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4 Common Mistakes Beginner Motorcycle Riders Make

by Katrina Watson

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Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, and this is especially true if you don't have the necessary skills, experience, and guidance. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available that can ensure a safe and pleasant road trip.

Some motorbikes feature tools and accessories that help you have a smooth ride and make the most out of your motorcycle tour. Some of the tools include grippy tires, excellent handling, obstruction-free vision, and incredibly powerful brakes.



To get a step ahead of the curve, here are the most common mistakes beginner motorcycle riders make and how to avoid them:


Mistake #1: Forgetting about countersteering




Countersteering might seem off at first. However, in practice, it's straightforward and simple – it is using your body to offer steering input. Nonetheless, the effects are extremely minimal. Therefore, if you're to get the most from your bike's turning ability, you must be comfortable with countersteering. It's very simple! All you need to do is press right on the handlebars to go right; press left on the handlebars to go left.




How to Avoid

In addition to doing what has been outlined above, the secret to mastering countersteering is to be comfortable when pressing the handlebars. Additionally, some regular practice will go miles in helping you avoid forgetting that a motorcycle turns by leaning.


Mistake #2: Failure to know fuel range




Some motorcycles lack fuel gauges. Consequently, as a beginner rider, running out of fuel is very easy. Your fuel range depends on how you ride and the kind of riding you do. Fortunately, you can always work out your average fuel range and then stop for fuel anytime you approach the average.

Primarily, after a fill-up, you should always set your trip meter to zero. Is your bike the older type that features a petcock? If yes, then what you need to do is switch to reserve, take note of the trip meter reading, and then stop immediately to fill up.

How to Avoid

Whether your bike has a petcock or not, you must periodically take a real-time peek inside your fuel tank to establish when you're getting close to empty. When you check your gas level, as well as when you do other maintenance work while on the road, it’s always best to use disposable nitrile gloves so that your hands don’t get dirty. 


Mistake #3: The rush to ride with someone




Taking your buddy, boyfriend/girlfriend on your new motorcycle might be very tempting. Most beginners are always anxious to show off their riding skills. If not careful, you can end up face-flat on the road. The handling and dynamics of a motorcycle are different when riding alone compared to when with someone.




How to Avoid

Unfortunately, this is a mistake many beginners make early on in their riding life. Because you've yet to master everything about riding your motorcycle, it's prudent to always ride alone until that time when you are truly prepared to take on the responsibility. That will keep both you and your partner safe.


Mistake #4: Stalling




Stalling is a highly common mistake among beginner motorcycle riders. Fortunately, growing out of it is very easy – all you need to do is master the clutch lever.

Pulling the lever all the way in makes you to be at full throttle and your motorbike will go nowhere. You’ll be better off riding a mountain bike! Generally, you need to work on getting a feel for your friction zone. After that, try to be comfortable when applying enough throttle as you release the clutch the rest of the way.

How to Avoid

You can iron out issues that have to do with stalling within the confines of a safety course.


Final Thoughts




The excitement of riding your motorcycle for the very first time fills you with desire. This passion never seems to burn out. Regardless of where you are and what you do, riding is always on your mind. Beginner motorcycle riders are always eager to go on a road trip. While passion and eagerness are all good, you shouldn't let them get into your head. You might end up making grave mistakes that can cost you your life.

Exercising caution is of utmost importance. As a beginner rider, you must avoid making the above mistakes. Doing so will not only improve your survival odds but also enhance your riding experience.


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When it comes to motorcycle riding, you should always put safety first. Learn to master your bike on a beginner motorcycle tour!

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