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7 Days Three Worlds Guided Motorcycle Tour in Ecuador

Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador

Diverse Motorcycle Tour Ecuador

Get ready for an exciting adventure in a country of wonderful varieties, natural beauties, and countless treasures. A country so full of diversity that will give you a lot of good memories to take back with you. Sleipnir Ecuador offers you the most rewarding experience, riding across Ecuador enjoying the unique sensation only a motorcycle can offer you. You will ride all around the country and feel different climates after each hour that goes by, watching the flora and fauna change drastically on each road you take on. Ecuador is a beautiful country full of wonders waiting for you to uncover.

Key information

  • Bike: rental (Suzuki, BMW, Honda or Royal Enfield models)
  • Terrain: 100% asphalt
  • Mileage: 1,664 kilometers / 1,034 miles
  • Daily rides: 202 to 395 kilometers / 126 to 247 miles
  • Riding gear: included: 2 helmets and all the riding gear needed
  • Meals: All breakfasts and dinners

Meet the guides

David “Gambito"
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  • Ride in various surroundings
  • Explore coasts, volcanoes, and jungles
  • River rafting, surf lessons, and the Ingapirca Ruins
  • Experience straight roads, sharp turns, uphills, and downhills
  • Suzuki, BMW, Aprilia, and Ducati bikes
  • Services of a professional mechanic-guide
  • The tour starts and ends in Quito
  • 6 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Intermediate


7 riding days in English
The organizer also speaks: Spanish
The maximum participants in the group is 6
Airport transfer available:
Mariscal Sucre International Airport (US$50 per person)
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Check-in Time:
Check-out Time:

During this motorcycle tour will take place in various accommodations across Ecuador. You will stay in single rooms in four-star luxury hotels and eco-lodges.

Make Baños your home for nights one and two.

Relax in Cuenca on night three.

Unwind in Guayaquil on night four.

Doze off in Montanita on night five.

Have a well-earned rest in Manta in night six.


Ecuador is a country of stunning contrasts where the highest peaks of the middle of the world descend to the rivers of the dense Amazon basin to reach its final destiny, the deep blue Pacific Ocean. This tour is called three worlds for a very unique reason, Continental Ecuador gives you the opportunity to be in three completely different environments.

From the warm ocean breeze in the coast to the template climate surrounded by volcanoes in the Andes, to the humid rainforest jungle with thousands of flower and animal species in the Amazon. Many countries could offer you the same but Sleipnir Ecuador is the only one that you could do it within a day because the three worlds are only hours riding apart from each other.

The route is designed to be fully enjoyed, filled with long straight roads, sharp turns, uphills, and downhills. You will get the complete experience of what it means to ride a motorcycle in Ecuador.

Once you have decided to start with the adventure, Sleipnir Ecuador will give you the tools to enjoy your riding skills and satisfy your adventurous soul with the best bikes out there and in a country that deploys all its beauty just for you.

They understand that sometimes, especially traveling with your peers, starting your journey from the center of the main city can be quite challenging due to traffic, stop lights, and just by being in a different country.

Hence, Sleipnir Ecuador offers you the chance to pick your bikes outside of the city where highways merge for all four directions in the country, north, south, east and west, at no cost. They will pick you up from your hotel and take you where your gear is ready. At your hotel from the airport, drop them a line to arrange the details for the meeting the night before your tour.

If you wish to be picked up at the airport by them, they can arrange it to bring you to your hotel in Quito at the cost of 25 USD. In the briefing, they will review your tour package and go through your selected gear. Upon a quick talk on safety, country laws, meet and greet with your tour guide, and goodies about the tour, you will enjoy a nice dinner admiring the view of the city lights.

The first day will start pretty early. You will be picked up from your hotel at 7:30 a.m. Upon the end of your tour, you will have a quick talk to know how you liked it and have a beer along.


Day 1: Quito – Papallacta – Tena – Baños (322 kilometers / 200 miles)

On day one, you will start with a briefing in the office in Quito, located in the heart of the capital. You will fill the last paperwork needed to be filled. Then, you will be able to try on your gear and test it. After that, the team will take you to the bike of your choice and show you its basic controls and features. Then, after a quick brief on roads, safety, and a quick guide, you will depart on your way.

You will ride through the capital until you reach the outskirts of the city, taking on the main four-lane asphalt road on to the final destination of the day, the famous Baños de Agua Santa. On your way there, you will be passing over the highlands of the Antisana Ecological National Park. The stratovolcano is the highlight of the park and soars over the city at 5,704 meters above sea level.

Located 50 kilometers southeast of Quito, you can spot it from anywhere as long as it is a clear day. Breathtaking sights will surround you at all times during the ride where your guide will show you where the best place to take pictures. After going through the highlands of Antisana, you will drive by one of the highest points on the tour, Papallacta.

It is a small town located at 3,300 meters above sea level, a unique place where you will begin to feel the climate change. All the colorful flowers suddenly start disappearing and the tundra starts showing out. There will be big changes in weather as it gets colder and colder in time.

There is a unique sensation of going through the environment of Ecuador’s emblematic condor, an enormous wild bird present on the flag. Papallacta is also known for its mineral hot springs, filled with tourists and locals. It is a place for maximum relaxation. After going through the small town, you will begin the descent through one of the gateways to the Amazon basin, Tena City, where you will have lunch.

You will safely park the motorcycles and enjoy delicious, local gastronomy. Once you are done enjoying a good meal, you will head to Baños, riding along the Amazon basin of the Sierra border. The road towards Baños is unique, where you will be challenged on a downhill asphalt ride with a lot of sharp turns on a one-lane road to enter the city and a one-lane road to return.

Baños is at 1,815 meters above sea level. With a warm tropical weather, it is very unpredictable. It could rain in the morning and be sunny in the afternoon or vice versa. The place is one of the top destinations for tourists around the world.

The magical city located next to the active volcano, Tungurahua, offers wonderful attractions during the day from canopy, trekking, the great waterfall, “El Manto de la Novia,” meaning “the brides mantle,” the famous “tree at the edge of the world,” and the astonishing, ”El Pailón del Diablo.” Be ready to submerge yourself into deep adventure, feel the experience of being next to an active volcano, and even watch it spit out lava at night.

Once you enter the city, you will notice a change on the road. It is no longer asphalt. You will ride on ancient cobblestones. The hotel is located in the heart of the town for your better experience and joy. You will check in at the hotel where everything is ready to welcome you after your first day of adventure. Your rooms will be ready and you will be given the keys based on single occupancy, unless requested otherwise.

While the guide fixes everything for you, you can go ahead and relax, unpack, and enjoy the surroundings. You will use the rest of the afternoon to rest for the upcoming events. When night comes around and once in the mood for partying, you will have dinner to hold strength for the rest of the night. You will head out to a bar that will give you a courtesy drink, and then off to the most popular club in Baños to enjoy a night out if you wish to have it.

Day 2: Activity day in Baños

You will start a full day thrilled with activities, visiting the main natural attractions of Baños de Agua Santa. You will be able to choose three types of activities depending your likes, where you can just follow your instincts. You will eat breakfast at the hotel to replenish your energy. Once you are ready, you will begin your adventure! For most activities, you will get on your motorcycles and ride for about 15 minutes on asphalt roads that lead up to Baños’ wonders.

The attractions you will find there are zip lining or canopy, puenting or bungee jumping, Pailon del Diablo, and El Manto de la Novia. Zip lining is a great adventure activity to do if you are looking for a rush and to watch the most amazing landscapes in Ecuador. You will be tied to a cable with a harness in any position you prefer.

You can go sit down, on your stomach or Superman, or hanging from your feet like a bat. You will cross rivers below you spot all kinds of birds and trees that make up Baños. It is an activity the team definitely recommends.

Another nearby activity is puenting. Unlike bungee jumping, you will be tied on your upper body with a harness and drop facing forward with a rope tied to a bridge. You will be swinging across both sides of the bridge and will feel the thrill of the Ecuadorian adventures dropping 35 feet after a big jump. The activity is for real adrenaline junkies and it is not recommended for everyone.

For the Bride’s Mantle, the waterfall carries its name from the long and white trail the water forms as it is in the air waiting to strike the water down below, similar to a bride’s mantle. Located in the national park, Llanganates, the waterfall can be spotted best on a cable car ride.

You will get on a blue car that can carry up to 10 people at a time and will take you 500 meters across the river and show you the beautiful waterfall. Once you cross, you will notice the great variety of flora and fauna around the park, mostly colorful flowers and hummingbirds.

The Pailon del Diablo or “Devil’s Cauldron” is the number one attraction in Baños and Sleipnir Ecuador definitely suggests you to pick that activity. A-five minute ride away from the previous attractions, you can arrive and safely park the motorcycles right outside the entrance of the Devil’s Den. You will need to hike down for about 15 minutes to arrive to the waterfall.

During the hike, you will see all types of birds and plants that will catch your attention. Sleipnir Ecuador recommends hiking shoes and waterproof gear for your electronics. They will provide you with the waterproof equipment for your own cover. Once you complete the hike, you will see Ecuador’s favorite waterfall, the Pailon del Diablo, a 90-meter high force of nature that soars through the air and crashes down on the main river. An activity definitely worth going to, it is a wonder to watch.

Other activities you will be doing that are located all around Baños are river rafting which is available upon request, Baños de Cajon or box bath, and swinging at the edge of the world. River rafting is an extreme sport in Baños which offers excellent experiences year-round. The Pastaza River is Ecuador’s most famous river for its continuous flows and tropical waters.

Rafting offers up to three hours of down-river fun with different levels of difficulties and rapids you may wish. Baños de Cajon can be done anywhere in town and consists of the following. You will get inside a wooden box wearing only a bathing suit. You will stand inside it while it warms up periodically. Once on top temperature, the box opens immediately and you are “shocked” with a cold water hose sprinkled at you for a minute.

The bath will help you recover from the miles covered on the bike and all other activities you have done in Baños. The famous swing at the edge of the world, known locally as La Casa del Arbol, is the best place to spot the Tungurahua Volcano. You will hover over the Andes Mountains on a swing tied to a big tree on the edge of a mountain.

The swing stands at 2,600 meters above sea level. It will not only show you the best of the country but it will also keep your heart rate way up. As you float on top of the Andes Mountains watching the mighty active volcano, you may see its unique show of lava and ash in the sky. Once you enjoy all your chosen activities, lunch will be served at the designated restaurant.

You will get some rest to enjoy your final activity for the evening. You will ride a chiva, or party bus, to the top of the mountain surrounding the city. You will get to the emblematic “cross” at the top where you will be able to enjoy local gastronomy like corn and cheese accompanied by local drinks.

You will spot the Tungurahua Volcano from very close and with a little bit of luck, you will see the lava painting the black sky and its stars, a spectacle to watch. The volcano and the city lights down below you are the perfect mix to finish your day of adventure. You will be leaving Baños the following morning. Therefore, you need to get ready to go early.

Day 3: Baños – Chimborazo – Cuenca (324 kilometers / 202 miles)

An early day will start with breakfast at the hotel in Baños. You will get your gear and luggage, ready to check out and then continue with the adventure. The road to Cuenca has a lot of varieties. You will be riding on asphalt roads that go from one to two lanes. On the riding day, you will be looking all around you at Ecuador’s wonders.

The ride will go all through the Andes region to the south of the country, passing alongside the emblematic Chimborazo Volcano, the highest volcano in the world. Chimborazo is a currently inactive volcano in the Occidental range of the Andes, its last eruption was around 550 C.E. Its peak elevation is 6,263 meters or 20,548 feet, making it the farthest point from the center of the Earth and also the Earth’s closest point to the moon.

The volcanic monster is mostly glaciers as you get closer to the summit and it is the main source of water for nearby cities and towns. With a bit of luck depending on climate conditions, you will be able to spot the giant for most of the ride, making it a delight and a great opportunity to capture photos.

You will stop after riding for about three hours to eat lunch in the city of Riobamba, the capital of the Chimborazo Province. The small town has a population of about 190,000 people and will welcome you with open arms like all small towns do. After eating new food from the Ecuador’s culture, you will get on your way to the final destination of the day.

Another three hours of riding your motorcycle and you will be in the famous Cuenca, a city known by being the most delightful city in the country. It is a city in the southern section of Ecuador known for the original handcrafting of the Panama hats, its beautiful cathedrals, the Devil’s Nose Train, Cajas National Park, and the great Tomebamba River crossing through. They are all waiting for you.

There, you will see the Homero Ortega Panama hat factory where you can watch the complete manufacturing process of the hats. You will see them handcrafted right in front of you and then taken to the main plaza to be sold. Calderon Park is so full of history and it counts with a unique colonial and historical contrast that will open its doors to you.

Cuenca is filled with beauties, full of lights surrounded by the Old and the New Cathedrals. The Old Cathedral was built around the 1500s, used as a church before. In the present day, it has become a museum to showcase its beautiful architecture. The New Cathedral has a bit different architecture, it being a more of a gothic style but just as wonderful.

Both the Devil’s Nose Train and Cajas National Park are activities outside the city. Cajas is located an hour ride west of Cuenca. It is a magical park full of Andean vegetation with a lake of glacial origin, plus, a place to enjoy the presence of wild birds of the area and popular llamas and alpacas, an emblematic wild camelid of Cuenca.

The Devil’s Nose Train is one of the most daring engineering constructions of the world. The railway built back in 1899 goes through enormous rocky mountains and crosses to the Ingapirca ruins which have important remains from the Inca ancestors. You will ride to the selected hotel and after the day’s riding, it will be a blessing to your body.

The hotel counts with thermal waters that will reassure your complete rest and recovery from the day’s adventure. You will check-in and have the day to visit Calderon Park and its cathedrals. Afterwards, you will have dinner based on local cuisine that will make you taste a bit more of the diverse Ecuadorian gastronomy. Finally, you will have a nice dip in the thermal waters to call it a day.

Day 4: Cuenca – Ingapirca – Guayaquil (251 kilometers / 157 miles)

Rise and shine in the beautiful Cuenca! After having a proper breakfast early in the morning, you will ride back up north for about 80 kilometers towards the Ingapirca ruins. An asphalt road with many sharp turns awaits prior to the ruins. The ride will be very enjoyable as all the landscapes of Cuenca will be seen from a top point of view.

The Ingapirca ruins are the largest in Ecuador, the only Sun Temple of the Inca Empire. It is commonly known that the temple was built with millions of stones under the order of Huayna Capac, the Inca leader of the time. His main interest was to conquer nearby lands and expand his territory, building the structures would give him that.

The purposes it had were military strategies and a place to worship the sun, god of the Incas. The architecture demonstrates unique traits about the past culture like teamwork, toughness, and power. A tour around the ruins will be held there by local professional guides. After your tour is complete, you get back on your motorcycle and start heading west towards the coast but not without having a proper lunch based on local cuisine.

The road to Guayaquil is one lane fully asphalted. On that part of the tour, you will be challenged on the bikes, not only because of the sharp turns but because it is a very foggy area in the country. You will ride thoroughly for three and a half hours towards the final destination of the day.

During the ride, you will feel a big climate change. From the cold of the Andes, you will enter the warm humid coast. The flora will start varying and even the smell will be different. The nice breeze on your face will tell you that you are close. The final journey will be a more relaxed ride on a straight line where you can lean back and enjoy the road.

You will reach Guayaquil, one of the main country ports, and locally known as the gateway to the Pacific Ocean beaches and the Galapagos Islands. You will notice how everything changes on that side of the country, from the gastronomy, home of the best seafood in the country, to the humid climate, the hospitality of its locals, and even the way they speak.

It is a completely different accent to the people from the Andean region. Once you arrive at the hotel, you will check in and have a lovely dinner ready to greet you. You will be able to know firsthand why the food from Ecuador’s coast is the best. After dinner, you will rest from a long riding day and recharge for the next morning’s activities.

Day 5: Guayaquil - Montañita (274 kilometers / 170 miles)

Good morning from Guayaquil, the city of the Astillero. The first thing you will notice when you wake up is the warmth of the Ecuadorian coast. You will have breakfast at the hotel, enjoying once again, the great seafood Ecuador has to offer. After filing the tanks with the great local gastronomy, you will take the direction towards the famous Spondylus route, known for assembling the whole coast profile.

Being at one of the most important cities in the country, you will definitely notice the difference in the number of people driving around the city. You will be very careful while you ride until you reach its outskirts. Then, you will relax and enjoy the Spondylus route. The ride will be on asphalt road for about two hours.

You will arrive to Montañita town, an international convention center to all tourists and sports. It is a village on the peninsula of Santa Elena province. It is commonly known for its strong surf beaches and bohemian lifestyle, filled with tourists from all around the world and packed in every season of the country. Its top attractions are the nightclubs and the nightlife.

That will be your little escape to have fun and disconnect from the world. Its origins go way back to the 1960s when the beach was “founded” under a hippie culture and surfing hotspot. Filled with colors all around the center of the village, the place will keep you awake and alive at all times. Montañita, meaning “little hill” is an outgrowing town on the coast and over the past decade, has become the top destination for locals and tourists.

You will carefully ride on sandy roads until you get to the hotel. It will make you feel a groovy sensation as soon as you check-in. It is not similar to the other hotels you have been at. That one will make you feel different. Surrounded by colors, nature, and ambient of relaxation, it will be a nice and needed twist to the tour. Your lunch will be ready at the hotel, following a surfing lesson which allows you to blend with the locals in their venue.

Surfing will test you completely. It is a difficult sport to master but once you get it down, you will not be wanting to get out of the water any time soon. After the activity, you will get some rest, and at night, you will enjoy the beach ambiance, nightlife, pastimes, and hobbies of locals and tourists. Keep in mind that you will be needed early the next day to continue with the adventure.

Day 6: Montañita - Los Frailes - Manta (202 kilometers / 126 miles)

Waking up in Ecuador’s very own “city of sin” can be hard, but the team will have to continue giving you fun! You will have breakfast at the hotel and once you have your stomachs full, you will continue the Spondylus route, riding through asphalt road with the ocean right next to you and a beautiful landscape and road filled with twists towards Los Frailes beach.

Los Frailes is considered as one of the most breathtaking beaches in Ecuador. It is very exclusive inside the Machalilla National Park. You have to go through a gated access to be able to enter the natural wonder of Ecuador. A beach with not a lot of wind, surrounded by tall cliffs makes it a perfect place to relax.

It is not a packed place, as not many tourists know about the existence of the beach, making it one of the greatest to rest and shoot some great pictures. The water is deep blue and turquoise, crystal clear and temperate. It is a perfect place to do snorkeling and spot all types of fishes and small sharks. Unlike the beach in Montañita, the waves there are small, with a calm current. It is the perfect place to enjoy a good rest from your previous day.

You will stay a couple hours in Los Frailes and you will continue with the adventure up north to the next big city, Manta. You will ride through the Spondylus route for two hours on a two-lane asphalt road with many turns and spectacular views. Manta is another important city of the country’s coast, another main port of Ecuador known for its fishing industry.

Its iconic beach is playa murciélago, Spanish for “bat beach,” and its iconic dishes will delight you. Manta’s gastronomy is based in traditional seafood dishes with a little change from the locals. You will drive through the city towards the hotel where a delicious lunch awaits you. Following lunch, you will have a couple hours to rest from the riding day.

After recharging your batteries, you will head towards Machalilla National Park. You will ride the motorcycles for an hour and a half on asphalt roads. Once you get to the national park, you will have a little off-road adventure. The park is one of the very first protected natural areas in Ecuador. It has beaches, fog forests, dry forests, small islands, and lakes.

Machalilla is truly a wonder to visit, a place that contains an enormous variety of birds, wildcats, monkeys, trees, and flowers. The trees found there go way back to hundreds of years, ready to display their giant roots and trunks to you.

One of its most famous spots is the sulfur lagoon in the middle of the fog forest, a place to take the best pictures of the trip. Following the visit to Machalilla, you will head back to the hotel for dinner based on local cuisine. Once done eating, you will get good rest as you have a long ride the following morning.

Day 7: Manta - Santo Domingo - Quito (395 kilometers / 247 miles)

Having a full blast and getting to know all three worlds in a short time takes an amazing end. You will be returning to Quito in one of the most beautiful transitions from the coast back to highlands. After breakfast, you will have a full day of riding ahead of you, passing by notorious towns on the way back like Santo Domingo, known for its unique tribe locals who dye their hair red with spices.

All those transitions change from one landscape to another, from cotton tree fields to potato farms, from a Spondylus route to twisty and fun roads across the mountains until you head back to Quito.

The changes between weather and landscape are noticeable within few kilometers and will let you experience the three worlds one last time before closing the adventure. You will finish your Ecuadorian experience at the headquarters in Quito where it all began. Be ready to tell your stories over a cold local beer.


Suzuki DR650

Do not settle, imagine having a blast down through a back road and suddenly the paved road ends. There is no need to stop. Continue your breathtaking journey as that bike is made to go the extra mile. The handling on the bike is exceptional thanks to its chassis dynamics and sophisticated forks and suspension.

For those who love carving corners and the call of the wild, controlling the bike on a beaten path feels just like walking your dog in the park. Yes, that easy. The bike has been enhanced with a bigger gas tank, not only that it would look meaner, but it increases its autonomy to 500 kilometers or 300 miles.

Also, the adding of hand guards, side crash bars, rear mountings, and a carter protector will help you to enjoy your trip without worrying for the sake of the bike too much. For safety, it has fog lamps installed. The bike comes with 25 liters of waterproof GIVI saddlebags on each side and a hard top case system to store your helmet and jacket for those times when you want to have a rest.

Kawasaki KLR650

Hard core, tough on and off road, that bike does not know where fun to ride ends. A long suspension travel, it goes accordingly with its chassis dynamics to allow the beast to win the best-selling dual-sport award seven years in a row. The KLR will take you without hesitation through the toughest terrains in Ecuador, from the Amazon to the sands in Ecuadorian beaches.

Its long gas tank will give you enough autonomy to continue your adventure wherever you want to take it. The bike comes with a 25-liter waterproof GIVI saddlebag system to place your belongings and also a rack to attach in case more space is needed. Hang guards and side crash bars will help you to protect the bike from unwanted events. Take her out for a spin, you will not regret it.

Suzuki VSTROM650

If you are looking for one motorcycle that covers lots of conditions, there are few choices as versatile as the Vstrom 650 for a mid-cylinder range bike. It slots its own niche in the growing-but-still-small adventure-touring category. It can be considered as a highway-ready bike ready to jump into a dual use.

Such an amazing reliability in power, regardless if you are cruising in the coastline or high up in the Andes. Sleipnir Ecuador has two of the ladies on their fleet equipped with a hard aluminum top case where you can easily fit your helmet and jacket for those resting times like when you are off to a restaurant or just chilling in a stop.

It also has a fully waterproof 25-liter GIVI saddle bags on each side. Its mountings, along with side crash bars, handguards, and carter cover, will help you to avoid unfortunate damages to the bike. In case you would need extra visibility, they also come with powerful extra fog lights.

BMW F700

Considered by many as a mid-size bike with a perfect entry for bigger bikes, Motorrad extended the GS family with a clear message. Lots of ride based on light, safe controllability over all surfaces, plenty of drive power, and endurance on trips.

The model comes with a double disk brake in the front and ABS as standard that can be switched to off for off-road use. There are grip warmers to help you with any uncomfortable sensation.

The bike also has its protection such as mounting rear bars, side crash bars, handguards, and a carter protector to help reduce any damage on the bike. The bike comes with 34 liters of aluminum panniers on each side and a 42-liter hard top case as well, all three with their own locks. Indeed, it is a very comfortable bike to ride on long trips.

Aprilia Caponord

The bike aggressively incorporates advanced electronic controls in the new Caponord. In addition to ABS and traction control, Aprillia incorporates cruise control as well as ADD. The big 90 degree v-twin responds nicely from as little as 4,200 revolutions per minute and vibration levels are noticeable but pleasant. It is an easy bike to ride fast.

The flexibility of the engine allows you to comfortably wind it on to 8,000 revolutions per minute before shifting and the 125 horsepower feels more than adequate despite some of the competition reaching for superbike-like horsepower levels. Needless to say, it can be ridden by people which has previous experiences with high cylinder sport bikes.

Ducati Diavel

The muscular Italian beast is a clear example of what a desmodromic engine can deliver. It is filled with electronic aids to manage its power and torque output, such as traction control, ABS, and three riding modes to regulate the engine curves. It is an accurate design for elegance and yet a freak on the road.

All that power transmitted to the pavement via a 240-rear tire. The model has been equipped with the touring package, comfortable seat for the rider, a lumbar backrest for the pillion, and the frame to carry two 30-liter panniers.

Those make the bike a perfect sporty companion for a road tour in a Ducati. The model in particular also has the sport, termignoni, full exhaust package which is felt at all rev ranges. Needless to say, it can be ridden by people which has previous experiences with high cylinder sport bikes.

Skill level


  • can ride for three to four hours
  • average riding experience
  • little assistance required
  • comfortable with extreme curves and leans
  • average experience with unsurfaced roads
  • steep ascents and descents

Included excursions

  • Ingapirca trip
  • River rafting in Baños
  • Surfing classes in Montañita
  • Thermal water baths
  • Waterfall tour


David “Gambito" Garces


This motorcycle holiday will take place in Quito, Papallacta, Tena, Baños, Chimborazo, Cuenca, Ingapirca, Guayaquil, Montañita, Los Frailes, Manta, and Santo Domingo in Ecuador. The tour will start and end in Quito.



  • Hiking
  • Surfing


  • Luggage room / storage
  • Multilingual staff


  • Free Wi-Fi / computer


During this motorcycle tour, you breakfast and dinner will be provided daily.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Snacks

The following drinks are included:

  • Water

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
  • Paleo diet
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Things to do (optional)

  • Chiva party bus
  • End of the world swing
  • Explore Montañita beach
  • Head out to a bar in Baños
  • Jungle tour

What's included

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Activities specified in the tour
  • Ingapirca entrance fee
  • Thermal water baths
  • Waterfall tour
  • Surfing classes
  • River rafting
  • Swing house entrance fee
  • Ready to roll and fully-fueled unlimited mileage motorcycle with all the toys installed
  • 2 helmets and all the riding gear needed
  • Services of a multilingual and local mechanic-guide, connected with intercoms with all participants
  • GPS tracking system with a panic button on each bike
  • 24-hour assistance from the support center
  • Briefing the day before the start of the tour
  • Daily breakfast and dinner
  • Bulletproof travel insurance
  • Souvenir buff or t-shirt
  • Support truck for groups of more than five riders
  • First aid kit
  • Tolls
  • 25 liters waterproof saddlebags
  • Hard top case with its own lock
  • Joe Rocket textile water resistant jacket
  • Waterproof touring gloves
  • Rain tops (upper and lower body)
  • Touring trousers
  • Gasoline for your whole tour
  • Set of tire repair and maintenance tools
  • Guaranteed departure on date
  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel in Quito

What's not included

  • Voucher for a security deposit using a major card (required)
  • Ecuador IVA tax (for Ecuadorians)
  • Hotel accommodations before and after your tour
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Unspecified meals in the tour
  • Tips and gratuities for your guide

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by taxi

Taxi from the airport is set to a fixed rate to Quito central. From your hotel, taxis within the city to the shop will not cost more than 5 USD.

Airport: Mariscal Sucre International Airport Airport transfer available: Mariscal Sucre International Airport (US$50 per person) Additional charges may apply. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 56 days before arrival.

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