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Motorcycle Tours Puerto Rico offers daily rentals and guided overnight tours. Come explore. Rent a motorcycle and see the beauty of old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Robert J. Emanuel United States

Motorcycle Tours Puerto Rico Facebook page

What a great outfitter. These guys are passionate about the sport and it shows in the bikes they offer, and how carefully they are maintained. They are also a available should any issues arise and even have a repair / chase van. I had one issue during my week long rental -- something that would certainly qualify as user error -- and Jose called me within five minutes of my text and had me rolling again right away. Also, a word about riding in Puerto Rico -- as I had read on various boards that it was dangerous. Coming from Chicago, I found the conditions excellent. The roads, whether in San Juan or out in a more rural setting, the roads are all extremely well paved and the auto drivers were far more respectful than I have experienced in the Midwest. Certainly not for beginners -- but if you have moderate experience, this is an unbeatable way to see the island.

Dona Badgett-Pendleton United States

Motorcycle Tours Puerto Rico Facebook page

We rented a BMW 650 adventure bike (same as what we have at home) and went off on our own. 275 miles along the coast and in the Cordillera Central. Mountain roads with twists and turns the whole way, crazy elevation changes, random waterfalls, cowboys and girls riding bare back, and dining with the local people. Jose was fantastic, very friendly and helpful. The equipment was great, and Jose even dug up a tailpack for us to hold our rain gear and food. Beautiful island; can't wait to come back!

Peter J. Ricci

Motorcycle Tours Puerto Rico Facebook page

Without doubt one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had on a motorbike. Our tour started out at Pier 2 with Motorcycle Tours Puerto Rico and rode onto the Forts Old San Juan. From there we went to the Condado/Isla Verde Hotel district, which was gorgeous. From there we took Road 187 to Pinones Coastal town in Loiza. We also took the North East Coastal Road 165 to Dorado Town, Barceloneta Plains, Arecibo Christopher Columbus Statue (295ft/600tons), Panoramic Road 10 to Ataud River in Adjuntas (swim), Twisty Road 143 to Cerro Punta in Jayuya (highest in the island 4,390ft), Road 52 to Old San Juan. Finally onto Road 3 to El Yunque National Rain Forest which has a peak of (3,494ft). After this we took lunch at El Verde BBQ and then got off road at the Northern Ecological Corridor Beach (off road) went for a swim where we had the whole beach to ourselves. Do yourself a favor and go to their website and book a tour today! An Amazing Experience and some of the best riding roads in the world with twisties that rival and even exceed the famous Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina / Tennessee

Cory Worsencroft

Motorcycle Tours Puerto Rico website

This was one of my favorite tours of all time. I have visited the island before but this was a totally different experience. Puerto Rico is so beautiful and to see it riding a motorcycle is the only way to go. Jose Alvarez is the owner and leader of the tour. He is such a great guy, easy going and has a great sense of humor. He is very knowledgeable of the island and its history. He is an experienced and safe motorcyclist and just a blast to ride with. The trip was planned perfectly, never felt like we were on a schedule never hurried or rushed. The days were not to long but they were fulfilling and it felt good to pull in for the night. The hotels were modest, very clean and comfortable and all the meals were A+. I arrived at the office at Pier 2 on the first day and was greeted by Jose and a beautiful red BMW 800 GS. We headed out for nice ride through coastal forests and made our way to the lush rain forest where we parked the bikes and hiked up to a waterfall for a refreshing swim. It gets toasty with the high humidity and wearing all the riding gear. We then headed back towards the east coast and did some fun off roading to a secluded beach. It was a great road with lots of large puddles and mud. We decided to take another swim in the ocean to cool off. After stopping at the car wash to hose off the bikes we headed to Fajardo where we would spend the night. By the way, Jose loves to eat and knows where all the good places are. We had some fantastic meals on this trip with my favorite being rabbit stew. We departed the next morning for another great riding day. We visited the old Naval Facility, Roosevelt Roads and began heading southwest for an amazing ride through the mountains and stopping for another swim in a scenic spot along the river. Had a great lunch where customers would wait for hours to eat their amazing food. Headed for the middle of the island through lush beautiful mountain terrain with endless twisty’s rarely shifting out of third gear, a super fun ride. Spent the night in Barranquitas, a nice peaceful town in the mountains. Had dinner and drinks and then a good nights sleep. Began another awesome riding day heading to the highest point in the mountain range. Super scenic and awesome views from the top. Today was our rain day, the afternoon was a wild ride with thunder and torrential rains it was a great experience. Stopped in Lares and had the best ice cream on the planet. The rain let up later in the afternoon as made our way to Mayaquez for another nice evening and a great lobster dinner right on the beach. The next morning was the last day (bummer.) We headed toward the Dry Forest on the southwest part of the island. In the morning we did some great offroading around the beach. it was one of highlights of the tour and my first time to dump the motorcycle…should have went around that puddle…it was deep. Had a nice swim before heading to the Dry Forest. The ride was along the coast with some nice views. Not much rainfall here, super dry and super hot. It was time to bee-line it back to San Juan, stopping once along way at a small roadside stand for a Pina Coloda made fresh from local fruits. Got on the freeway back to San Juan. Some nice scenery on the way back. Arrived back at Pier 2 around 5:30pm and Jose got us an ice cold beer and we had a toast to the great ride we had completed. Many thanks to you Jose for all the nice things you did to make my trip so great, you are a good man.

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