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The Best ATVs for an Off-Road Tour

by Bryan Schwartz

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Jungles are magical places where anyone who wants to go on an ATV adventure can have unforgettable memories.

You can see a sifaka lemur dancing across the Madagascar forest floor, witness a giant silverback gorilla caring for her child deep in the Ugandan mountains, bathe in the sunlight piercing the Costa Rican rainforest canopy or watch the elephants roaming around freely in their sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

All these wonders you can experience on a tour while cruising on your own all-terrain vehicle.


Different Types of Quads for Rainforest Adventures

atv tour

All-terrain vehicles have become the rage within the last decade and are now a popular choice among adventure-seekers all over the world. This versatile vehicle can be used for adrenaline-spiked rides in many different terrains—mud lands, slushy snow, tricky mountain paths, frozen lakes, and even in jungles.

For people who want to experience negotiating tricky streams, dodging trees or just be in awe while riding under the canopy of the rainforests, an all-terrain vehicle is a great choice. But how do you choose the best type for your adventure?

There are several manufacturers such as:

  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Arctic Cat
  • KTM
  • Kawasaki
  • Honda
  • Polaris
  • Kymco
  • Bombardier or Can-Am


Youth Models

youth atv tour

This type is designed for kids and teens and is best for off-road riding. Because of its smaller size and design, this type is cheaper than those that are for adults.

The primary factor in this vehicle is safety; it is designed so that the engine stops when the person driving the vehicle falls off it. This way, the driver or rider is prevented from being dragged while the vehicle is running.

The sizes range from 50cc to 125cc. Among the most popular models are:

  • Mongoose 50 4 T
  • Pitster Pro Quad
  • Pitster Pro FXR 
  • KingQuad 500


Entry-level 4-Wheelers

jungle quad tour

A little bit bigger than the youth model in terms of size and price, there’s the entry-level four-wheeler, or more popularly called, the “recreational trail class”. The vehicle features an automatic transition, with engine sizes ranging from 125cc to 250cc.

This type is best for those who want to enjoy their jungle adventure on a leisurely pace.


Sports All-terrain Vehicles

This type features the toughness and power of utility quads with the speed necessary for more adventurous rides. This is the most popular type among adults, it has a powerful engine with capacities ranging from 250cc to 800cc and other impressive features such as long-travel suspensions and better handling.


Sports Quads

atv sports

If you want to blaze a trail and really feel the ultimate adrenaline rush when you go on a rainforest adventure, the Sports Quad is for you. It features 200cc to 400cc engines, longer travel suspensions, better maneuverability and power-packed drives.

The best choices are:

  • Suzuki Z400
  • Can-Am DS450
  • Yamaha Raptor 700R
  • Kawasaki KFX 450 
  • Honda TRX 450R


High-Performance ATVs

This type is often referred to as the Ferraris and Corvettes of all-terrain vehicles. It usually features high-end components, engine capacity ranging from 350 cc to 700cc, and high-speed acceleration.

The most popular models are:

  • KTM450SX
  • KTM 505SX 
  • KTM525XC


Quick Safety Tips Before You Go on an Adventure in an All-terrain Vehicle

atv tour group

Now that you have an idea where you might be going on your ATV adventure in the jungle, as well as the type of quad you might want to use, it’s important to keep in mind that quad riding can be dangerous, and should not be compared to driving a car.

Here are some quick tips to remember:

  • Always wear proper gear such as helmets, boots, goggles and gloves. Quads have no seatbelts, and they can easily flip over.
  • Inspect the vehicle before you ride. Always check the tires and the rims. Make sure that that cables, controls and connections are intact. Also, be on the lookout for broken sprockets and worn links, and check if all gears are properly lubricated.
  • Always have a riding buddy, especially in the jungle. You may run out of gas, or crash, or even get lost in the rainforests. Don’t risk your life by going all alone.
  • Do not drink and ride. As with driving any vehicle or using any mechanical equipment, alcohol and drugs affect your judgment and your motor skills. Enjoy the natural high of winding through the rainforest and keep the beer for later.
  • Rest when you’re tired. Quad riding is an excellent physical activity, but it also demands a lot of strength and mental focus. Eventually, the jumps, bumps and tight corners will wear you down. Stop, take a quick break, rehydrate and eat under a tree just so you can gain back your strength.
  • Follow designated trails. Do not ride outside of the designated riding area for your physical and legal safety. If you can join a guided ATV tour, that’s even better!
  • Know your surroundings and be aware of everything. Keep your eyes forward so you can see what’s coming. Keep in mind that bumps can get you bounced off your ride, so focus and be on the lookout for any surprises.
  • Do not be a goon and a show-off. Do not push your machine to its limits and avoid riding beyond your ability.



There are many breathtaking forests in jungles in the world, and the experience in discovering them can be made more awesome when in an all-terrain vehicle jungle adventure.

Quad riding in different places can offer you unforgettable memories and happiness. When traveling in strange and unfamiliar countries, however, it is best to be responsible and keep your enjoyment within the proper boundaries. It is highly tempting to take risks on an “adventure”, especially on a vehicle as versatile and unpredictable such as an ATV, but life and traveling is more enjoyable when you are unhurt and safe.

Want to experiment on a two-wheel motorcycle? Join an off-road bike tour and try new adventures!

Bryan is a guest author from 8Adventures.

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