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Moto Monks tours ensures that you get your full dose of adventure and travel experiences with a great balance of comfort and luxury, on and off the road.

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JP Singh

JP was born in a household where travel and adventure was part of daily chatter. He chose motorcycling as a way of escape with endless miles. An engineer by profession, JP has been riding motorcycles for more than a decade and having worked with the core motorcycle industry he forms the backbone of our service crew as well. The confines of an office couldn’t hold him back and so he has finally renounced the creature comforts to pursue the greater comforts of adventure riding. A great friend, full of exuberance and experiences with his unbeatable laughter makes him the guide you're looking for!

Ashish Shetty

It all started for Ashish as a kid, when his dad would take him out on small rides around town. He grew up to be a passionate rider. Though an MBA graduate, he has traveled extensively on his bike, engaged with wild and remote places and been able to call it work. But he still thinks he’s yet to travel to most places on a motorcycle and it's the thought of doing that which keeps his passion for two wheeled propulsion high. He is also a self-confessed connoisseur of food and culture, helps you fill yourself right with all kinds of cuisine and information you need about the world around you.

Paul Macleod

Paul hails from the land of Scotch, now based in Dubai. His favorite words which stick with all: “I’d rather be old and fast, than young and slow!” Paul is a photographer by profession & a biker in his soul. He fell in love with India in 1994 & has been a regular visitor since. His work has been published in various magazines and books including National Geographic. From presidents to pop stars he has shot them all and has numerous stories of his adventures. Born an eternal optimist and a little on the wacky side, no ride is ever long enough, no river deep enough and no mountain rocky enough!

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