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7 Motorcycle Gadgets for the Best Riding Experience

by Ashley Groves

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There are a number of reasons behind motorcycle accidents, such as drug or alcohol use, overspeeding, lack of experience, slippery roads and unfriendly traffic participants. There are many situations where you can certainly avoid these situations by being a little careful and driving safely. 

There are many training courses led by various authorities which help to improve the safety of a motorcycle rider by teaching, training and licensing, both when commuting to work and on road trips.

According to the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), 4,976 motorcyclists were killed in motorcycle crashes in 2016, out of which 27 percent of victims were operating without a valid driver’s license. Motorcycle crashes cause five times as many deaths as car accidents. In 2015, it was estimated that the number of motorcycle deaths was nearly 29 times greater than the number of fatalities in car accidents. 

To avoid any mishaps, we have put together a list of motorcycle gadgets that will ensure a smooth and safe ride:


1. Motorcycle grips




You might have sensed slippery sensations in your hands while you’re riding your motorcycle. Enhance your grip by cushioning your hands using motorcycle grips, which are perhaps the most affordable motorcycle accessory available and can be installed with zero effort.


2. Motorcycle handleband




One of the most common issues faced by motorcycle riders is navigation. Holding your phone while riding your bike is out of the question. But there are still many situations in which you need to refer to your GPS to direct you to your location. In such cases, a handleband will come to your rescue. You can easily use your phone’s navigation by simply attaching your smartphone to the handlebars. 


3. Airbag helmet




In 2015, 40 percent of motorcyclists who were killed in motorcycle accidents were not wearing helmets. While the airbags in the car keep the driver safe, motorcycles are not equipped with such safety gear. Wouldn’t it be great if airbags could come to the rescue of motorbike riders too?

Now, you can find airbags for motorcyclists too in the form of helmet airbags. When an impact is likely to happen, airbags inflate, thus keeping your skull safeguarded. These airbags have proved to be three times more efficient in protecting the rider than conventional helmets. 


4. Motorcycle toolkit




It's very important to keep all the tools and safety essentials with you while you’re going out to take a ride, regardless of how short or long it may be. But carrying all of those tools in the saddle bag can be very troublesome. Go for a multi-tool kit that is lightweight, doesn’t take up too make space and is handy to carry. It should contain all the tools and equipment required for a rapid roadside fix.      


5. Mobile power supply


Though there are a lot of gadgets that you require to charge while you’re going on a ride, nothing can prove as fatal as your phone’s dying battery, especially when you’re using its GPS navigation. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a regular supply of power to charge your phone. There are many chargers that have varying adaptors so that you can charge almost any device on your motorbike. 


6. Attachable media buttons




Handling your phone while you’re riding can lead to accidents. To avoid this, you can use Bluetooth media buttons to adjust volume, take pictures or play songs. Media buttons can be attached right onto the handles, making the driving easier, safer and more enjoyable.


7. Tire inflator




Nothing can be as disappointing as motorcycle tires running low on air. You can be prepared for the worst by finding compatible tire inflators that you can carry around with you wherever you go. Since it's not easy to find tire inflating equipment everywhere, this can work pretty well for everyone. These are very affordable and can be very useful in times of need.


Ashley pens down her entire traveling experience and has been a constant contributor to bboffroad.com.au & lifestyletango.com.

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