Kazoom Moto Adventures

Istanbul, Turkey

Kazoom Moto Adventures is a tour operator based in Istanbul, Turkey, which organizes and runs motorcycle trips in Turkey and in neighboring countries.

Testimonials 3

  • Melissa Holbrook Pierson

    Kazoom Moto Adventures website

    Riding on a motorcycle can make you feel joyous, powerful, peaceful, frightened, vulnerable, and back out to happy again, perhaps in the same ten miles. It is life compressed, its own answer to "Why?"

  • David A. Braun

    Kazoom Moto Adventures website

    Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want. Adventure is discomfort recounted at leisure. Motorcycles will lead one to both ‘experience’ and ‘adventure’.

  • Buddy and Brenda Broun United States

    Kazoom Moto Adventures website

    Kaz, please add me to your e-mail list and sign Buddy and myself up for your exciting trip next summer. We had a fabulous time with a wonderful group of riders this year and can’t wait to repeat it. Your selection of hotels was superb as was the dining. We wouldn’t want to miss a minute of anything like it that you have even tentatively planned for next year. Summer or fall or both! Best to you, Brenda.

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