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Lucky Bastard Motorcycle Tours offers exciting motorcycle tours in Vietnam for adventurous riders from all over the world.

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Duyen Nguyen

Duyen or as most people know her as, JJ (it stands for jam jar, but that's a story you can ask about when you are on tour), is the manager of and, along with her Aussie business partner, co-own Lucky Bastard Motorcycle Tours. After nearly nine years of helping establish and then managing another motorcycle tour business, last year was the perfect time to take the next step and do it for herself. She is proud of her country and there are things she wants to do for riders and places she wants to show them. The best way she could do this was to start her own company.

Hai Nguyen

Hoang Lee

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Don Leigh

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Misty Highlands was 7 days of absolute fun. The accommodation was good to excellent at all stops. The route chosen offered something for everyone- from twisties that seemed to go on and on, vistas that caused your eyes to open wide and grin even wider, visits to villages that tourists don't get to see. The organisation and supervision by the guides and JJ was exceptional- everything was taken care of. Every day brought something new with the occasional picnic lunches a real treat. And the bikes- one word, perfect. From the largest of us at a healthy 110kg to the most petite, the bikes were perfect for the job. They would tip in on the tightest curves and would soak up any of the occasional imperfections on the road, especially in the corners. Small in cc (although at 150cc they are amongst the biggest motorbikes on the road) they are huge in heart and would keep you ahead of everything but the most determined car driver. The whole trip was great and I look forward to riding with LBMT on their other rides.

Karen Marr

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This was my first trip to Vietnam and prior to leaving I had more than several questions. I was immediately impressed with the prompt response to all of my queries from Tour Leader JJ and the Luck Bastards Motorcycle Tour (LBMT) team.

Arriving a day before the Misty Highlands Tour commenced, I found the city crazy with traffic and street sellers whom constantly haggled me to commit to one of their last minute tours. I was thankful I had pre-booked the tour with LBMT.

Within minutes of getting on the bikes, following our tour guides and their advices I was comfortable amongst the traffic. The Honda XR150 are perfect for this adventure having enough zip to get through traffic to the winding Highlands and off-road scenarios.

This was a beaut way to see Vietnam and JJ and the team made it so easy. I am definitely a Lucky Bastard to have participated in this tour to see Vietnam away from the tourist traps. I was moved with the minority villages and privileged to see parts of Vietnam that the common tourist would not have had such an opportunity.

As a vegetarian when travelling different countries often meal times are not the most relaxed. JJ ensured I was well catered for, without a fuss and each meal was enjoyable. This tour was one of the few occasions I have returned home well-fed.

So many laughs and memories were made and that is because we had no cares in the world, this was one of the easiest adventures I have done thanks to the JJ & the team.

There is no need to have any reservations or hesitations when touring with Lucky Bastards in Vietnam as they look after everything.

This was such the best introduction to Vietnam and Lucky Bastards Motorcycle tours so much so that I have booked for the North tour, who else is coming?

Michael Morris

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if you are thinking you would like to do it, then do it , you will love it!!!

Paul Ibbetson

Lucky Bastard Motorcycle Tours Facebook page

7 fabulous days. Great countryside/views/scenery. Hotels ranged from v. good to excellent. Food (especially the picnics) delicious. Bikes easy to ride even for a relative novice. Plenty of power to have great fun passing the locals. Wide variety of terrains but none too difficult. Tour leaders very professional, informative and a lot of fun. Emphasis on safety. Whole trip was a major laugh from the beginning. Brilliant enjoyable experience.

Sawadi Kup Australia

Lucky Bastard Motorcycle Tours Facebook page

Wow what a trip,did the Nha trang to Hoi An 8 days just got off the bike today,JJ and Richards many years of experience with another tour company really shined through.Absolutely fantastic,smile from ear to ear every day.from start to finish.only bad part of the trip was the end when they took my red rocket from me,lol. can't say enough good things about this tour and the guys who run it JJ and Richard looked after us like vip's from before I even left Australia ,nothing was to difficult for them at all. Right from the very minute you meat JJ and the crew at the airport you know you've got the right tour company.Everything was taken care of from the very first hotel till the last and the hotel selection was perfectly picked and positioned to suite the area.

The tour itself was just fantastic,every hotel,every got the feeling that another crew had already been to the next stop and set up ready for you. The meals were amazing,the breathtaking seinery ,the people of Vietnam are so freindly and welcoming ,I think I beeped the horn on my bike as many times as a waved to the smiling happy people on the side of the road,hundreds!

The bikes are the perfect fit for the tour,they are light,nimble,stop on a dime,get through the tight traffic easily avoiding any obstical that you might come across as well as the busy Vietnamese going about their business .The road trail 150 Hondas are the perfect bike and the power is right for the conditions,a little hard on your ass at first but your to busy smiling to worry about it ,I'm 6ft and 110kg ,anyway by the second day the bike becomes your baby.

The tour is ,our ours was,not just a bike ride through Vietnam ,it was a true tour of Vietnam ,the minority villages,the children that are so happy you visited them,especially the orphanage behind the old church ,the monuments,the history,the local culture,the food,wow the food!,even the night life. $1 I think the beers were and the evening meal organize buy JJ (optional)was cheap as chips.Everybody always grouped together for that one.

Not to mention the little side tracks we took to the most amazing places nobody else gets to see.The picnics we had at some of these places all prepared by JJ and the team.just blew us all away simple healthy tasty and filling.

Never had so much fun in my life!

I little advise,take light safety gear it's hot and sunscreen. You will get a lucky barstard shirt probably when you start the tour ,best bet is to wash it at the end of each day,it's light material and dries super quick ,also great for the heat of the day .

So glad I went on this tour feel free to message me about it if you need to .

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