Romania EnduRo Escape Tours

Romania EnduRo Escape Tours offers unforgettable motorcycle tours in Romania where you are guaranteed to enjoy gorgeous scenery and diverse terrains.

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Toni Szvoboda

Toni has known Sandor and Sanyi since they were children and they all have one thing in common: the passion of riding. The idea to start Romania EnduRo Escape Tours came to them during an exploratory ride where they found gorgeous scenery. The thought that they could share the beauty of their back roads, lakes, and forests with other endure sports lovers from all over the world and also pursue a business related to their hobby was irresistible. Romania has endless trails without restrictions and is probably between the last countries in Europe with such limited restrictions.

Sanyi Nagy

Everyone who has ever touched a motorcycle or had mechanical issues with one in Lunga most likely knows Sanyi. He has started riding as a child and fell in love with enduro off-road riding about 14 years ago. He has spent a lot of time exploring the mountains and surrounding areas on his bike and in the past five years, he has done numerous trips as a hired tour guide. In his time off, he looks for new trails and checks existing ones to ensure they are still safe for the riders: the forest is always changing and the trails that were ridden last year may not be safe this year.

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