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Bali Motorcycle Tour to Flores

Discover the real, authentic Indonesia on this adventurous motorcycle tour covering Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, and Flores. Organized in cooperation with Motor Trails' partner "Indonesia Motor Adventure", this tour will bring you to small villages and backroads with little to no tourists around. Visit Komodo National Park, Kelimutu National Park with the three-color lakes, and grab the opportunity to go snorkeling at the Riung 17 islands Marine Park.

Key information

  • Terrain: mixed of paved and unpaved roads / paths
  • Bike: rental bike (Kawasaki KLX150cc, Kawasaki KLX250 drive, Kawasaki Versys 250cc)
  • Mileage: 2,500 kilometers / 1,553 miles
  • Daily rides: 50 - 280 kilometers / 31 - 174 miles
  • Riding gear: not included: long trousers (motorcycle pants or jeans), motorcycle jackets, boots, gloves, sunglasses, helmet with a visor. Please bring your own.
  • Meals: breakfasts


  • Starts and ends in Canggu, Bali
  • Visit Tanah Lot, Mount Agung, Lake Batur in Bali
  • Ride through breathtaking coastal road in Lombok
  • Enjoy a chance to explore Rinca Island and observe Komodo dragon
  • Be amazed at three-color lakes of Kelimutu
  • 21 nights accommodation
  • Airport transfers

Skill level

  • Intermediate


17 riding days
Group size: 1-10 participants
Airport transfer included: Ngurah Rai International Airport
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You will stay in various accommodations along the route.


Day 1 - Arrival - Canggu (Bali)

Upon arrival in Bali, you'll be greeted by the tour guide, then a taxi-bus will take you to the hotel in Canggu. Here, you can rest from the trip and if you want, take a dip in the rooftop pool of the hotel, from where you have lovely views over Echo beach - which is within walking distance. The hotel which is situated amidst rice terraces has several relaxed cafes/restaurants and small boutiques nearby.

Day 2 - Canggu - Lovina (170 kilometers / 106 miles)

After a good night's sleep and breakfast, the first thing you do is to go over a few things together, which is important for this tour. In particular, participating in traffic will be extensively discussed. You leave and drive through rice fields and terraces.

You soon leave the crowds and drive on narrow paths, through small villages in green hilly surroundings of Southwest Bali. You make a brief stop on the beach and then drive to the north. The precursors of the mountains of Bali have many small paths that reveal the beauty of this tropical island.

After a local lunch, you alternately drive on and off-road the mountain and then descend all the way towards the north coast of Bali, you arrive at the small town of Lovina. The hotel is 10 minutes from the center next to the beach with a lovely swimming pool. For the evening meal, you can choose between a delicious Indonesian meal or a great Western meal.

Day 3 - Lovina - Sidemen (180 kilometers / 112 miles)

After breakfast, you drive to Singaraja, the former capital of Bali. The ride goes on narrow roads through villages. Then many curves when the motorbike is climbing Mount Batur. Just before the summit, you turn and drive through wooded areas following narrow paths to the ancient volcanic crater.

Here you go and conquer loose black lava sand with your enduro. You drive up to the crater rim for lunch and enjoy the breathtaking views over Lake Batur in the background, the highest mountain in Bali Gunung Agung. After lunch, you go off-road down the mountain towards Sidemen known for its spectacular rice fields and terraces. Upon arrival a drink on the terrace and reminisce on this ride.

Day 4 - Sidemen - Kuta, Lombok (180 kilometers / 112 miles)

Today, you leave Bali and take the ferry (approximately 4 hours) for the crossing to Lombok. You arrive in the afternoon and after leaving the ferry, you ride along the back roads of South Lombok towards the south coast, through various kampongs where the local population is involved in gold prospecting. These winding roads look out over the Indian Ocean and take us across the hills of Blongas, Bremi, and Pandaleman to the surfing paradise of Kuta (Lombok) where you spend the night. A friendly, relaxed place with several small eateries. Kuta beach is within walking distance of the hotel.

Day 5 - Kuta - Maluk, Sumbawa (120 kilometers / 75 miles)

You ride over a breathtaking coastal road to the east, where salt is extracted from seawater, the traditional way. The town of Keruak is the center of the region, and people living in the surrounding areas all come here for the market.

You continue on the coastal road northwards, to Labuhan Lombok, where you catch the ferry (one hour) to Sumbawa. When you get off the ferry you ride through the hills of Sebunyil to southern Sumbawa, and today’s destination, the town of Maluk. With the exception of the odd surfer, there isn’t really any tourism in Maluk, so this is a place to experience the real Sumbawa.

Day 6 - Maluk - Sumbawa Besar (220 kilometers / 137 miles)

You get up early for today’s long ride, much of which is over unpaved roads through the southern part of Sumbawa where Mount Jala is. There is a quality asphalt road under construction in this area and they are busy with bulldozers and excavators. However, judging by the speed of the work and the size of the area, this may be a lifetime project which means you can enjoy the pristine nature and its dirt roads for quite a while yet.

From here, you ride north past Mount Gerungan to arrive in Sumbawa Besar, the largest city (a relative concept) of Sumbawa. Although Sumbawa is struggling to develop, it has a - by western standards - new and modern hotel.

Day 7 - Sumbawa Besar - Bima (260 kilometers / 162 miles)

You have a long-distance trip planned for today. In the morning, the route takes you along the azure coast with the island of Moyo in the background, through several villages, over many well-paved and winding roads.

In the afternoon, you first climb up the Doro Wero pass, then ride to Dompu before arriving in Bima. You stay overnight right in the center of Bima, opposite the local covered market.

Day 8 - Bima - Labuan Bajo, Flores (50 kilometers / 31 miles)

The alarm goes off at 5 a.m. today, and by 6 a.m., just as the sun is rising, you are already on your bikes and on your way to Sape via the mountain pass Doro Daria to catch an early morning ferry for the crossing to the island of Flores.

The hotel in Labuan Bajo where you stay for a couple of nights is a very good hotel, set against a hillside, overlooking the Flores Sea. In Labuan Bajo’s town center you can enjoy a drink and/or meal with lovely views of the harbor bay and all the yachts that lie anchored there.

Day 9 - Labuan Bajo - stay - boat to Rinca (Komodo dragons)

This day is going to be rather special: you are taking a boat (the type of boat depends on the size of the group) to visit the island of Rinca. Explore this island park and enjoy a walk with amazing views of Flores, observe the (still) wild buffalo and watch the Komodo dragons.

On the way back you still have time to go snorkeling. The Komodo archipelago has several unique species of fish and this national park has UNESCO Heritage Site status because of its marine biodiversity.

Day 10 - Labuan Bajo - Bajawa (260 kilometers / 162 miles)

After breakfast, you get back on your bikes, ready to enjoy a whole day of climbing mountains and riding through undulating hills. The area you ride through is verdant and tranquil and the road twists, bends, and curves. After lunch in Ruteng, the route takes you via Mt Ranaka, Mt Leda, Mt Lobobutu and the Savu (Sawu) Sea to Bajawa.

Day 11 - Bajawa - Moni (180 kilometers / 112 miles)

You start the morning with a visit to the traditional Ngada village. Next, your route takes you over several mountains until later in the afternoon when you take the coastal road towards Ende; you then go back again into the mountains, and you come out in the small village of Moni. Nearby are the three-color lakes of Kelimutu.

Day 12 - Moni - Riung (170 kilometers / 106 miles)

When you choose to view the three-color lakes at sunrise, you need to get up at 3:30 a.m. and take the motorbike along a 12-kilometer-long mountain road in the dark! You then still have around 30 minutes walk ahead of you, before finally arriving at 1640 meters to enjoy the sunrise and the three lakes with their own unique colors.

After breakfast, you ride to Riung, which is in the north. This part of the island has a different landscape, and especially in the dry season, is pretty barren. The middle part of the day is over unpaved roads, and far away from civilization.

Day 13 - Riung - stay

You stay an extra day in Riung so you have time to admire the 17 Islands Marine Park. This protected area is practically unknown to tourists and very quiet. You find places to go snorkeling, and for lunch, you will have a fish barbecue on one of the tropical uninhabited islands.

Day 14 - Riung - Ruteng (160 kilometers / 99 miles)

You are on the northern coastal road, which is still largely unpaved, and don’t meet a soul on your ride through this fascinating landscape of North Flores. From time to time you ride through a remote village where the locals will stare at you, just because you are foreigners on motorbikes.

For the last two hours of your route the road is paved, and the mountainous region you’re in, Manggarai, has the most breathtaking rice terraces.

Day 15 - Ruteng - Labuan Bajo (120 kilometers / 75 miles)

Today you are riding the route of day 11 in the opposite direction and you'll be surprised how different the environment appears, how, unlike the previous time.

Day 16 - Labuan Bajo - Bima, Sumbawa (50 kilometers / 31 miles)

In the morning, you’re on the ferry direction Bima where you arrive late in the afternoon after a ride through mountainous terrain. You stay in Bima overnight. The hotel is close to the market, which is worth a visit.

Day 17 - Bima - Sumbawa Besar (280 kilometers / 174 miles)

You leave Bima and less than an hour later, you turn off to explore the area around Kilo. Riding along the coast the road soon becomes a sandy track and then no more than a path.

You enter a number of villages where the local population will look at you with open mouth, and children will be waving at you enthusiastically. In the afternoon you ride on a good paved coastal road to Sumbawa Besar.

Day 18 - Sumbawa Besar - Bayan, Lombok (170 kilometers / 106 miles)

After three hours of coastal road, you take the ferry to Lombok. On Lombok, you take the northern coastal road. This section has very little traffic, so you can fully enjoy the scenery with Mount (Gunung) Rinjani in the background on one side and the azure blue sea on the other.

Your overnight stay is in Bayan. You stay in a wooden cottage with a thatched roof, 600 meters up on the side of Mount Rinjani, between the rice terraces, and with views of the coastline. A naturally landscaped pool gives you a direct view of the area and the restaurant.

Both Indonesian and Western food is very good. The extensive breakfast and the really friendly owners ensure a very pleasant stay.

Day 19 - Bayan - Stay

No bikes today, but a day of choice for you to relax, stroll around the surrounding area or swim in that natural landscaped pool, all part of the hotel.

Day 20 - Bayan - Canggu, Bali (170 kilometers / 106 miles)

You ride down the coastal road towards the south. Your last ride on Lombok is over small roads and through several little villages, before arriving at the harbor from where you sail to Bali. After the ferry trip, with night approaching, you ride straight to the hotel in Canggu.

Day 21 - Canggu - Stay

One day left in Bali in which to relax at the rooftop pool of the hotel, or on the beach with its white sand and high waves - which makes it an ideal spot for the many surfers who come here.

Day 22 - Canggu - Departure

Sadly, time to pack your suitcases again and do some last bits of shopping before you go. Most flights leave late afternoon, so there’s still time to relax on the beach or by the pool. Your tour guide will take you to the airport.

Motorcycles available for this tour:

During this trip, you ride a Kawasaki KLX150cc. For an additional cost of 385 EUR, you can drive on a Kawasaki KLX250.

Further, at an additional cost of 520 EUR, a Kawasaki Versys 250cc is available with side bags and top case. This is also suitable for riding with a pillion.

Level of difficulty for this tour

The weather has a major impact on the asphalt and on the dirt roads; this may mean that what was still a passable road last year now may be in poor condition. You ride on both paved - and unpaved roads/paths.


Experienced riders know better than anyone how important it is to wear good clothing, and it is something you stick to on this tour. The wearing of long trousers (motorcycle pants or jeans) is mandatory, as are a (motor) jacket and sturdy motorcycle shoes/boots or possibly hiking boots, and summer gloves.

Wearing a good pair of sunglasses is a must. Obviously, you wear a helmet with visor - you can buy one in Indonesia for around 20 EUR. However, its quality is not the same as European quality but will do.

The largest size which can be purchased over there is XL, which is the equivalent of L in Western European countries. It is best to bring your own helmet.


Because the tour is on a motorcycle, it is not possible to take a lot of luggage on the bike (but still enough). It is advisable to take along a roll-up waterproof adventure dry bag and a small backpack. You can fasten these firmly on the back of the bike with straps (which we have for you).

Some of our motors have a top case, which can hold a small backpack. Also good to bring are a torch and a towel in case you need them when on the road. If there is a support vehicle, the luggage can go with the support vehicle so you only have to take what you need for the day.

Duo passenger

A duo-passenger is a participant who books the trip together with a (pilot) motorcyclist. If desired, the duo passenger can travel (part of) the tour on the back of the motorcycle (if the tour leader deems it safe for certain routes), and / or (part) in the support vehicle.

A support vehicle will accompany the tour if there is a minimum of two duo-passengers, or if the group consists of at least eight motorcyclists.

Skill level: Intermediate

  • can ride for three to four hours
  • average riding experience
  • little assistance required
  • comfortable with extreme curves and leans
  • average experience with unsurfaced roads
  • steep ascents and descents

Motor Trails advise doing an off-road course.


You begin this varied motorcycle tour on the island of Bali, riding along coastal roads, over mountain passes, and through green valleys. You travel over many small backroads through villages and plantations to discover the real Indonesia.

The route takes you through the mountains of Rinjani, Pulu, Jala, Kalas, Gerungan, Sakra, Daria, Iyasa, Nanggi, Ranakah, Leda, Lobobutu, Inierie, and Kelimutu to Munga. Visit the Tanah Lot Temple, Komodo National Park, and several traditional Ngada villages.

You also take a boat trip and go snorkeling at the Riung 17 islands Marine Park and visit the unique Kelimutu National Park with the three color lakes.


The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

What's included

  • All airport transfers from and back to Bali airport
  • All overnight stays including breakfast
  • Motorcycle hire
  • Support vehicle with local driver (there must be at least a minimum of 6 participants or if there are at least 2 pillion passengers or more)
  • English speaking tour guide on motorcycle
  • Parking fees
  • All ferry crossings (6x)
  • Comprehensive handbook

What's not included

  • International flights
  • Airport taxes and fuel surcharges
  • All other meals and drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Entrance fees for all national parks mentioned in the program
  • Guided tour on Rinca Island (Komodo dragons)
  • Entrance fee for the Sedang Gile waterfall
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Visa expenses

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport Airport transfer included: Ngurah Rai International Airport No additional charges. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 12.1% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 30 days before arrival.

Value for money
Accommodation & facilities
Quality of activity
22 days / 21 nights
from --
Pricing information
  • Single supplement is 490 USD
  • One participant with a local English speaking guide / mechanic on a motorbike, extra charge: 450 EUR 
  • 2 or 3 participants with local English speaking guide/ mechanic on a motorbike
  • Starting from 4 participants with multilingual English / Dutch / Bahasa speaking guide on a motorbike
  • From 6 participants with multilingual English / Dutch / Bahasa speaking guide on a motorbike, support vehicle driver, and local mechanic

If you would like to know how many bookings Motor Trails have on a specific date, please do not hesitate to send an inquiry. 

Booking policy

In the event that the participant cancels the trip, the participant is liable for cancellation costs. These cancellation costs cover reimbursement of any costs incurred by Motor Trails on behalf of the participant, up to the moment of cancellation, for which Motor Trails does not receive a refund.

All cancellation costs are supplemented, as applicable, by the cancellation costs of any issued tickets. Cancellation of the travel agreement by the participant must always be made in writing (by letter or email). You are strongly advised to take out a good travel cancellation insurance. This insurance will compensate for the cancellation costs provided that the cause of the cancellation is covered by the policy.

Minimum group size

This trip requires a minimum of 1 participants

Saturday July 31, 2021
(22 days / 21 nights)

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