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5 Essential Tips for Solo Riders to Be Safe and Prepared on Your Motorcycle Adventure

by Luna Anderson

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Whether you are riding on a motorcycle or simply enduring the backcountry on your own, there are a couple of essential things that you need to keep in mind. This will not only make the experience much more joyful but also means that you will be prepared for anything that life or the unpredictability of nature may throw at you.

Life on the road can be daunting, but when nature is in play, it becomes much more dangerous outdoors; you will not be able to call 911 to assist you and help you out of your tough predicaments. Nature is unforgiving and the elements will not be tailored to your needs. These tips could help you to be prepared for what you might endure during your solo motorbike tour.

Life itself can be rather dangerous and you need to be prepared for what it will put in your way. But this doesn’t only mean bad things, good things will also happen and you might find yourself in a once in a lifetime situation that you’ll want to remember forever. Retelling the story might be fun, but a backpacking camera will allow you to show the photos.

So, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind on your trip:


1. Plan Your Route

plan your motorbike tour

Without a plan, you are bound to fail and while many people dream of taking the road with no plan and going with the wind, this can be a dangerous thing to do if you are all by yourself. With some diligent planning, you can map out exactly what you are going to do and this also means that you will have a goal in mind.

Planning might seem like a timely process, but much like your budget, it needs to be in order and this will allow you to continue to take the next steps and be prepared for what might lie ahead. If you need to endure dangerous conditions, it can help you when it comes to clothing and you will not need to carry along everything all at once.


2. Stock Up on Equipment

motorbike tour equipment

Now that your plans are all in order, you can move on to the next phase of the process and this means preparing for your trip. Staying in hostels or hotels is an important decision you need to make. If you choose hostels, having a sleeping bag will be a great addition to your kit, make sure you choose the right one.

Nature lovers might also want a good tent for keeping them protected. A hammock is one of the best additions on the road for lifting you off the ground and keeping your backpacking equipment to a minimum. The downside will be the lack of protection from rain and mosquitoes that nature will conjure up, but it’s generally worth it.


3. Research the Area and The Dangers

motorbike dangers

Depending on your motorcycle adventure, the dangers will vary. In the backcountry, you might need to deal with bears and dangerous animals and something like a great bear spray can be a tool to keep you protected. If there are diseases is in the area, you need to be prepared and have your shots to ensure that you do not become a victim either.

In the city, crime is an issue and if you choose the riding route with a motorbike, you need to ensure that everything is safe and protected. With a major spike in crime all over the world, taking the necessary precautions and understanding the area you will be traveling to will help you to avoid critical life situations.


4. Have A Backup Plan

solo rider

This can be easier said than done, but having a backup plan is a great way to ensure that you can bail out whenever you need to. In the backcountry, you should have additional equipment; a spare fuel tank is a great way to make sure that you can simply get out of your plan if you feel uncomfortable in any situation.

Since mobile phones will be off-limits, a satellite phone is ideal for keeping in contact and will give you the added benefit of having a GPS for people to track your trip and to check if you are safe. It can be a terrifying experience for family member waiting for you who don’t know if you’re fine after a long time.


5. Tell Someone About All Your Plans

motorbike tours tips

Whether it is a friend or a family member, it is important to have someone know of your plans and the specific route you will be following. Should something go wrong, they can simply start on the trail and they will end up finding you eventually. It will not only give your family peace of mind but it also gives you peace of mind if an injury does strike.

In the city, this can be a little tougher to do and we understand that you will not always follow the plans that have been set out. However, having a GPS tracker is certainly a great way to let your people know you are safe and to help them know where you are. GPS smartwatches are readily available and they can be charged with solar power as well.


Are You Ready for Your Next Solo Trip?


There is no denying that a solo trip is fun and it gives you a chance to relax and break away from everyday stress and problems that might plague you. Nevertheless, having the right advice and taking the right steps is the way to ensure you are safe and your people have the ability to find you as well. Follow the tips above, be safe and keep your family stress-free.

Want to be safer during your bike trip? Try a guided motorcycle tour and live a great experience with a group of like-minded riders!

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