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Italy on Motorbike offers motorbike tours for people to discover and experience Italy in a different way together with the Italians.

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Gerasimo Coroneos

Guided tours are usually captained by Gerasimo (Jery), the owner of the company, Italian motorcycling roads specialist, route designer, and tour leader. Born and raised in Sardinia, Gerasimo, Jery to his friends, moved to Lombardy in the 90s and then to Emilia-Romagna in 2003.

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Bill Mcdonough

from Australia, June 2018

"Ausies lost in Italy....."

Gerry is a well informed guide and he is very considerate towards his guests. We really enjoyed the variety of experiences on the trip. We saw far more than expected and we could not have done this on our own. The MotoGP was a real highlight for us.

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Antoine France

Italy on Motorbike website

I was with Italy On Motorbike on a private tour in Sardinia in May 2014. 17 bikes, 23 people among which 2 women riders. This private tour was organised for a motoclub which had wanted a full and challenging program so we spent a lot of hours in the saddle, but it was fantastic and the staff of Italy On Motorbike has been very good at including many pauses in strategic spots and a high quality rest time off the bike to balance. So I have not only had one of the best rides in my life (hey guys, Sardinia is a biker’s paradise: outstanding tarmac, low traffic, lots of twisty roads, beautiful landscapes … few police around), I made 3.100 km from home to home in 9 days, but a fantastic human experience and the opportunity of discovering an amazing island (which I’ld never thought of) very green and wild but also with beautiful sea panoramas and paradise beaches, with a mysterious past that shows up every here and there (nuraghe, sacred wells, domus de jana, giants’ tombs) and very nice inhabitants. The food is fantastic too, I particularly liked when we had a traditional meal with the shepherds: the roasted biglet was a bomb and they made us a goat ragout that had cooked for 8 hours I think … never ate a dish like that, really delicious. They showed us lots of interesting places and we were really introduced in the local culture and the local food, to their way of life. We were not seen as tourists but rather like relatives or friends and this is why I love visiting places with the locals. The hotels were really beautiful. The motoclub had decided for 4-star hotels and we had great value for the money. The first one was directly on the beach, spectacular, pity it was too cold to enjoy it. In another hotel we had a surprise aperitive in the cellar that was undescribable: fantastic hotel, a marvelous garden, the most beautiful pool I had ever seen, everything very classy and stylish, but the cellar overstepped all the rest. Unique! Sardinian wines are pretty tasty and their sheep cheese is awesome! We just had not so much luck with the weather. I had heard that many had made their first sea bath by end of April/1st May but this year it was rather chilly and dull. But we managed to avoid the rain every day, zigzagging with the clouds. My opinion is absolutely positive. May be the program was a little bit too heavy, I needed a few days to recover after my holidays, but I know that was what the motoclub had asked when they appointed Italy On Motorbike to engineer the tour. You know, I was an external guest but I was told that these bikers are tough and there is much for tough guys to ride in Sardinia! I hope I’ll have the occasion to tour again with Gerasimo in one of his ready-to-buy packages, seem very nice. He is a good organizer and a very pleasant travel mate. Great time!

Luc Belgium

Italy on Motorbike website

Hi, I am Luc from Liège in Belgium. I was on a motorbike tour in Piemonte with Italy on Motorbike with my wife Aline this summer and we enjoyed it a lot. Gerasimo is a very nice, pleasant and helpful person, a competent biker and an excellent tour leader. The tour was organized very well. The route that he had studied for the tour was beautiful and exciting, a bit in the wine hills, a bit in the mountains. The ride was really good with many bends and lots to see. But it was also very interesting: we really visited Piemonte, which is not so known but really deserves, and its beautiful castles and wine villages, and the Alps which are impressive there. We tried wines in the evening and made honour to the excellent cuisine, it is a wonderful place for gastronomy. The hotels were very comfortable. One was a castle near Alba, wonderful, and the food was superb. The other two couples and the two French guys were all nice and intersting travel mates. Gerasimo was good at compacting the group, we had very nice evenings together. But we also had occasions to stay alone, this is something my wife wished, some Italian romantic atmosphere. Aline has appreciated much the rythme of the journey. It was well balanced so that the whole travel was not to heavy. We rode every day, a beautiful tour of about 200 – 250 km with different landscapes and themes but always good roads with low traffic, many turns and splendid views, and interesting places. The Barolo hills are really grandiose. But we also had time to rest and enjoy the hotels and we liked that we could eat by ourselves in little restaurants some evenings. I shall definitely recommend Italy on Motorbike and will certainly travel another piece of Italy with them in the next years. I am very much tempted by the Sardinia tour.

Wanda and Tim United States

Italy on Motorbike website

Dear Françoise and Gerasimo, I hope I have spelled Jery’s name correctly. Please forgive me if I am in error. Wanted to send a note and let you know how much we enjoyed our time with you both in Italy. It was a wonderful trip, one we will never forget. Gerasimo, you were a very gracious host. Françoise thank you so much for driving me when I was too tired to ride the motorcycle. Your consideration of us was greatly appreciated. Should you ever decide to travel to Colorado please let us know. You are always welcome in our home. We might even have learned Italian by then. Thank you again for providing us with a wonderful view of Italy. You are appreciated.

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