​New Zealand, Aotearoa is know as one of the most remarkable countries in the world to see by Motorcycle. Their goal to provide the best experience possible.

Testimonials (3)

Willem Australia

Real Aoteaora Website

Just spent some spectacular days on one of Neil's Indians, the Scout, cruising NZ's Northern Island. A very good - well actually the best (!) - way to make a recce of NZ. The roads are excellent, the scenery is stunning and the people are very friendly. And interested in the Scout... Had some real nice talks whilst coffeebreaking, in Napier, Gisborn, East Cape, Waihau Bay, Opotiki, Whakatane, Rotoroa, and Wellington. The Scout is a very comfortable, easy to handle machine with a pepper in it's throttle when some extra speed is desired. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the 1600 kilometers! Enjoyed the coffee, the humour and the very good service of Neil, the chief of Real Aotearoa. Clearly a happy rider himself with a big heart for his customers. I will be back at Real Aotearoa, that's for sure!!

Martina Austria

Real Aoteaora Website

I'm a visitor from Austria to New Zealand and I went out yesterday on a chauffeured ride around Wellington. It was the perfect way to feel and experience the sights and sounds and the fresh sea air of the Capital City. Thanks to Neil for a wonderful day. Real Aotearoa is the way to go. Thank you!

Larry Miano

Real Aoteaora Website

I typically don't take the time to write reviews. With that said, I feel the need to start ... today ... with my Real Aotearoa motorcycle experience. I'm so glad I rented a motorcycle from them!I recently spent some time in New Zealand on a business trip and wanted to get out to see & feel the country myself. I've rented motorcycles here in the US, but never in another other country. Needless to say I was bit apprehensive, but my concerns quickly faded away. Neil the owner & director was exceptional. We talked and communicated while I was in both the US and New Zealand. He was extremely personable and responsive. He explained everything I needed to know and was very flexible with the pick-up/drop-off because of my work & travel schedule. The inventory of motorcycles and gear was tremendous. The bike I rented was in mint condition (Indian Vintage Chief). It rode like a dream and the waterproof side-bags were also ideal for my travel. I didn't even have to worry about bringing any gear - it was all part of the rental AND in excellent condition (helmet, gloves, riding jacket and rain pants). Overall, it was one of the best experiences I've had. The Indian is so iconic and for some of us it could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ride one. Everywhere I rode, people turned to look, point fingers, stop to comment or even take pictures. I can check this of my bucket list, but now I want to buy one myself!