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5 Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories for a Safe Ride

by Amit Yadav

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For ages, motorcycling has been a way of exploring new places with total freedom for people all around the world. Another major reason behind the popularity of motorcycles is that, when compared to cars, they are cost efficient and award more independence to bikers while riding as well. 

However, despite the many advantages or riding a motorcycle, a biker should be aware of the dangers and stay focused while riding in order to avoid accidents. In such cases, accessories can increase your protection. Ultimately, they ensure a safe ride whenever you head out to explore new places on your motorcycle.

Without further ado, here are the five essential motorcycle accessories for a safe ride:


Motorcycle Safety Gear




The very first advice of every pro rider is to buy the right riding gear for your use. From motorcycle jackets and helmets to gloves and pants, you need to be specific about every particular thing. You need to look out for your comfort as well as the protection provided by every specific riding gear. For starters, a motorcycle helmet should be robust, comfortable for wearing and fit well. Likewise, various characteristics decide which riding gear is perfect for a biker. You need to look out for your comfort and protection at the same time in this department. Don’t try to save money in this department. If it’s right for you, it’ll be worth it!


Crash Protection




Having a safe trip is everyone’s priority. However, as the saying goes, you never know what can happen during a ride. Therefore, you should invest in crash protection gear such as bar ends, frame sliders, fork sliders, swingarm spools, etc. to minimize the impact of the crash. These accessories can enhance your safety and ensure that the crash won’t leave any significant damage on your motorcycle’s body. A combination of riding gear and crash protection gear makes up for a formidable duo that can make your rides safer by protecting your own physical body as well as your motorcycle’s body.


Security System




Long motorcycle trips require you to take some breaks in between. Some of them can be quite short while some can stretch out. Regardless of the length of your break, you are at risk. Many thieves are openly roaming around on the streets. You make one mistake, and you’ll find it hard to locate your bike. Why? Because it’s stolen! To this end, you should buy a variety of locks and alarms and also consider installing a GPS tracking system on your bike to ensure that, no matter where you go, your bike stays safe.


Repair Tools




The very first principle of motorcycle riding is that you never know what can happen during road trips. First of all, it is recommended to take good care of your bike and make sure that all the parts of the motorcycle are working well before going on a ride. However, in some cases, things don’t work out quite as planned, and your motorcycle might need some fixing. The very thought of this unpredictable scenario makes it necessary to include a set of repair tools in your list of motorcycle accessories. Also, if you learn enough about your motorcycle and how it works, you’ll never need a mechanic, thus saving a lot of money. And, who can treat your bike better than you anyway?


Reflective Gear




Having proper reflective tape on certain surfaces on your motorcycle will enhance the visibility of your bike in dark areas. You can also get reflective license plate bolts for your use. Adding reflective gear to this list was essential because your visibility drops drastically after sundown that can make you vulnerable in dark areas. However, with reflective riding gear, your visibility stays intact even when the sun sets out!


Final Words




It is a well-known fact that there are many motorcycle accessories out there on the market. This fact makes it quite hard to choose what is right for your motorcycle and what can truly increase your protection. However, with this handy list, you can now easily choose what to pick up in motorcycle accessory shops. These accessories will not only improve your protection and guarantee you a safe ride but also enhance your bike riding experience.


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