Lyngsfjord Adventure offers dog sledding, snowmobile safaris, reindeer driving, northern lights visits, and overnight stays in the wilderness of Norway.

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2 Days Snowmobile Safari Tour in Tromso, Norway

Available from March till September

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a traveler

TripAdvisor website

Could not fault the experience, seeing the Aurora (bucket list) along with Dog sledding through the Artic (another bucket list) was fantastic, as was our guide and accommodation! Highly recommend. Has the right balance between amenities without feeling too touristic.

a traveler United Kingdom

TripAdvisor website

My husband and I went dog sledding at night at Camp Tamok. After being picked up from central Tromso (handily right by our hotel), we had a comfortable coach journey out to the camp. Once we arrived we had plenty of time to get kitted up in the snowsuits (hint: go with their recommendation and visit the bathroom first - much easier before suited up!). As per previous reviews, some of the kit was a bit tired - for example, one of my boots didnt have laces - I'm sure I could have swapped, but it really didn't matter and did not affect my experience. After kitting up we were split into smaller groups and assigned a guide. Our guide was great but I'm so sorry I can't remember his name. He spoke German and English and therefore could cater for everyone as the others in our group were German. We were given good instructions but it's one of those things that is hard to explain until you are actually doing it. The dogs are strong and they know what they are doing so trust them - they will give you some dirty looks if you are not helping them up the hills, ut otherwise your only task will be slowing them down!! It was an exhilarating experience especially down some of the narrower bumpy tracks. I thoroughly enjoyed it both as passenger and driver as we swapped over halfway. Once we were back at camp we got to meet some husky puppies and really enjoyed the Sami lavvu experience. The food was delicious and hearty with lots of strong coffee. It was also great to sit and chat with the other guests. Overall a fantastic experience, thank you.

a traveler Norway

TripAdvisor website

We spent 1 night in an Aurora chalet,dog & reindeer sledding.It was fantastic,excellent staff , food delicious . If you love being outdoors , basic living , you will love Camp Tamok - thank you for an excellent stay. Especially Hannah, Sylvia and the guy that greeted us off the coach , you made our stay really welcoming !!