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Ecuador Motorcycle Tours

What happens if you are told that you could be in completely different worlds in a matter of hours and in sceneries that could take you from a lake inside of the crater of a volcano, to be quite deep in the Amazon basin, to explore the country’s most beautiful waterfalls, and be able to interact with all nature around you? Be prepared for this tour that will take you through different landscapes and keep your adrenaline at an all-time high. Make you experience all the diversity and beauty that Ecuador has to offer!

Key Information

  • Bike: rental bike (Honda XRE 300 / Royal Enfield Himalayan 400 / Suzuki DR650 / Suzuki VSTROM650 / HONDA AFRICA TWIN/ KTM 790 / KTM 1290 R)
  • Terrain: 95% asphalt, 5% country road
  • Mileage: 760 kilometers / 475 miles
  • Daily rides: 152 kilometers / 95 miles
  • Meals: daily breakfast and all dinners

Meet the guides

David “Gambito"
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  • Starts and ends in Quito
  • Ride along fantastic mixed roads
  • Suzuki, Royal Enfield, Honda, KTM motorcycles rental
  • Discover highland forest, rain forest, and Amazon Basin
  • River rafting in Baños and waterfall and jungle tours
  • Transfers to and from the hotel in Quito
  • Multilingual local mechanic guide
  • 4 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Intermediate


4 riding days in English
The organizer also speaks: Spanish
Group size: Maximum of 6 participants
Airport transfer available:
Mariscal Sucre International Airport (US$50 per person)
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Check-in Time:
Check-out Time:

During this trip, you will stay overnight at four-star luxury hotels and eco-lodges in a single occupancy base.



This route will start at the capital at 2500 meters above mean sea level (8300 feet above sea level) to 3914 meters above mean sea level (12800 feet above sea level) at the top of the Quilotoa crater and then descend to 450 meters above mean sea level (1470 feet above sea level) in the Amazon basin. Hence, the name for this motorcycle adventure is set.

In the morning, you will be in a temperate climate, being able to smell the scent of eucalyptus, and in a matter of minutes, you will be in the alpine tundra, the home of by the iconic wild bird of the country, the condor. Later in the afternoon, you will feel the warmth and the humidity of the coast-side of Ecuador. Given the change in climates, the biodiversity observed on this tour cannot be found anywhere else. Its fauna and flora changes are an unforgettable experience.

There is no better way to do this than in a reliable motorcycle. Activities are scheduled in every stop for you to take pictures, try different types of food in each environment, see the life of residents, and be involved as much as possible with the country. Once you have decided to start with this adventure, Sleipnir Ecuador gives you the tools to enjoy your riding skills and satisfy your adventurous soul with the best bikes out there and in a country that deploys all its beauty in every different ecosystem just for you.

They will pick you up from your hotel and will take you where your gear is ready. At your hotel from the airport, you need to drop them a line to arrange the details for the meeting the night before your tour. If you wish to be picked up at the airport, they can arrange it to bring you to your hotel in Quito at a cost of 25 USD. In the briefing, they will review your tour package and will get through your selected gear.

Upon a quick talk on the safety, country laws, signals, police checks, and get to meet your tour guide, you will have a brief of all the goodies about the tour and you will enjoy a nice drink admiring the view of the city lights. Your first day will start pretty early. You will be picked up from your hotel at 7:30 a.m. Upon the end of your tour, Sleipnir Ecuador will have a quick talk to know how you liked it and have a beer along.

Please note that you can bring your own gear in hand, especially helmets and boots for having a comfortable trip. Hence, if you prefer to bring your own helmet and boots, Sleipnir Ecuador can store them until the end of your stay in Ecuador so it will not be a hassle.

Day 1: Quito - Sigchos - Quilotoa - Baños (327 kilometers / 205 miles)

On this day, you will start with a briefing in the offices in Quito, located in the heart of the capital. You will fill the last paperwork needed to be filled, then you will be able to try on your gear, test it, and finally, you will go to your motorcycle rental. After a quick guide, briefing on roads, and safety, you will begin your tour. The departure will be at 9:00 a.m. sharp after all the formalities are completed. It will take you approximately one hour of riding to get to know the roads better and be familiar with the traffic.

You will stop for refueling and have a small chat about the upcoming schedule. You will ride towards the highest point on the tour, Lake Quilotoa first. The idea is to slowly acclimatize yourselves and make sure yo enjoy the motorcycle ride. The route passes through different communities like Sigchos, Chucchilan, and Quilotoa with outstanding sights of the Andes valleys, passing by really close to the Illinizas sisters, one of the oldest mountains in the Andes chain.

Reaching the top of the crater of Quilotoa, you will make a stop to have your lunch in the restaurants of the crater. Here, you will be able to try on the best typical food from the Andes side of the country. You will take photos and a local guide will explain the story of the formation of this majestic beauty. Once your tanks are filled with local gastronomy, you will ride down to the Amazon basin’s gateway, Baños de Agua Santa. This place is one of the top destinations for tourists around the world.

The magical city located next to the active volcano, Tungurahua, offers wonderful attractions during the day from canopying, trekking, the great waterfall El Manto de la Novia meaning the brides mantle, and the favorite, El Pailón del Diablo. You will be ready to submerge yourself into a deep adventure, feel the experience of being next to an active volcano, and even watch it spit out lava at night. Once you get there, you will check in at your hotel and you will have a proper rest based on the single occupancy.

Then, your dinner will be served in one of the best restaurants in town. If you are still with energy, a complimentary drink will be served to turn on the party mode. Another main reason why Baños is such a touristy place is the nightlife. Bars and clubs open at 8:00 p.m. and close at 3:00 a.m. You will feel the Latin presence in any club of your choosing. Baños offers all styles for partying at very low prices. Native drinks are offered complimentary once you enter the club.

Day 2: Baños (50 kilometers / 31 miles)

You will start the day with a pretty complete breakfast at a nearby restaurant, then off to your activity of the day. Ecuadorean rivers are proud to be presented as the best venue for river rafting and kayaks worldwide as they cover almost the whole skill spectrum there is. You will do this activity under the professional supervision of certified locals. They will take you down to the river and give you all the information you need to perform the activity as safe as possible.

From that point, Sleipnir Ecuador will take you around two hours down in a class-three river enjoying one of the Amazonian prides. A different set of abilities will be tested here, a different world from bike riding that you most definitely will enjoy. If water sports is not your thing, they can arrange a different activity for you upon request. On your return, a lunch will be served based on the local cuisine, followed by a waterfall tour just outside of the city where you will visit El Pailon del Diablo.

This is a magnificent 90-meter high waterfall about half an hour away from Baños. It is a natural beauty that shows you the extreme power of nature. You will ride your bikes to the waterfall where you can enter through two different paths, each offering a different view of the cauldron. Both paths to the attraction are similar to a jungle where you will see all types of birds and plants that will catch your attention. It is a fairly easy hike that will last 10 minutes on the way down, and about 15 minutes on the way up.

Sleipnir Ecuador recommends hiking shoes and waterproof gear for your electronics. They will provide you with the waterproof equipment for your cover. Following the Pailón, you will visit El Manto de la Novia, the bride's mantle. Its name comes from the long and white trail the water forms as it is in the air waiting to strike the water down below. The waterfall is located in the National Park Llaganates and is fairly close to the previous attraction, which will allow you to not waste time moving from place to place.

The flora found around the mantle is incredible, from 20-feet palm trees to exotic and colorful flowers, to the fauna surrounding it like hummingbirds, turkeys, and Andean gulls. You will get on a cable car that will take you 500 meters across the river, where you will be on top of the cascade, the perfect opportunity to take pictures and keep your favorite moments. After the mantle, you will ride your bikes for 30 minutes where you will see La Casa del Arbol, the famous swing at the end of the world.

This swing is without a doubt the best place to watch the mighty Tungurahua volcano. Located at 2,600 meters above sea level, the swing at the end of the world will keep your heart rate up, making you enjoy every single part of the view, floating on top of the Andes mountains, and watching a long-time active volcano roar beneath you.

To finish off your day, you will go on a Chiva (party bus) to take a tour of the main city, get to know the main church, and travel to the cross where you can enjoy a native hot cinnamon drink and try all types of typical food while you watch the city lights shine at nightfall. You will get back to your hotel. Your dinner will be served and a very comfy bed will be waiting for you to get a good night’s rest for the next day’s adventure.

Day 3: Baños - Puerto de Misahualli (145 kilometers / 92 miles)

In the morning, your breakfast will be served, and you will begin your talk about the three-hour bike ride that you will have, following to that. You will feel a perfect road, lovely twists, and the change in humidity and climate during the trip. From Andean vegetation to Amazonian jungle, you will see different flora and fauna and get the full experience of riding in the deep vegetation. You will be accommodated at your hotel with the single room occupancy and get a good rest for the activities to be done in the afternoon.

After getting rested, your lunch will be served with now the typical food from the Amazon side of Ecuador. Following your meal, you will depart on your way to the Amazon basin. Passing by Puyo, Rio Verde, and Rio Negro, towns that are famous by the rivers that cross them. On your way to the Misahualli port, you will cross many hanging bridges. As soon as you approach Tena, you will detour at Misahualli Port.

This little town is located at the end of the road and is famous for its white sands nearby the river where Cappuccino monkeys commonly interact with people. They are known for taking a thing or two out of your hands so please be careful with what you are holding. A cobblestone road, river crossing, and few wooden bridges will take you where your lodge is at. The cuisine served at the lunch will give you a good taste of what means to live in the jungle.

Here you will taste a mouthwatering dish called, Maito de Pescado. This is a fish, mostly tilapia, tied with a palm tree leaf, sprinkled with all types of condiments and spices for the best taste possible. Your rooms will be based on the single occupancy (unless requested differently) and will be ready to welcome you. In the afternoon, Sleipnir Ecuador programs different walks for both inside forests for exploration or lounging riverbanks and lakes on longer, shorter, harder, or easier trails, depending on your interest and request.

You will be led and accompanied by guides that enlighten you with their knowledge on life in the forest. These guides are mostly locals that have experienced the everyday life in the jungle and will teach you survival skills, cooking in the forest, hunting, and weapon making throughout the excursion. A lot is happening on the ground in the rainforest, the easiest realm to actually explore, is so teeming in the life not even the most expert scientists could identify it all.

Some creatures are perfectly camouflaged, like walking sticks, sphinx moths, dried-leaf katydids, and glass frogs. Others are quite the opposite, bright, and perky like rainbow katydids, orchid bees, Morpho butterflies, or poison-arrow frogs, antbirds closely following army ants, leafcutter ants creating enormous highways from one point of the forest to another, sculptural buttress roots towering above the tallest humans, the most unbelievable colors and shapes of fungi growing on fallen tree trunks.

If you are lucky, you will be able to spot wild animals like snakes and luckily, jaguars. You will walk and hike the rainforests under towering trees through untouched forest kept under protection of national laws to observe the giant kapok tree (Ceiba Pentandra) and the strangler fig tree (Ficus sp), the light trickling down in layers, smelling the aromas of a million different and medicinal plants used by locals for centuries, feeling the presence of innumerable creatures filling every corner of the forest.

Do not forget to bring a swimsuit and take a refreshing dip when you reach Suchipakari river beach. Later on, you will have time for relaxing in your hammocks on the private sandy beach and return to the ecolodge floating in buoys or kayak on the pusuno river. Once you get to your lodge, you will be on your way to get a dinner. You will find your seat and get comfortable while the waiters serve you each course.

You will enjoy from typical soups to the best fish caught at the very river that you were riding your kayaks on to a local delicious dessert accompanied with any beverage of your choosing. At the bar, you can find snacks, tea, good coffee, and order cocktails from the bartender. Or, you can feel free to lay on the hammocks next to the swimming pool to rest from your motorcycle riding day.

One of the guides will give you a welcome jungle cocktail and a short briefing with general information about your stay at Suchipakari, how it operates, all the activities available, and services. The idea is to begin your activities with background knowledge of the amazing place you have just arrived. There are so many activities you can choose of and you only have so much time at the lodge.

Day 4

You will awake to birds singing right next to your lodge and the soothing sound of the river joining them, the most peaceful way to begin your day. You will head over to the main lodge for a hearty breakfast of homemade bread, tropical fruits, yogurt, eggs, pancakes, cheese, homemade granola, juice, coffee, and tea complimented by a rainforest view. Your native naturalist guides can provide the information about the plants, rivers, communities, and animals that inhabit the surrounding forest.

This day is open for enjoying one or more of the lodge’s optional tours nature lovers may want to start before breakfast with a daybreak birdwatching tour. Guided hikes will lead you across muddy swamps on log bridges through the dense jungle of natural treefall gaps and beneath the understory shade of pristine, primary rainforest. Along the way, you will learn about medicinal plants, taste edible fruits, and detect the poisonous from the harmless.

Also, edible insects can be on your menu so you can experience the full jungle adventure and feel like a true native of the ecosystem. You will discover how to weave traditional palm-fiber bags hikers have several options to choose from. Rayu Cocha waterfall combines a demanding hike on an old and very hidden trail in the upper part of the primary forest with a beautiful canyon, jungle, and natural pools. This activity takes the greater part of the day, but it will be surely worth it.

In the afternoon, you will visit a Kichwa family and practice the use of the Cerbatana or blowgun. Quichua is the mother language of the natives and is spoken to date. In this community, you will see all the customs and traditions that Ecuadorean ancestors followed and lived with. You will not get any closer to the amazon communities anywhere else in Ecuador. The jungle is for everyone, so if you want to visit a waterfall in the middle of the jungle but with a more quiet and interesting walk, Río Blanco waterfall is the place you want to be in.

During the afternoon, you will visit a Kichwa family and practice the use of the Cerbatana and their traditions. Ombuni waterfalls is the first in an attractive series of waterfalls, a magical place with a rock platform through which the water has cut a natural channel and shaped along its sides a rock formation full of crustacean fossils. It is located near to Misahualli, where you can enjoy the monkeys beach, an important source of the Amazon.

Finally, you will visit the Quichua community, producing an attractive natural and cultural landscape. A popular tourist stop is the small town of Misahualli, Ecuador. Located at the junction of the Misahuallí and Napo rivers, this sleepy, end of the road town has a beautiful jungle scenery and a large sandy beach filled with entertaining monkeys and locals telling stories about their ancestors. They wander along the beach and into the park at the center of the town.

Please be careful about the monkeys since they tend to be very mischievous and will steal anything they can get their hands on. Water bottles and food are their favorite things to snatch. You need to watch your cameras and sunglasses too. You will visit an indigenous community where a group of Kichwa women that will speak of their customs, cuisine, and everyday life. They have created the center in order to showcase their culture, and it is a unique opportunity to learn about Amazonian lifestyles along the Napo River.

You will also have the opportunity to buy crafts, local products, and souvenirs. Believe it or not, you can buy the old weapons that these communities used such as the blowgun and take it into your country. In the evening, you will return to the lodge. It is time for relax and rest after a full day of adventures. After your special dinner, you will prepare your rain boots and flashlight for a night walking with the help of your guides.

They will take you around the lagoon looking for the night time wildlife like jaguars and snakes. Please be careful. This is also a great opportunity for star gazing and taking wonderful pictures of the nightlife.

Day 5: Puerto Misahualli - Baeza - Papallacta - Quito (204 kilometers / 127 miles)

After another great breakfast, you will learn how to harvest cacao and then learn how to create some of the world’s highest quality chocolate in the world of the Kichwa kitchen. The world of chocolate will be from the bean to the bar and the experience of chocolate tasting from the very beginning. Following your successful chocolate recipe, it is time to pack and check out of the lodge. You will depart towards Quito on your motorcycles taking a different route, here is when the cold comes back again.

You will go through Tena, then Baeza where you will see Sumaco volcano on your right-hand side, and finally, you will be on your way to Papallacta and Quito. Tena is known as the cinnamon capital of Ecuador. This city has grown to be a very commercial place for kayaking and rafting. At the entrance of the city, you will see the statue of the indigenous hero, Jumandy, the leader of the uprising against the Spanish colonizers.

Tena is named after a river, which carries one of the strongest currents in South America and can get as deep as 15 feet. Also known for its wide diversity of flora and fauna, this city holds an incredible view for bypassers. The communities found on Tena are Kichwa, which to this day follow their traditions and customs. These communities live in hen houses structured by the palm tree and its leaves.

Later during your ride, you will have Sumaco volcano located in the heart of the Andes It rises up to 2,500 meters above sea level and allows you to watch numerous waterfalls in the area. It is one of the few privileged volcanos located in the amazonian area of Ecuador. It has the limited human settlement, meaning only forrest keepers and native communities are allowed to live around it.

Now, you will arrive at Papallacta, a small town located at an altitude of 3,300 meters above mean sea level, which will be the highest point of the ride, where you will be at a tundra ecosystem and you will be able to notice the change in climates the fastest. It is a pretty famous town because of its touristy natural hot springs, a top attraction of the area, which sits at the base of the Antisana volcano.

Here, your lunch will be served and due to the climate change, you will eat accordingly to get your bodies ready and prepared for what is next. You will get on the last part of your tour, which includes Ecuador’s highlands getting up to 4000 meters above mean sea level. With a little bit of luck, you should be able to watch spectacled bears crossing the road.

This last part will be asphalt road and the perfect way to end your Ecuador motorcycle tour. You should be back in the capital by the late afternoon, where either a cold beer or a hot coffee will be the excuse to tell the stories of your trip.

Rental motorcycles

BMW F700

  • Engine: four-stroke 798 cubic-centimeter, parallel twin cylinder, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, chain final drive
  • Torque: 77 nanometers
  • Power: 75 horsepowers
  • Weight (ready to ride): 220 kilograms
  • Seat height: 82 centimeters / 32,3 inches
  • Pillion seat height: 84,2 centimeters / 33,7 inches
  • Autonomy: 49 miles per gallon
  • Fuel capacity: 18 liters / 4,8 US gallons

Considered by many as a mid-size bike with a perfect entry for bigger bikes, Motorrad extended the GS family with this with a clear message: lots of rides based on light, safe controllability over all surfaces, plenty of drive power, and endurance on trips. This model comes with a double disk brake in the front and ABS as standard that can be switched to off for the off-road use. Grip warmers to help you with any uncomfortable sensation.

The bike also has its protection, such as mounting rear bars, side crash bars, handguards, and a carter protector to help to reduce any damage on the bike. The bike comes with 34-liter Aluminum panniers on each side and a 42-liter hard top case as well. All three with their own locks. Indeed a very comfortable bike to ride on long trips.

Suzuki DR650

  • Engine: four-stroke single cylinder 644 cubic-centimeter engine, SOHC, four valves per cylinder, chain drive
  • Torque: 54 nanometers
  • Power: 44 horsepower
  • Weight (ready to ride): 162 kilograms
  • Seat height: 88,5 centimeters / 34,8 inches
  • Pillion seat height: 90,3 centimeters / 35,6 inches
  • Autonomy: 48 miles per gallon
  • Fuel capacity: 13 liters / 3,7 US gallons

Do not settle, imagine having a blast down through a back road and suddenly the paved road ends. There is no need to stop. Continue your breath-taking journey as this bike is made to go the extra mile. The handling on this bike is exceptional thanks to its chassis dynamics and sophisticated forks and suspension. For those who love carving corners and the call of the wild, controlling this bike on a beaten path feels just like walking your dog in the park.

The bike has been enhanced with a bigger gas tank, not only that it would look meaner, but it increases its autonomy to 500 kilometers (300 miles). Also, the adding of hand guards, side crash bars, rear mountings, and a carter protector will help you to enjoy your trip without worrying for the sake of the bike too much. As the safety, it has fog lamps installed. The bike comes with 25-liter waterproof GIVI saddlebags on each side and a hard top case system to store your helmet and jacket for those times when you want to have a rest.

Suzuki VSTROM 650

  • Engine: 645 cubic-centimeter liquid cooled, four-stroke, 90°-v-twin, DOHC, fuel injected
  • Torque: 63 nanometers
  • Power: 67 horsepower
  • Weight (ready to ride): 220 kilograms
  • Seat height: 83,6 centimeters / 32,9 inches
  • Pillion seat height: 86,2 centimeters / 34 inches
  • Autonomy: 45 miles per gallon
  • Fuel capacity: 5.8 US gallons

If you are looking for one motorcycle that covers lots of conditions, there are few choices as versatile as the Vstrom 650 for a mid cylinder range bike. It slots its own niche in the growing-but-still-small adventure-touring category. It can be considered as a high way ready bike ready to jump into a dual use. Such an amazing reliability in power, regardless if you are cruising in the coastline or high up in the Andes.

Sleipnir Ecuador has two of these ladies on their fleet equipped with a hard aluminum top case, where easily you will be able to fit your helmet and jacket for those resting times like when you are off to a restaurant or just chilling in a stop. It also has fully waterproof 25-liter GIVI saddle bags on each side. Its mountings along with side crash bars, handguards, and a carter cover will help you to avoid unfortunate damages to the bike. In case you would need extra visibility, they also come with powerful extra fog lights.

Skill level


  • Can ride for three to four hours
  • Average riding experience
  • Little assistance required
  • Comfortable with extreme curves and leans
  • Average experience with unsurfaced roads
  • Steep ascents and descents

Included excursions

During this tour, you will visit a waterfall outside of El Pailon del Diablo and take a hike, visit El Manto de la Novia and La Casa del Arbol, take a tour of Baños, walk for exploration or lounging riverbanks and lakes in Misahualli Port, and visit Rayucocha waterfall or Río Blanco waterfall or Ombuni waterfall and Quichua community as well as indigenous community.


David “Gambito" Garces


The tour will take place in Quito, Sigchos, Quilotoa, Baños, Puerto de Misahualli, Baeza, and Papallacta in Ecuador.


You will be served daily breakfast and all dinners included in the price.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

The following drinks are included:

  • Water

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
  • Pescatarian
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

What's included

  • Activities specified in the tour
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • Breakfasts and all dinners
  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel in Quito
  • Multilingual local mechanic guide connected with intercoms with all participants
  • Roll fully fueled unlimited mileage motorcycle rental with all the toys installed
  • Helmets and all the riding gear needed
  • GPS tracking system with a panic button on each bike
  • 24-hour assistance from our support center
  • Briefing the day before starting
  • Bulletproof travel insurance
  • Souvenir buff and t-shirt
  • Support truck for groups of over five riders
  • First aid kit
  • 25-liter waterproof saddlebags and a hard top case with its own lock
  • Joe Rocket textile water resistant jacket
  • Waterproof touring gloves
  • Rain tops for upper and lower body
  • Touring trousers
  • Gasoline for the whole tour
  • Set of tire repair and maintenance tools

What's not included

  • Voucher for a security deposit using a major card (required)
  • Hotel accommodations before and after your tour
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Ecuador IVA tax (if you are Ecuadorian)
  • Tips and gratuities for your guide

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO). Transfer from and to the airport is available upon request. If you wish to be picked up at the airport by Sleipnir Ecuador, you can arrange it to bring you to your hotel in Quito at a cost of 50 USD (back and forth).

Arrival by taxi

The taxi from the airport is set to a fixed rate to Quito central. From your hotel, taxis within the city to the shop will not cost more than 5 USD.

Airport: Mariscal Sucre International Airport Airport transfer available: Mariscal Sucre International Airport (US$50 per person) Additional charges may apply. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 40% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

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Accommodation & facilities
Quality of activity
5 days / 4 nights
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Pricing information

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  • 1 pillion – 737 USD.

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