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Tibetan Highlands Motorcycle Tour Nepal

In one of the most remote, inaccessible, most beautiful, unique, and inimitable corners of the Himalayas, on the Tibetan plateau behind impassable passes, far from tourist routes, there is the Tibetan Kingdom of Mustang, which is called the "lost kingdom" for a reason. Remote from civilization, it is part of Nepal and is geographically isolated from the rest of the country. It is the last land of pristine Tibetan traditions.

Key information

  • Terrain: asphalt, mountains, and off-road
  • Bike: rental bike (Honda CRF250L)
  • Mileage: approximately 1000 kilometers / 621 miles
  • Daily rides: approximately 83 kilometers / 52 miles
  • Riding gear: not included: a helmet (an open face helmet is suitable), motor protection; enduro or cross motorcycling boots, rainproof pants, and jacket or windproof resistant jacket and pants with gore-tex membrane

Meet the guides

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  • Starts and ends in Kathmandu
  • Visit the Pashupati Temple complex
  • Walking tour around the village of Kagbeni
  • Cross one of the longest suspension pedestrian bridge in the world
  • See the magnificent stupas of Bodnath and Swayambhunath
  • Enduro trip along the Kali Gandaki River
  • Ride up to the Torang La hiking pass
  • 16 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate


11 riding days in Russian
The organizer also speaks: English, Ukrainian
Group size: 4-12 participants
Airport transfer included: Tribhuvan International Airport
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During this tour, you will stay nights in Lo Manthang in the first-class hotel Royal Palace. You will also stay in comfortable stay in twin B&B rooms in Kathmandu and Pokhara. The rest of your accommodation will be in guesthouses.


Day 1: Kathmandu / Thamel

Arrival in Kathmandu. At the airport you will get hearty welcome from your guide Vitaliy Tsalikov. You will be transferred through Kathmandu to a hotel in the famous tourist area of Thamel. Evening is free and you will also have acclimatization. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 2: Kathmandu city tour

Today you will have a Kathmandu city tour to see major heritage sites of Kathmandu. You will visit the Pashupati Temple Complex (cremation), the majestic Bodnath Stupa, Swayambhunath Stupa (monkey temple), and golden Buddha.

You will get your registration and receive entry permits. In the afternoon, you can get acquainted with the accompanying Nepali guides. In the evening, you can take a stroll around and visit shops in Thamel.

Day 3: Kathmandu - Pokhara - Lake Feva

  • Terrain: asphalt.

You will start your motorcycle tour early in the morning. You will ride through incredible and extreme traffic of Kathmandu with a mass of trucks and buses. Go further from the pass along the mountain road and ride along the beautiful green foothills of the Himalayas.

You will also see many Nepalese villages and beautiful mountain rivers. You will reach the most beautiful tropical city of Pokhara in the evening. If the weather is fine, you will definitely get a stunning panoramic view of the majestic Himalayan ridge.

Spend a great evening in very a picturesque tourist area on the shore of lake Feva. It is popular since hippie times and it still has its own heart and soul. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 4: Pokhara - Sarangkot - Tatopani - Kali Gandaki River

  • Terrain: asphalt, mountain dirt road

Half the day, you will ride on an asphalt road, then you will ride along a mountain dirt road with lots of stones, dirt, and dust and other interesting items of the Himalayan roads. From Pokhara, you will ride up the narrower mountain roads to the local peak of Sarangkot.

In good weather conditions, you will get a superior view of the Himalayan ridge and the valley. And then while enjoying the picturesque roads of the Himalayan foothills and villages that are already less loaded with transport, you will continue your motorcycle trip.

In one of the villages, you will visit the longest in Nepal and one of the longest suspension pedestrian bridges in the world. And you will not just take a walk over the bridge, instead, to get a more unforgettable experience, you will ride your motorcycles over it.

The asphalt road trip ends here. You will further ride your motorbikes on the dirt roads along the the rough river Kali Gandaki, more scenic views of the path and your path on the asphalt end. And a more interesting road will begin - the dirt road - along the turbulent Kali Gandaki River in a beautiful tropical mountain gorge.

There you will begin to plunge into the Himalayan ridge perpendicular to its axis. In the evening, you will come to a halt in a mountain village and bathe in pleasant hot springs along the river bank. Spend the night at the guesthouse to the sound of a mountain river.

Day 5: Tatopani - Nilgiri - Dhaulagiri - Rupsi Chaara - Annapurna - Kagbeni

  • Terrain: mountain dirt roads.

It will be a very busy but pleasant day. In the morning, in good weather you will see the seven-thousander Nilgiri. During this day's journey, you will see the Nilgiri peaks much closer and drive very close to this magnificently snowcapped mountain.

Further down the road along the gorge will give you unforgettable impressions as you are going to cross the Himalayan ridge! Follow extreme mountain dirt roads, off-road, and fords. Spectacular views are guaranteed - waterfalls, including the enormous Rupsi Chaara, the diversity of nature, gorges and the grand beauty of the eight-thousanders Dhaulagiri and Annapurna.

Dhaulagiri will be very close to you. You will come to a halt on a viewpoint with a stunning view of Dhaulagiri and its glacier. The grandiose Kali Gandaki River will accompany you. The contemplation of Her Majesty, the eight-thousand snow queen Dhaulagiri, so close is simply breathtaking.

You are going to cross the main Himalayan Range along the deepest gorge in the world which is in the form of a huge valley! The depth of the gorge is about six kilometers relative to the peaks of neighboring eight-thousanders. And then ride right at the foot of Dhaulagiri!

You can reach the foot of the mountain with your hand in the literal sense of the word! A beautiful extension of the Kali Gandaki Valley opens up with fantastic landscapes!

In some places there is no road; you will go straight along the bottom of the valley crossing numerous river fords. You will see three hillsides of Dhaulagiri during the day. The seven-thousander Nilgiri will also be right in front of you.

Villages, buildings, and people take on the form of Tibetan style. The main part of the Himalayan Range is left behind. Nature changes - the Tibetan plateau begins! Photos and video cameras are in action non-stop. You will reach the picturesque Tibetan village of Kagbeni where the monk of Tibetan Buddhism from Lo Manthang, Phuntchok Khyentse Lama, will meet you.

He is such a gorgeous and unique person. Such meetings happen once in a lifetime. And Phuntchok will accompany you the following days throughout the Mustang. Spend the whole evening chatting with the monk Phuntchok. Overnight at the guesthouse to the silence of the Tibetan Highlands.

Day 6: Kagbeni - Torang La Pass - Muktinath

  • Terrain: extreme mountain dirt roads

The day is full of impressions of the majestic Himalayas. The main Himalayan ridge is already behind. But the giants Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri are even more breathtaking. Early in the morning after having breakfast you will have a walk in the streets of the Tibetan Kagbeni with Phuntchok.

Visit the temple in the ancient part of the village and register the permits for entering Mustang. Further, the group will ride the motorcycles up to Muktinath through the Martian-like landscapes. Tibetan landscapes look ethereal. In general, breathtaking views are guaranteed again!

You will have a beautiful view of the gigantic hollow - the Torong La pass of 5450 meters. Take a motorcycle trip to the beginning of the pass-trail at the altitude of 4300 to 4500 meters and take rest to drink Tibetan tea at a stunning viewpoint in the Himalayas.

On your descent to Muktinath you will ride down steep hiking trails and cross a very extreme pedestrian bridge over a large and deep gorge. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed on this day. In the evening, you will have a pleasant stay at the guesthouse with wonderful friends Maitreya and Nira.

The view of the Himalayas from the hotel is magnificent. In the the evening, you will have a chance to spend wonderful time in the company of amazing people Phuntchok, Nira, and Maitreya under the starry sky of the Himalayas. Overnight stay at the guesthouse.

Day 7: Muktinath - Tibetan plateau - Ghami

  • Terrain: extreme mountain dirt roads

Mustang is waiting for you! It is time to move through the territory of the kingdom of Mustang and through the Tibetan plateau! The road is difficult as there are a lot of steep ups and downs, cliffs, and rocky tali. In some places the mountain road is very extreme! Motorcycles and riders are overloaded.

Nature and views are changing and breathtaking! There you will be able to see clear signs of an ancient ocean floor. You can even find fossilized mollusks (100 million years old).

Having reached the passes you will have overwhelming panoramic views of the Himalayas and the kingdom of Mustang. The majesty of unearthly landscapes is overwhelming. The impressions cannot be put into words. One should see it with his own eyes.

This place is really desolate, civilization is left behind. In the evening you will make a halt in the Tibetan village of Gami in the best guesthouse. Later you will have dinner with local residents in an ancient Tibetan house with an antique shop inside. You can feel the breath of the Tibetan region in everything. Overnight stay at the guesthouse.

Day 8: Gami - Tsarang - Windy Pass - Lo Manthang

  • Terrain: extreme mountain dirt roads

This day will be filled with overwhelming as well as culminating impressions. The area around is even wilder. The views from the passes are just fantastic and breathtaking.

There you will get acquainted with the most ancient temples of Tibetan Buddhism, experienced and young monks, local residents, the most ancient royal palace with the most unique relics, the Tibetan shrines, the longest Buddhist prayer wall, incredible ancient and charming stupas.

You will find yourselves in a completely different world. And the views around are extraterrestrial. Every stone on your way seems alive and is rife with history of the region.

And here it is - the culmination day of your motorcycle pilgrimage - Windy Pass (4000 meters) with a magical view of the city of Lo Manthang and Tibet. Real untouched Tibet is in front of you and the Tibetan plateau is on the horizon.

The Himalayan ridge is already far behind. Only Tibet and the sky are ahead. Views are imprinted in your consciousness forever. Enter Lo Manthang on motorcycles and Phuntchok is with you at this moment and welcomes you to his homeland. The goal is achieved. Motor pilgrims are in Lo Manthang.

Spend the night in the best hotel in Lo Manthang. It is going to be a relaxing and peaceful evening.

Day 9: Lo Manthang city and Tibetan Buddhist Temple

Today is a hiking day in the unique Lo Manthang and a day of rest for your steel horses. Accompanied by Phuntchok you will visit his native temple and other temples of Tibetan Buddhism in Lo Manthang. This will be an amazing moment and a lifetime experience.

A true pristine Tibetan Buddhist Temple which will carry you over the centuries into the depths of the universe and your consciousness. You will also have excursions along the streets of Lo Manthang to see life of Tibetans.

You will spend the evening and have dinner with Phuntchok and local Tibetan residents. You will have an opportunity to buy unique Tibetan items, amulets, medicines, etc. Photos are being taken and videos are being made. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 10: Lo Manthang - the Tibetan plateau - the border of Nepal and China - Chhoser village

  • Terrain: extreme mountain dirt roads

Motor Pilgrims will saddle their steel horses and will be on their way to the farthest and highest point of your motorcycle pilgrimage - the Tibetan plateau. You will take a kilometer ride up through a beautiful valley with unearthly landscapes.

Before going to the plateau, you will capture the stunning views of the Himalayas and Tibetan Territory. The overview from the ridge is several hundred kilometers. And there you will definitely have a wish to stop time and behold this divine picture.

The trip is at its zenith as you are on the Tibetan plateau. From this point on there is only the sky and the universe and the views are simply fantastic. The state of consciousness cannot be put into words. You just feel the breath of the planet and the world - in the past, present, and future.

Your friend Phuntchok will perform an ancient Tibetan ritual ceremony and you will take part in this mystical rite. You will be impressed. The Himalayas and this Tibetan region will stay with you forever. On the way back you will visit Chhoser village with the temple and school of young monks.

The group will also ascend to the oldest man-made multi-storey complex of caves which dates back over 2800 years! Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 11: Lo Manthang - Yak Shepherds' Camp - Heavenly burial - Ruins of an old castle

  • Terrain: extreme mountain dirt roads

Spend another day in this unique and unrivalled region up in the saddles of your steel horses. You will also visit a stunningly interesting place - the Yak Shepherds' Camp.

The path to the camp is in a very rough and wild mountainous area. The signs of civilization there are almost dissolved. You will get to the unique place and get in close contact with the yaks, with these great centuries-old workers of the highlands and you are going to chat with a family of shepherds.

Visit the tent where the whole life of these over-seasoned people passes. They live in such harsh conditions of life, climate and labour, but there are always sincere smiles on their faces. And they are always happy to see rare eccentric wanderers who seldom get to them.

Make a halt right inside the tent, the dwelling of these shepherds. Phuntchok will help you communicate with them in Tibetan. Get ready to be treated to real Tibetan tea, dairy products, and yak meat. If lucky, you may get unique gifts from the Yak Shepherds’ Camp.

And now it's your way back where you come from. But the views and impressions are new as now you see with your eyes what you were looking at with your backs. On the passes, halt to enjoy scenic views of the Himalayas.

The nature of this region continues to give you pictures of the greatest artist - the nature itself. In the evening, get to Maitreya and Nira’s guesthouse in Muktinath. Overnight at the guesthouse.

Day 12: Lo Manthang - Muktinath

  • Terrain: extreme mountain dirt roads

Motor Pilgrims are leaving the stunning land. Farewell to your friend Phuntchok. It is interesting how sometimes you just don't want to say goodbye to a person, especially if he is a very bright, kind, mystical and gracious man, a monk and lama. Overnight at Maitreya and Nira’s guesthouse.

Day 13: Muktinath - Dhaulagiri-Kalopani - Dhaulagiri-Annapurna

  • Terrain extreme mountainous dirt roads

In the morning you will visit the famous mystical complex Muktinath and pass under 108 holy springs. You will also visit a huge statue of Buddha contemplating the world, people, and the Himalayas. The views are splendid.

After breakfast you will hit the road to pass the Himalayan ridge. You will see a tremendous variety of nature - from the desert unearthly landscape of the Tibetan highlands to the coniferous forests on the foothills of the Himalayas on the southern side of the ridge.

Part of the way you will ride along a new road through the non-tourist villages and coniferous forests and cross the pedestrian bridges over the Kali Gandaki River. In the evening you will come to a halt in the village with a stunning view of the two Himalayan eight-thousanders - Dhaulagiri (8167 meters) and Annapurna (8091 meters). Overnight at the guesthouse.

Day 14: Kalopani - Pokhara

  • Terrain: dirt roads / asphalt

This is the last day of motorcycling pilgrimage on steel horses. In the morning you will see the divine goddesses Dhaulagiri and Annapurna once again. You will ride down the main Himalayan ridge to the tropical foothills.

By afternoon you will have already reached Pokhara. The trip is complete. A very touching and heartfelt moment. Motor pilgrimage to one of the most unique places on our planet is over.

Here we will say goodbye to your beautiful and faithful steel horses, your motorcycles. After all, these mechanical creatures have helped you visit such a land and been through so many things with you.

You have gained an unforgettable lifetime experience. Spend the evening in Pokhara and have a farewell dinner with your accompanying Nepali guides, who have been with you all the time and helped you a lot. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 15: Pokhara - Mountain museum

A day of relaxation in pleasant tropical Pokhara. Or spare day one. Regarding the fact that you are in the mountains there may be a delay due to possible landslides, landslips, impenetrable fords, lack of roads, etc. And if lucky, you will have a panoramic view of His Majesty the Himalayan Range.

As part of the program, you will visit an excellent and very interesting mountain museum. It is dedicated to the Himalayas, local people, culture, nature and, of course, mountain climbers.

You can optionally paraglide, hang glider or fly a small plane over Pokhara and closer to the Himalayan ridge. This is a brand new experience. Evening at the lakeshore. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 16: Pokhara - Kathmandu

Today you will have the flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu or a spare day two. You will get new views and a great flight experience in a small plane along the Himalayan Range.

In Kathmandu we will also have time for additional activities such as a flight to Everest, bungee jumping from the second highest platform in the world, etc., or shopping at souvenir shops in Thamel. Evening in Thamel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 17: Katmandu (departure)

You will be transferred to the international airport for onward flight. You have done it. And a tiny part of the Himalayas and Tibet will stay in your mind and your heart forever.

Bike rental deposit

A deposit for an enduro motorcycle of 500 USD is required. This can be is refunded minus any damage caused by the rider.

Skill level


  • can ride for 3-4 hours
  • average riding experience
  • little assistance required
  • comfortable with extreme curves and leans
  • average experience with unsurfaced roads
  • steep ascents and descents


  • can ride for 5-6 hours
  • extensive riding experience
  • assistance on demand (if required)
  • experienced with riding a variety of motorcycles
  • comfortable with any terrain and weather conditions


Vitaly Tsalikov


The Kingdom of Lo (which everyone calls Mustang, although it is more correctly to say “Monthang”), is translated from the Tibetan “Moon Tan” as “fertile plain”, but this is not true at all.

Life here is possible only along the channel and tributaries of the Kali Gandaki River, along which from the 15th to the 17th centuries a trade route passed between Tibet and India, which lost its significance after the opening of the so-called “Friendship Road”.

As a result, the local population was so impoverished that it was forced to go down the riverbed into the depths of Nepal in order to feed itself. And today, the inhabitants of this region survive mainly due to rare tourists, so you should not skimp and bargain when buying souvenirs, and charity is welcome here.

The entire population, represented by the Thakali and Tibetans is about 10 thousand people living in three cities and about three dozen villages. there was royal authority, leading a centuries-old genealogy, which in fact no longer has administrative significance in Nepal.


Muktinath is a valley with a large number of temples, sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists.


Pokhara is a tropical city on Lake Pheva, a picturesque view to the Great Himalayan Range opens from the city


Dhaulagiri is the seventh-highest eight-thousander of the world (8167 meters).


Kathmandu is the capital and largest city of Nepal.


Annapurna is a mountain range in the Himalayas with the main peak of Annapurna I being 8091-meter high.

Lo Manthang

Lo Manthang is the capital city of the kingdom, the ancient city on the Tibetan Plateau surrounded by clay walls, at the height of 3800 meters, founded in 1380.

The Tibetan Plateau

The Tibetan Plateau is the largest in the area (about 2.5 million square kilometers) and the highest (average altitude is 4877 meters) plateau of the world.


You will be served breakfasts while staying in hotels. The price of the other meals is approximately 20 to 30 USD a day per person.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast

The following drinks are included:

  • Water
  • Tea

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Things to do (optional)

  • Paragliding
  • Flights on a small-engine aircraft over the Himalayan ridge

What's included

  • Ukrainian, English, and Russian-speaking guide and tour organizer
  • Nepali accompanying guide - the Tibetan monk Khyentse Lama Phuntchok Gurung
  • Honda CRF motorcycles 250 L injector or similar
  • Maintenance jeep that carries the luggage, spare parts and fuel (11 days)
  • Expeditionary preparation and motorbikes maintenance, a mechanic and substitute driver
  • Program excursions to Kathmandu and Lo Manthang, Pokhara, and Muktinath
  • Bathing in natural healing hot springs in the village of Tatopani
  • Photo and video filming of the best moments
  • All permissions, including a visit to the kingdom of Mustang worth 550 USD
  • 16 nights accommodation in hotels, guesthouses, and comfortable B&Bs
  • Breakfasts while staying in the first-class hotel Royal Palace in Lo Manthang
  • All transfers, domestic flights Pokhara - Kathmandu and back, as well as road taxes and fees

What's not included

  • Motorcycling outfit and motor protection (helmet, Enduro or cross motorcycling boots)
  • Air flight to Nepal
  • Nepalese visa at the airport (50 USD)
  • Bike rental deposit
  • Dining, except breakfast in hotels
  • Tip to 4 accompanying Nepali guides (200 USD for each guide / 800 USD per group in total)
  • Personal expenses, souvenirs, additional activities

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM). Transfer from and to the airport is included in the price. Moto Pilgrims Adventours will pick you up from the airport.

Airport: Tribhuvan International Airport Airport transfer included: Tribhuvan International Airport No additional charges. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.
17 days / 16 nights
from --
Minimum group size

This trip requires a minimum of 4 participants

Tuesday April 12, 2022
(17 days / 16 nights)

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