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5 Must-Haves to Make Your Solo Bike Trip Memorable

by Jessica Smith

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The mundane lifestyle of the bustling towns and cities has compelled most of us to escape this chaos by rushing to the nearest peaceful hill station. And what better way than doing it on two wheels? While some riders form pairs or even a big tour to cover their expeditions, many bikers also like to ride solo for the sheer peace of mind.

Solo motorcycle rides are the most enthralling experiences one can avail of. You can enjoy the tranquility of nature along with the adrenaline thrill of the rugged terrain. You can choose to navigate through the sultry deserts or the chilly mountains or the mush tea gardens, depending on the places you fancy.

Apart from the thrill and adventure associated with such rides, they also form a part of our healthy living. Most of the city dwellers are exposed to high levels of pollutants through air and water and a small break in the fresh air of the remote areas seems like a great option. Such rides help in clearing our minds and infusing us with a new zeal and passion to resume our routines.

However, riders should take some precautions when traveling alone. First of all, it’s important to have a decent level of fitness so that they are not affected by problems like lower back pain, body ache, fever or chills. In addition, bikers with health issues like asthma, blood pressure and diabetes should carry their prescribed medicines and be aware of their health conditions. Remember that finding a doctor is not always a simple task in remote areas. Safety is also a major concern you should take into consideration.

If you don’t feel confident that you can take care of all these aspects by yourself, opt for a guided motorcycle tour instead and don’t put yourself at risk. But if you are ready to ride solo, here is a list of 5 must-haves that will undoubtedly go a long way in making your trip a memorable one:


The perfect travel ensemble

motorcycle tour solo

Image credit DivineVacations 

Your travel attire is the first and foremost point to check off while planning a solo bike trip. Jackets with extra padding on the back and chest, trousers with extra protection on the thighs and knees, protective gloves that have a special design for the extra firm grip, and high-rise ankle boots are the necessary inclusions for any rides for a safe bike trip.

Proper travel attire guarantees your safety along with providing insulation from body ache, injuries and lower back pain. There are various brands that specialize in the manufacturing of such travel apparels like Harley Davidson, Triumph, etc.


A helmet with Bluetooth headset


Your helmet is the most important element of your gear and is an integral part of any bike trip. A certified supreme quality helmet is essential as head injuries are the most fatal for any sort of bike riders. High-end brands are coming up with designer helmets available in a wide array of colors for all the riders out there. Various successful companies like Sena are coming up with specialized Bluetooth devices, designed to fit in riding helmets. These devices make your rides more comfortable and handy in the long run.


Toolkit and proper navigation

wrench for bike tour

Being prepared for the worse is probably the best way to plan any bike trip –especially if you’re going solo. Since most of the roads are not easily motor-able in hilly terrains, finding the proper navigation is important. While Google maps work well in some areas, a physical map is often required along with it. Riders should also have a decent sized lightweight toolkit that can help in fixing minor technical issues. Why should a flat tire keep you from enjoying the stunning landscapes?


Battery backup

battery for bike

A proper battery source is mandatory when we are talking about the importance of navigation, GPRS, Bluetooth devices and cameras. There are special travel bikes with built-in ports for your chargers that can charge anything from your power banks to your camera's battery. Carrying a high capacity supreme quality power bank is also a must for any ride.


Pack some fluids and dry snacks

motorcycle tour

Image credit WeekendTrip

Riders often face serious dehydration and motion sickness while traveling and hence, fluids are a must-must-have. Along with energized fluids, keep a few sachets of glucose and digestives to ease you from the change in climate and altitude. Some granola bars and dry snacks also come in handy while traveling to remote places, where spotting a hygienic restaurant or eating outlet might be difficult.

A motorcycle tour is the ultimate way to enjoy the beauty of nature as you feel the cool breeze swaying through. Although this list is not complete and there is a plethora of other things to keep in mind before planning your trip, it surely gives you a gist of your upcoming adventures.

Looking for a tour where you can polish your riding skills first? Go on a beginner’s motorcycle tour and prepare well for your first solo trip!

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