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12 Days Guided Motorcycle Tour in Canada

  • Vancouver, Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada

12 Days Guided Motorcycle Tour in Canada

  • Vancouver, Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada

Panoramic Motorcycle Tour Canada

If you like riding through the unbelievable mountains, this Harley-Davidson tour is the right motorcycle tour for you. Ride Free Motorcycle Tours keeps the mileage short on many days so you can have time to explore the area. There are many fun things to do like checking out nature, hiking, sitting on the porch drinking a beer, or just exploring the area on your bikes. If you are looking for an adventure motorcycle tour, this is it!


  • 1436-mile mileage
  • Various motorcycle rental
  • A well-experienced group leader
  • Ride through the Glacier National Park & Banff National Park
  • Ride through Jasper National Park and Lake Louise
  • Support vehicle with a second guide / mechanic
  • 11 nights of accommodation
  • 12 riding days
  • English
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During this tour, you will stay for 11 nights in the accommodations chosen by Ride Free Motorcycle Tours. It is very important to understand that Ride Free Motorcycle Tours' team does not stay at the big chain hotels most of the time like most tour companies. The more interesting places that give the character of the area usually do not have the continental breakfast included like the boring chain hotels. You'll stay in and eat in smaller more interesting “local” places than the huge companies can fit inside.


  • Terrain: asphalt
  • Bike: rental
  • Mileage: 2311 kilometers / 1436 miles
  • Daily rides: 63 - 185 kilometers / 39 - 115 miles

Day 1: Vancouver arrival, meeting at 15:00, and orientation of pick up bikes

On this day, you will all meet for the first time. You will talk about your great journey before this. Then, the motorcycles will be gathered and then you get to know them. In the evening, you will celebrate the beginning of your trip with your first dinner together.

Day 2: Vancouver to Peachland, British Columbia, 4 hours and 5 minutes, 234 miles / 377 kilometers

You will fire up your motorcycles this morning and head out of the city towards the mountains. Before you know it, you will be turning your motorcycles off the main road to the twisty mountain roads, climbing through the hills. Then, you will be riding along beautiful mountain lakes on little-abandoned roads. Beautiful!

Day 3: Peachland to Nakusp, 4 hours and 1 minute, 168 miles / 270 kilometers

It will be more beautiful, riding through rolling mountains and along amazing mountain lakes. You will even use a ferry to cross this day. The scenery just keeps going and going. How about a steak tonight as you all talk about the wildlife?

Day 4: Nakusp to Revelstoke, 1 hour and 37 minutes, 63 miles / 101 kilometers (plus fairy crossing time)

On this day, you will have gotten some good riding in, so it will be a time to slow it down and do some exploring on and off your motorcycles. After some more riding, you will take another fairy then stop at an amazing park on the way. You can walk to a beautiful mountain waterfall, take a scenic rest, or do a little hike. Don't chase the bears! Then, you will ride an amazing scenery and arrive in the mountain community Revelstoke early after lunch.

Day 5: Revelstoke to Golden, 1 hour and 52 minutes, 93 miles / 150 kilometers

You will really take it easy this morning. There is a neat train museum in town as well as some other museums and cool things to explore in town. Take a gondola ride up a mountain. You will hang around town until lunchtime. Do you want to do some exploring on the bikes? You can do that too. For those who want to ride more, you can get plenty of that while others do activities if you like.

Day 6: Golden to Banff, 2 hours and 55 minutes, 157 miles / 253 kilometers, or faster 1.5-hour route option to Banff

You can keep the day short or you can ride another unbelievable mountain ride through Banff National Park to Banff. Check the weather, see how you feel, and you will make a great day. The gondola can take you up to the mountain and is said to be one of the best chances to see a grizzly bear. Banff is full of fun and shopping. Most of the trip, you will be in very remote places, but this will be your night out on the town.

Day 7: Banff to Jasper, 3 hours and 58 minutes, 185 miles / 298 kilometers

There are lots of wildlife to see on this motorcycle tour but don't fish with the bears. Mama might not be happy. Jump on the Harley-Davidson motorcycles and take another nice ride this day. By now, riding in this fantasy motorcycle land almost seems normal. How about you stop your motorcycles and tour a giant glacier?

Day 8: Jasper to Valemount, 1 hour and 25 minutes, 76 miles / 122 kilometers

Spend the morning in Jasper, then ride to Valemount in afternoon. The Jasper Skytram is a must do. It is like flying and it's amazing. You can take the tramway up in the sky, then relax and take in the views or hike around on top of the mountain. After that, you can take another scenic motorcycle ride. You will make some good little stops along the way. Again, remember, if you have a perfect sunny weather and the group wants to do some more riding, you can do so, or after you get to your destination early, those who want to do an exploration can ride while others can explore on foot. That is an option.

Get to Valemount too because Ride Free Motorcycle Tours has a special treat. Around this time of the year, the salmon are running. You will ride your bikes over, then watch the salmon run if you are lucky or maybe even see the salmon being eaten by bears.

Day 9: Valemount to Clearwater, 2 hours and 4 minutes, 121 miles / 195 kilometers or 4-hour route to see the falls

Hmm, what should you do today? Fire your motorcycles up early either way. The first option is to head to Clearwater early and get there for an afternoon of relaxation or hiking, or you can do a full day of incredible motorcycle riding and explore some smaller roads and a famous waterfall. Too many great options.

Day 10: Clearwater to Lillooet, 4 hours and 25 minutes, 172 miles / 277 kilometers

More waterfalls, mountains, great motorcycle roads, empty roads, what else do you want? You will get a nice day of riding this day. These mountains don't end!

Day 11: Lillooet to Vancouver, 3 hours and 41 minutes, 165 miles / 266 kilometers

You will take the Whistler route. This is the final day on tour. You will fire up your motorcycles and head for Vancouver. There is still a lot of adventure left. You will drive through the tall mountains and stop at the famous ski resort town Whistler along the way. This will be a great final drive on your trip. This afternoon, you will turn in your motorcycle rentals and celebrate the night for a successful completion of a Canadian Rockies Motorcycle Tour. You will have seen a lot, tons of wildlife, amazing scenic mountains, and, all by motorcycle on, some of the best riding roads out there. You will have these memories forever.

Day 12: Departure day

Unfortunately, this will be the end of your tour. You will depart to Vancouver.

This tour will take place in Canada. You will explore and ride through so many cities such as Vancouver, Peachland, Nakusp, Revelstoke, Golden, Banff and its national park, Jasper, Valemount, Clearwater, and Lillooet. Here is the list of the highlights of your tour:

  • Jasper Skytram
  • Vancouver
  • Ride through Jasper National Park
  • Lake Louise
  • Kamloops
  • Whistler
  • Ride a gondola up the mountain in Banff

Ride Free Motorcycle Tours provides a great location for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals are not included in the price. You will all go to meals together and have an amazing time together. However, Ride Free Motorcycle Tours can also give you some suggestions to go off for a meal of your own.

  • Explore Golden
  • Explore museums
  • Explore waterfalls
  • Hiking
  • Shopping
  • 11 nights' accommodation
  • A group leader on a bike
  • Gas
  • Harley-Davidson or other motorcycles rental
  • Park fees
  • Support vehicle with second guide / mechanic
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 90 days before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 90 days before arrival.


  • Review by Bill and Judy from Australia

    "Hello Wil and Erin. Just a short note to thank you for the ‘BEST VACATION EVER’. Both Brian and Andy were exceptionally professional and it is fair to say that that trip would not have been as good without the professional and friendly banter between the group and the guides. They were well able to cater for the differences in the group and this aided the holiday. The locations, lodgings and roads traveled matched and, sometimes, exceeded our expectations. On at least two occasions the accommodations were part of our dreams. ( Log cabin on a lake ) Meals and locations for meals were fantastic. Even on the two occasions where Brian had to think on his feet due to changes or closures the replacements were great. I am a bit concerned regarding just how good the Harley Davidson motor cycle is and unfortunately for me it looks like I am going to have to review my Suzuki Boulevard now as the result that Judy enjoyed sitting up the back of the ultra glide in her arm chair. According to Judy the ride is much smoother also. After talking with Brian I feel that I must check out the Indian as well however, I spit on BMW’s still. I acknowledge the small issue that we had with our bike was nothing that you could have prepared for and it did not dampen our tour or our enjoyment of the tour. We are currently still doing our sums regarding next year but hopefully in a month or so we will be able to inform you regarding the Route 66 trip in 2017. In closing I would like to say again that our holiday was fantastic and this was largely due to the hard work and professional attitude of both Brian and Andy. We will be recommending them and the Ride Free company to all our friend and company here. If ever you get to Australia there is a bed at our house for you all. Thank you."

    Ride Free Motorcycle Tours website, edited

  • Review by Carl from South Africa

    "I have just had the absolute pleasure of completing the 2012 Sturgis ride with RFMT. What a fantastic group – Carl “Jawbone” from Brisbane (and SA ), “Dirty” Dave from Detroit, Paul “Flip” and Maureen “Flop” from Kent UK, “Noddy” Margaret and “Autumn Leaves” Eddie from Staffordshire UK, “Doo Da” Deb and “To Cool for School” Greg from Adelaide, along with our tour leaders “Wrongway” Wil plus the ever trusty “Wiki” Atwood. We traveled through 6 six states – Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska on what can only be described as an awesome odyssey. The stunning scenery and spectacular roads were a once in a lifetime experience that left us all breathless with excitement, awe and altitude sickness. The people we met, both in the group and along the way were always friendly, courteous and helpful (except the German guy at Mt Rushmore, who received a few words of advice from Wrongway Wil). The people we met and the experiences I had top any ride I have ever done before. The friends I have made will be with me forever. Thanks Wil and Atwood for all the great work you guys did, the friendship you showed and the knowledge and expertise you passed on about your wonderful country. And of course thanks to all the riders in our group for making this a very special holiday. My bucket list has been checked, but now I want to see more of this fabulous country – watch out the American Music Tour in 2014!!! RIDE FREE!!!!!"

    Ride Free Motorcycle Tours website, edited

  • Review by Fabien "Speedo" Graille from France

    "The tour I did with Ride Free and some other French guys with the Harley this summer was one of the best moments of my life. It is the best way to see the western United States. Just try it, and it will change the way you see. Everything might then look very small. This is actually the only danger."

    Ride Free Motorcycle Tours website, edited