MotoRentour offers guided tours throughout Spain, Portugal and Morocco with a bike,meals, and accommodation. They will do their best to exceed your expectations

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João Gomes

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from Spain, May 2021

"Perfect time"

Well organized, polite, flexible. All you want to see at a guide actually

Agris Purviskis

November 2020

Before usually I have organised all my trips by my self. This was the first time when somebody else did everything. And it was done very professionally, I'd like to say even perfect. Joao did great job. Thank you very much!

Steve Tuggle

November 2019

"Unforgettable Morocco experience "

Had a great trip with Joao and one other rider. Routes were well chosen and generally off the beaten path. Joao knows Morocco very well and his knowledge and experience enhanced the trip greatly. Excellent accommodations and local foods.

Tour was very well planned and organized.

Mike Gedye

from New Zealand, November 2019

"My North African Hiatus"

Simply scroll up and down the accompanying reviews and you will have this adventure in a nutshell ..... "arrive with no expectations and you will leave with nothing but experiences".

Joao and Rafael are seasoned guides and were proven to cater to every riding style (yes Kiwi's can fly :)))

I had a blast in a beautiful country with a group of like minded people from varied walks of life and friendships made, which is as much of a draw as the tour itself.

And as has been mentioned, if Joao recommends the trout.... order the trout. Oh, and you had better like olives.

Goran Jovanovic

from United States, November 2019

"Malaga-Morocco motorbike excursion _ October 2019 "

The tour was well organized and specially tailored for unseasoned motorbike riders. The communication with the organizer was excellent and all questions prior to our arrival to Spain were responded quickly and clearly. The itinerary included all major locations (Tanger, Tetouan, Fes, Ifrane, Marrakesh, Quarzazate, Zagora, Edge of the Sahara desert, Casablanca and many others). We rode more than 1,800 miles and the bikes provided, although not new, were in excellent conditions. Both Joao Gomez and Rafael Pires deserve utmost compliments for guiding us safely through rain, fog, desert storm, wind gusts, and heat. Our guides were patient, courteous, and accommodating in any way.

The hotel accommodation was very good and carefully selected. Neither of us had any objection. Except for the breakfast that was typically buffet-stile, all other meals were à la carte. Although we ate in restaurants recommend by our guide, we did not feel that the organizer looks to save a dime on our accommodations or food. I have been around and in the past I visited more than 80 counties. This trip was one of the most memorable ones.

Anselm Aanerud

from Norway, October 2019

"What an adventure! 🤩"

-Amazing adventure day on gravel roads over mountain pass.

-Spectacular scenery’s.

-A lot of winding roads.

-Very good food.

-Tip top Motorbikes!

-The guides were very nice and helpful.

-Good coffee breaks 😉

Joze Dedic

from Slovenia, October 2019

"I really had a good time and I will remember this adventure!"

We were a group of 5 participants and two guides - and this turned out to be a great size; easy on road logistics/travelling, fun enough for the relaxed evenings. Other participants were a gem - guys this was fun as hell!

The guides were super friendly and really listening to our needs. If -- for a part of the day -- we wanted to have different adventure, we'd split; one guide leading one group and the second guide the other group. Also when on the same road, the group was allowed to split and we could drive according to our wishes (and itches ;-) ).

Stops for food were well planned and quality of the food was great - once you see the variety of the quality Morocco can offer, you begin to appreciate that one tests the restaurants for you beforehand and you get only the 'approved' ones ;)

I especially liked the fact that we ate also on unusual places; e.g. near the lake in the middle of nowhere because our guides knew the old local lady that welcomed us very warmly. And damn good was that chicken tagine.

Riding coastal road, Atlas mountains, Sahara dunes, seeing monkeys, camels, donkeys and all the kids waving at you... makes really memorable experiences.

Bikes were serviced and in good shape.

Daniel Colvin

from United States, October 2019


Everything about the trip was outstanding. We were never pushed to go faster or to ease up on the throttle. We ate twisties for breakfast lunch and dinner. Customized days for off road or on road adventure. If given the choice, always choose adventure and if Joao says the trout is good, order the trout.

David Mccartney

from Australia, July 2019

"Moroccan Magic"

The most surprising thing was the diversity of the country. The northern region was green and fertile whilst the southern region was the desert that I most identify as Morocco. The trip took in a gentle loop around the country about 3500 kilometres. The differences between the cities and the countryside is quite an eye opener. Seeing first hand how people make a living in some desolate areas was quite amazing, how they use the fertile land between the barren mountain ranges quite extraordinary. The bike was good and the company of JG and the other guys on the trip was great.

Marcos Astegiano

from Argentina, April 2019

"Just amazing. "

Everythingh was perfect.

Joao is a great guide and a great person too

Lewis Leake

from United States, March 2019

"Spain and Morocco Review"

1- The opportunity for several of us to explore Spain using the motorcycles prior to the Morocco trip. Joao provided outstanding routes, booked hotels, and recommended restaurants and points of interest. 2- The many and varied routes and scenery in Morocco allowed for a thorough and always interesting motorcycle tour. This was due to Joao's hands-on experience and knowledge of the country, its terrain, and the road system. 3- Descending the mountain on a narrow, twisting roadway under construction in traffic (Joao may recall) when he was leading and Chad and I followed closely. 4- The desert camp and the dirt road mountain crossing. 5- Having a chase-vehicle for gear and a photographer. 6- The guided tour in Marrakesh. It was very interesting and informative. Mustafa, our guide, was very knowledgeable.

Shawn Aiumu

from United States, March 2019

"Morocco Mayhem"

I liked all the different places our guide took us and he always arranged for a nice dinner or lunch during the day and breakfast as well. The quality of the motorcycles was excellent as well I got a brand new BMW 850 GS with 6 miles on it.


from United States, March 2019

"Awesome Experience in Morocco"

The scenery was incredible, the roads we took were awesome and the accommodations were wonderful. Bikes were brand new and performed very well. Joao is an amazing guide and definitely made the experience a lot more comfortable. This was our first time on a motorcycle tour, and it was definitely a fun experience we will remember. Looking forward to the next.

Ramon Garcia

from United States, March 2019

"Terrific ride"

The bikes and the riding were great. The routes Gomes took us on were better than I had hoped. Oftentimes, I wondered where he was going but, because of his scouting ahead of time, we were never disappointed and often elated. There were wide, fast sweepers and quick, tight hairpin turns everyday. A wide variety of riding and sights everyday. Gomes has done his homework and knows precisely where the best riding is. Morocco is a great mix of old and new. Beasts of burden pulling carts and traditional garb in the villages we rode through and modern vehicles and western wear in the larger cities. We also tacked on an additional day in Marrakesh which was great. The hotels were authentic and provided the right touch. They were obviously glad to see us there. There was much to see and do and the rest day came at the right time. I would definitely join Motorrentour on another Moroccan ride and/or any other place Gomes leads.

John Unger

from Canada, March 2019

"Moroccan Mayhem"

I liked that the trip was well organized and that the Company employees were very friendly and became part of our large group. In particular, Joao was an exceptional guide and tour leader. He is also an expert off road M/C operator which was essential to our trip. Also, He fully briefed us several times per day about all up-coming issues and routes, and constantly inquired about our opinions . It was a pleasure to have him as our leader.

Glenn Hutchings

from United States, March 2019

"Joao was very concerned that everyone was enjoying the trip."

The route made each day a special experience. Joao made time each day to brief everyone and listen to their requests.

While the lodging was at time basic the special setting made them memorable.

This was my second guided tour and easily the best in large part because of joao knowledge and guidance.

Eric Jensen

from United States, March 2019

"Morocco Tour"

Fabulous scenery with variable riding conditions and surfaces. I thoroughly enjoyed this tour and our guide João did an exceptional job of making sure everything went smoothly.


from United States, March 2019

"My first group advanture tour. Great experience"

JG had everything planned and ready for me including the great weather :) He knew the area really well. JG to me is the top expert for the Morocco tour. Best part was JG taking us to the off the beaten pass with true nature's beauty of what Morocco has to offer, nice winding roads, off roads and sometimes no road.

Chad Cristelli

from United States, March 2019

"Epic Morocco Adventure!!"

I only gave Joao 5 stars because I couldn't give him 6:) The back roads and off the beaten path that he guided us on were amazing. He's very conscientious about making sure everything about the trip is running smooth. Joao and his crew are top notch! If you are considering "pulling the trigger" and signing up for this trip...just do it, you won't be disappointed. Morocco is beautiful, the riding is outstanding, and Joao can be trusted to make sure you are well taken care of.

Martin Shaunessy

from Australia, November 2018

"An adventure to be sure"

The guide (and owner) Joao, was professional, but also personable. If you were uncomfortable, he listened, and adjusted the tour where needed. He knows the routes, and the road conditions. When we had some unfavourable weather which made some roads unridable, there was always a backup plan. I had a few issues with my bike (which I own) and Joao went out of his way to help to resolve those issues. Joao also let's you know what to expect with upcoming border checkpoints and weather conditions.

While the restaurants are mostly picked for you, anything you want can be chosen from the menu. The guide seems to always stay in a hotel before taking any guests there to assure it's suitable.

The guide is basically fluent in English, and seems to be able to get by pretty well in French.

We saw some amazing landscapes and got well and truly off the beaten path.

Igor Prsic

from Serbia, November 2018

"Great tour, great rides, great guide! Highly recommended"

The group was excellent, great camaraderie and respect during the whole trip. Joao is an excellent guide, took care of all our needs and was there for us at all times. Locations and scenery are beautify. Some of the roads are on pair with those in the Alps (open curves, abrasive asphalt), some were tough and challenging but fun. We spent a lot of time on the bikes (this is the whole point after all) but had enough time to rest and recuperate. I will remember this trip as one of the best times spent on motorcycle ever. Highly recommended!

Larry Davis

from United States, October 2018

"Great trip to Morocco "

I liked the interaction between everyone and the way it all flowed so smoothly

Richard Curby

from Australia, June 2018

"Best motorcycle tour everrrrr"

The incredible scenery, the route chosen to cross the Atlas Mountains, the food and accomodation and the security in knowing the guide knew at all times where we were and how to behave in a very foreign country. I have done many motorcycle tours over the past 10 years, but nothing as spectacular as the Morocco tour with João.

Nataša Peterlin

from Slovenia, May 2018

"Adventure of the year"

Off road