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Paulo Amado

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Max Tillman

September 2019

"Best Riding Experience of My Life!"

First off, My flight into Porto was diverted to Madrid because of electrical issues and I had to stay there overnight. I did not get into Porto until a day later at 11 am. Paulo was in contact with me the whole time and was still right there to pick me up upon arrival. He didn’t miss a beat. He ferried me back to the fantastic accommodations at Quinta da Pousa Della and we set right off on a great ride to get me accustomed to the bike and area!

Paulo was a fantastic guide and very knowledgeable about the region and all its history and geography. He is an excellent rider as well and after the first hour knew just what kind of pace and difficulty I would enjoy, fast and tough.

The trails we hit were great, A mix of hard rocky trails with exhilarating climbs and descents, popping out into tiny village alleys with friendly, waving, smiling, locals. Paulo is great at linking trails together and keeps everything flowing and changes up terrain to keep you on your toes.

Every day we had lunch in a different local restaurant, serving up excellent Portuguese cuisine. I love the food in Portugal! Bright, fresh, authentic, delicious and served with a smile.

Every evening we would head back to the Quinta, where I could take a dip in the pool to refresh and then eat a fantastic dinner in their restaurant and chat with other travelers staying there from around the world.

Moto touring does not get any better! Wish I had more space to write! JUST GO AND HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

Robert Corfield

August 2019

"Punishing Portuguese Paradise!"

From the moment of walking out from arrivals in Porto, Paulo made me feel welcome.

When we started riding the scenery that we rode through was fabulous, with not too much traffic on the roads (if any) and none on the trails.

The variety of trails that we rode was also outstanding, varying between pleasant to ride on and look around taking in the scenery, and punishing, requiring all of my concentration to ride. The level of difficulty was decided by Paulo, and there was always a helping hand and experienced word if it was too tough for me. Easier trails were available, but when asked for the choice I picked the tougher version – unless I really felt not up to it.

The family run nature of the accommodation really told, with great tasting food and a really laid back atmosphere. Plus excellent wine from the family vineyard.