Karma Yatri

Karma Yatri have designed their tours after several years of traveling in these parts. They started this company with a desire to share their adventures.

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Hashim Qayoom

2 Decades of motorcycling and the opportunity to live in many parts of India and Europe. A passion that keeps growing with every riding season. New roads to discover, more friends to ride with is his mantra. He speaks Hindi, Kashmiri, Tamil, English, German, French & a smattering of other Indian dialects. A native of Kashmir, means that a vast network that can be called upon in case of any emergency or contingencies.

Testimonials 3

Suhas Huddar

Karma Yatri website

The organisation of the ride and mixture of experiences was beyond all my expectations. The bikes, team and types of accommodation gave an amazing mix to the adventure. Awesome value for money

Abbas Ali

Karma Yatri website

This is not just a motorcycle ride, rather a leadership workshop on the road. The challenges one faces and overcomes draw striking parallels with the corporate world.A must-do for every leader

Mahima Gupta

Karma Yatri website

Karma Yatri is extremely women friendly company and highly recommended for solo travelers or those looking to perfect their riding skills. From tips on tackling terrain to constant encouragement, they ensure that you are constantly challenging yourself and conquering your fears.

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