and on an incline with Sisapagma ( 14th highest mountain) at the end. After a week i was flying at altitude of 12000 ft in Nepal where as a week before i was riding my Diavel at 17500 ft. The Epic Lhasa tour is one which will never fade away till the end."