Ride the KKH

Ride the KKH provides you with a stress-free motorcycle tour to explore one of the wildest, rugged, and beautiful areas in Pakistan.

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This moto tour with Moin has passed all expectations that I’ve had. The scenery, the accommodations, the hospitality from everybody that we’ve met has been absolutely top notch. I very much enjoyed this trip, I consider it a trip of a lifetime. I feel very fortunate that I was able to come to this trip. This was definitely worth it and I’m already planning to come back for another trip, perhaps next year.


Ride the KKH website

It was surprising to see how patriotic this country is, everyone seems to really believe in Pakistan. I felt very very safe here. For a very long time, this part of the world has been negatively displayed in a lot of western media. I look forward to going home and telling people the truth about what really is going on here.


Ride the KKH website

I love the people so much, I would love to stay longer, its been a great adventure and I love Pakistan. Thank you Pakistan, we love you.

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