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Ride Expeditions is a British owned company that offers premium motorcycle tours. They combine expert local knowledge with high western standards.

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Marc Tilman Belgium

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Well, this trip was more then perfect! Everything has been so well organized that all of us could enjoy the riding, the rest moments and the food moments at best!

it already starts the day you will contact Ride Expeditions. Anna will reply you instantly with extreme accurate answers and info. She is highly professsional and nice! THE first good feeling is there.

Upon your arrival, everything goes as smoothly and as well explained as written in the brochure. No mistakes, everything is clearly under control.

Toby, the master, is a fantastic young man, highly qualified for this. Not only he can ride a motorbike like the best, but his humble and smooth approach of everyone in the group gives you immediately a very high level of confidence and security.

He is surrounded by professionals that will give you everything you can imagine.

A highly experienced emergency trained nurse, called "DOC" is a great human and has so much experience and great humor in these remote areas, that whatever happens, you will feel in TOTAL security and great hands!!!

Vut, the local Cambodjan guide. What a rider and person. incredibly professional and super nice.

Tang, the mechanic! The wizzard of the jungle. This guy is different! He repairs everything, everywhere, with almost no tools---THE Wizzard! He has a heart of gold.

Without forgetting the " Transport team" who carries your bags, your supplies , your lunches, in always a great mood and timely. Great people as well.

I can keep talking forever about this experience, but it should be a "MUST" for those who loves to ride crossmotors, in a remote area, and to learn about a new country with their history and habits.

It is not a ride to come and show how expert you are, but it is a ride to share with friends in a new country that you want to explore with professionals.

and never forget.............THE CAMBODJAN PEOPLE ARE FANTASTIC HUMAN BEINGS, expecting you to come their beautiful country and learn about their , sometimes, very tough history.

PLEASE go for it and use this company, "RIDE EXPEDITIONS" that will give you the best experience in all safety EVER!

Toby, Anna, Vut, Tang, Doc, and the team,-----THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT MOMENT!

We will never forget this !

a traveler Peru

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want a challenge? this is it. Had a once in a lifetime experiencie here! wouldn't change anything. Excellent riding spots, every day new challenge, amazing places and stops. Incredible support team and bikes ready for speed!

a traveler Australia

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As the title suggests, I rode with a team of eight riders in a somewhat test run. Despite this, our ride was well planned and managed. We all had an awesome time meeting interesting people, seeing great views and settling down to a cold beer or a rice wine (or five) at the end of a long day. The highlight for me was the day we rode up a difficult mountain track which ended on a plateau where a village of Hmong people live. We spent an hour entertaining and being entertained. The kids just loved our drone and motorbikes.

Throughout the whole process from from initial contact to ride completion, Anna and Toby where both helpful and professional.

I have ridden a scooter 1500 km's through Vietnam on my own and another 1500 km's through Northern Thailand with a tour group, but this ride is easily the better of the three.

Men, don't be put off the word expedition and don't wait for your mates; this thirteen day 2100 km ride truly is an ADVENTURE!

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