MotoCaribe Motorcycle Adventure Tours offers all-inclusive motorcycle tours that include everything for a true Caribbean riding adventure.

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Robert Cooper

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Steve Loster United States

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Headed back for round two with Robert and the crew at MotoCaribe! Robert leads tours that immerses you in the rich sights sounds and culture of the Dominican Republic. These tours showcase the rich landscape of the island, and are only a small part of the MotoCaribe experience.

a traveler United States

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For my first outside the U.S. motorcycle trip, I booked with MotoCaribe after considering several possible options. I was not disappointed! Robert and Alida have trip planning down and take care of everything to make it a trouble-free trip. The Dominican Republic was an unknown to me before the trip. After seeing the wonderful landscapes, the vast changes of ecosystems, as well as the hospitality and friendliness of the people, I would encourage anyone to book a trip with MotoCaribe to experience all the DR have to offer on a motorcycle. I intend to return for another tour in the near future.

Maria S. Canada

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I booked with MotoCaribe for the Southwest tour in February 2017 ,for the La Vega carnival and tour .I was thinking ,well ,it will be nice and warm, but not to excited about the ride, since , What kind of roads can a small island have ?? Boy, was I surprised. By the end of second day I was thinking : am I in Dominican Republic or in Europe ? Robert sure knows the best roads on the Island,.One day we were on a dirt road that ended up at the most beautiful beach ,where we had time for a great lunch ,and swim. That was my favorite day of the trip. Hotels were great ,especially Hotel Costa Larimar in Barahona ,where we stayed a couple of nights . Food was ok most of the time,the only thing I didn't like,that we had to wait so long for it , but we always got huge portions( impossible to eat all of it ) , and the location of the restaurant always made the wait pleasant . Alida and Robert are a wonderful ,thoughtful , caring , and very knowledgeable team.They always made me feel like I'm part of their Family .I had a pleasure to meet Roberts Mom Eloise , what a wonderful Lady ( hugs to you Eloise ) On this trip we had a pleasure of seeing waterfalls, Caves , Sand dunes ,beautiful beaches, Happy Face cave ,and Haiti (for a few minutes) and the mountain roads that were just awesome. My bike was great , and the price for this tour was very reasonable . Thank you Robert and Alida for being such wonderful people.