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Indian Rides has packaged thrill, excitement, and adrenalin pumping escapades including motorcycle tours, astride the Royal Enfield bikes to prominent parts of the beautiful India.

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Indian Rides website

What a "Magical Mystery Tour" ! a great experience.........One of the most amazing trips of my life. Everything was perfect Your profesionalisme and cool , the staff , the bikes ,the hotels and the itinery chosen. Really off the beaten track,

Richard Penny

Indian Rides website

We had been to Ladakh for 2 weeks and it seems that the tour is over but in our minds we are still their. Many thanks to India World Travel for organising such memorable trip

Lysa Heiden

Indian Rides website

We had experienced the best Motorbike Trip for Rajasthan, and are very happy to have done it with Indian Rides. They had been the most wonderful team and everyone had done their jobs perfectly.

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