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Adrenaline Pumping Motorcycle Tour in India

Is it true that you are looking for a visit that satisfies your fantasy about visiting Leh and Manali and all the spots in the middle? Do you think you are adequately daring to go on a bicycle? At that point, you are on the ideal page. Start the mission of visiting all the puts on a bike and depict your abilities and mental fortitude to the world. The experience begins when you board the transport on day 0 from Delhi to arrive at Manali.

This is not a joy, family or luxury ride, it’s a real tough challenging tour so be ready to face it with a positive mindset.

Key information

  • Bike: personal or rental bike (Royal Enfield 350cc / 500cc / 410cc)
  • Terrain: 50% asphalt and 50% rough road
  • Mileage: 1183 kilometers / 735 miles
  • Daily rides: 120 - 220 kilometers / 75 - 137 miles
  • Riding gear: included: helmet; available to rent: elbow and knee guards, gloves, riding jacket
  • Meals: all breakfasts and dinners


  • Starts in Delhi and ends in Srinagar
  • Royal Enfield basic handling introduction
  • Spend a relaxing free day and rest at Leh
  • Visit numerous different spots of interest and passes
  • Go through Rohtang Pass, Tanglang La, Naki La, Lachung La, Khardung La
  • Visit Chandra Valley, Diskit Monastery, Pangong Lake, Pangong Tso
  • Keep your adrenaline level at the pinnacle
  • 10 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


11 riding days
Group size: 6-26 participants
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Check-in Time:

You will stay in various accommodations in the entirety of this tour. The accommodation will be in standard hotels, tents, camps, and guesthouses with neat and tidy rooms and western washrooms. All tent accommodation will be in Swiss camps with attached western washrooms. Accommodation starts from Day 01 in Manali till Day 10 in Srinagar. Leh season is a short and heavy season so accommodation can be divided in nearby hotels too.

  • Day 0: Overnight in Volvo bus
  • Day 1: Manali - hotel stay
  • Day 2: Jispa - Swiss camps
  • Day 3: Sarchu - Swiss camps
  • Day 4: Leh - hotel stay
  • Day 5: Free day - hotel stay
  • Day 6: Pangong - hotel / Swiss camps
  • Day 7: Nubra - Swiss camps
  • Day 8: Leh - hotel stay
  • Day 9: Kargil - hotel stay
  • Day 10: Srinagar - houseboat / hotel


Day 0: Delhi to Manali by overnight Volvo bus (560 kilometer / 348 miles / 13 to 14 hours)

Buses will start from Delhi by evening. Travelers will be informed when to reach the bus stand. A Tony Bike Center representative will be at the bus stop to guide the travelers to board their buses.

Day 1: Manali

  • Stay at Manali Hotel (first night)

Once you check in the Manali hotel, you can relax, order your lunch and take sleep after a night journey. Day one is for bike check-ups and test rides for the riders. Evening tea is the Orientation Meet time. It’s very important as the group gets the briefing on the entire tour.

The riders are introduced to each other and are open to ask any of the queries from the tour leader.

The mechanic will give a brief introduction to the Royal Enfield bike and its basic handling. Do’s and don’ts are not to be missed by anyone as the tour which you have chosen is not a visit to a hill station, it’s Leh and it’s different.

Day 2: Manali to Jispa (120 kilometers / 75 miles / 4 to 5 hours)

  • Altitude: 3,080 meters / 10,105 feet
  • Stay at Jispa (second night)

Today you will have to cross the Rohtang La at an altitude of 3878 meters. This route will make you feel the heights of snow-white-covered Rohtang La and then the green field of Kelong Valley.

This day is also important for the bikes and the bikers as they will cross the first pass of this route - Rohtang La, one of the worst but the most lovable pass of the riders.

Day 3: Jispa to Sarchu (110 kilometers / 68 miles / 2 to 3 hours)

  • Altitude: 4000 meters / 13,850 feet
  • Stay at Sarchu in tents (third night)

The tour starts very early in the morning. One crosses Baralacha La at 4830 meters (15846 feet). The green fields of Keylong and Jispa are also a treat to the eyes. This ride and this night's stay is the most crucial stay of the entire tour the reason is that this night's halt is at a place of the highest altitude in your tour where you have to stay at night. Riders must follow the health and safety instructions of the tour leader.

Day 4: Sarchu to Leh (230 kilometers / 143 miles / 8 to 9 hours)

  • Altitude : 3500 meters / 11,500 feet
  • Stay at Leh Hotel (fourth night)

Sarchu is the last town of Himachal Pradesh and after this, you will enter the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This road is having many passes. The road is rough so the riders have to be very cautious. You will cross Nakeela Pass at 4739 meters (15,547 feet) and Lachulungla Pass at 5065 meters (16,616 feet).

Then comes the Great Gyanchuthang Plains. This plain land with a straight road in the center is approximately 50 kilometers long. It leads to Thanglang La at an altitude of 17582 feet - it’s the world's second-highest road.

On the way, you will cross Upshi, Rumptse village, and Upshi village. From the Upshi River Indus will flow along the road. This river is originated from Kailash Mansarovar. You have entered the area of Indus Valley civilization.

One can see the barley field in these villages as it’s the main crop here. If lucky enough, then far away from the main road, you can see the nomads of Leh Ladakh with their flocks of sheep, famous for Pashmina Wool. If on time, then you can visit Thiskey Monastry which is on the way to Leh.

Day 5: Free day at Leh

Bike check-up day. If health-wise one is feeling okay, then you can visit Shanti Stupa, Thiskey Monastry, Shey Palace, and go to the famous Tibet market. This day is free for shopping.

If you are interested Tony Bike Centre can arrange local cabs for you for river rafting in Indus River (extra charges). Take rest for the adventure ride of the next day.

Day 6: Leh - Khardung La - Nubra (125 kilometers / 78 miles / 3 hours)

  • Altitude: 18,380 feet / 5620 meters
  • Stay at Nubra (sixth night)

Today you will ride the highest motorable road in the world. It’s the most exciting and the most challenging path of the tour. This route is the Old Silk Route which leads to China. This route also leads to Saichen Glacier.

To ride on this road and to reach the Pass is the main target of this long tour. You can take as many photos as you can with the historical board behind you saying ‘You are the highest motorable road in the world'.

Crossing Khardungla you will enter the Nubra Valley. It’s a green valley with peach trees all over and sand dunes with double-humped Siberian camels.

Day 7: Nubra - Pangong Tso (120 kilometers / 75 miles / 4 to 5 hours)

  • Altitude: 15,000 feet / 4572 meters
  • Stay at Pangong Tso in tents / hotels (seventh night)

The Pangong Lake is the highest natural salt lake in Asia. It’s a real treat for your eyes. Its first look will make you speechless. It’s160-kilometer long and has a turquoise color. One-third part of the lake is in India and the rest is in China.

This road from Nubra to Pangong is the actual love passionate ride for off-road lovers. This ride is a real dream ride for a biker. You will stay in the tent accommodation along the lake side in Spangmik Village. The color combination of this crystal clear lake with the surrounding mountains will pamper your eyes.

Day 8: Pangong Tso - Leh (160 kilometers / 99 miles / 5 to 6 hours)

  • Stay at Leh (eighth night)

On the way to Leh, come the Chang La pass - altitude 17,658 feet . It’s the third-highest motorable pass in the world. Tangste is the place from where the Karakoram Range of mountains starts and the river Shayok flows along it. This area is exposed to direct Ultra Violet sun rays.

On the way back to Leh, one can visit the famous 3 Idiot school, The Lotus Valley School, and one can have lunch there. The afternoon will be free for sightseeing or shopping.

Day 9: Leh - Kargil (220 kilometers / 137 miles / 4 to 5 hours)

  • Stay in hotels / tents (ninth night)

Today you will catch NH 1 to reach Kargil. The initial road from Leh towards Kargil is excellent but as you proceed it comes back to it’s original rough form. You will stop at the Pathar Sahib Gurudwara to have ‘Prasad‘ of tea and sweets. This Gurudwara is built and maintained by the Indian Army.

Alchi Monastry and Lamayaru Monastries are on the way. Lunch break will be at Lamayaru Monastery.

On the way you will cross Fotula Pass - 4187 meters (13,470 feet) and Namkila Pass - 3718 meters (12,198 feet). You will visit Mulbek Village at Chamba having the first-century statue of Lord Buddha of the Khushan Period engraved on a mountain.

This village is the last village having a Hindu or Buddhist population after this area the entire population is Islamic. When you will cross these areas you will see and experience the change over from one culture to another.

Day 10: Kargil - Srinagar (208 kilometers / 129 miles / 4 to 5 hours)

  • Stay at Srinagar hotel / house boat (tenth night)

The first halt on this route will be the War Museum made in memory of the brave jawans who gave their life in the Kargil war of 1999. You will pay your homage to them and will fill yourselves with pride to be in a country which has such brave people.

On the way to Srinagar you will cross Drass, one of the second coldest inhabitant places in the world. Then comes the narrowest Zozila Pass - 3643 meters (11,953 feet). To cross this patience and concentration is required or we can say that you will have to apply all your riding experience here.

Crossing it, you will proceed towards Sonmarg and will start seeing the lush green mountains of Paradise on Earth - Kashmir. After traveling through the dry mountains of Ladakh, to see these green mountains will be a real relief to your eyes.

Day 11: Srinagar (departure to sweet home)

Tony Bike Centre wishes you enjoy this tour and have a memorable experience of your life!

Rental options

  • Bike / SUV / Tempo Traveler from Manali to Srinagar (as per package)
  • Leh union bike / SUV / Tempo Traveler for 3 days, for Nubra and Pangong
  • Fuel for the complete tour (as per package)
  • Bikes will be given as per the itinerary only and not for local and free day rides

Security deposit:

  • 350cc: 6,000 INR for Indians and 10,000 INR for foreign nationals
  • 500cc: 7,000 INR for Indians and 10,000 INR for foreign nationals
  • 410cc: 10,000 INR for Indians and 15,000 INR for foreign nationals
  • Bikes will be strictly given as per the itinerary only.

Riding gears:

  • Elbow and knee guards and gloves: 675 INR per tour
  • Riding jackets: 2,250 INR per tour
  • Knee guards, jacket and gloves: 2,700 INR per tour
  • 1 photocopy of the tour itinerary and the hotel list which will be sent by Tony Bike Center
  • Those who are bringing their own bike should have the original bike RC, pollution, and insurance with them


It’s highly recommendable that the riders with pillion riders or dual riders on one bike should take 500cc bullets. Leh roads are the world's toughest roads and to ride them with two riders on one bike and that also 350cc can be very challenging. With two riders bike needs more power on these high-altitude tough roads with less oxygen.

It’s technically not recommendable so Tony Bike Center is sharing it with you. As per the cost, it will be just 250 INR more per person per day but this small amount can make your ride more comfortable. Rest is your choice and we will regard it and will do our best to make your tour a success.

No rider will be allowed to do the ride without proper riding gears. Tony Bike Centre has the authority to cancel the ride of a rider if, he/she is not wearing proper riding gears. No risk can be taken on these world’s toughest roads.

Skill level(s) required for this tour: intermediate and advanced


  • can ride for 3-4 hours
  • average riding experience
  • little assistance required
  • comfortable with extreme curves and leans
  • average experience with unsurfaced roads
  • steep ascents and descents


  • can ride for 5-6 hours
  • extensive riding experience
  • assistance on demand (if required)
  • experienced with riding a variety of motorcycles
  • comfortable with any terrain and weather conditions


Leh Ladakh is natural heaven. It is perhaps the most beautiful spot in India and is top on the basin rundown of each adrenaline enthusiast. It is the place that is known for High passes and is certainly something other than about experience.

The Ladakhi culture depends on the Tibetian convictions, it is home to numerous lovely cloisters and detached spots. On the off chance that you need an excursion where you can appreciate the experience, harmony, regular excellence, fortitude, and dynamic neighborhood culture, at that point Ladakh is your smartest choice.Is the Ladakh bike trip safe?


Meals on MAP plan, 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) at eating joints on the way and may not be in major towns where people prefer to have platters according to their personal tastes. From dinner on day 1 at Srinagar till breakfast on day 10 in Manali.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

What's included

  • Volvo tickets from Delhi to Manali (from Arrival Day to Tour Day 1)
  • 10 nights’ accommodation on double sharing for couples and on triple sharing for the rest of the group
  • Meals on MAP plan, 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) from dinner on Day 01 at Manali till breakfast on Day 11 in Srinagar
  • Manali Green Tribunal permit / Inner line permit for Nubra and Pangong lake
  • Tour leader cum guide on his bike to lead the group
  • Tour manager to manage the group by taking all safety measures to make the tour a success
  • Well experienced and skilled Royal Enfield Mechanic with spare parts and tools
  • Backup car with more than 10 bikes
  • One bag (maximum 30 liters) per bike can be kept in the vehicle in hill areas (minimum 10 bikes)
  • Basic first aid kit and oxygen cylinders
  • Helmets for rider and the pillion rider
  • TBC T- shirt per rider
  • Participation Certificate for each rider

What's not included

  • GST @ 5%
  • Bike security deposits (6,000 - 15,000 INR)
  • Spare parts, Engine oil used on the way, or any kind of bike damage during the tour
  • If, the rider because of any circumstances leaves the ride in between then the charges for transporting the bike from the leaving point till the starting point have to be paid by the client.
  • Any personal air/bus/taxi/jeep fare
  • Any kind of personal expenditure such as tips, extra meals, alcohol, mineral water, laundry, optional tours, medical expenses, phone calls, entrance fees to monuments/forts/monasteries, camera fees, guide fees, etc.
  • Airport, railway station, or bus stand pick up or drop
  • Any kind of state fees, tolls, parking, traffic fines for bikes, or any local people charging entry fees to any place. Any entry ticket to any place.
  • Any kind of personal, accidental or medical insurance or any medical expenses.
  • In case of any natural calamity, landslides, road blockage, etc. If the tour is extended or the itinerary has to be changed then any extra cost which occurs beyond their control will be on the client’s side.
  • It’s an adventure ride full of challenges and unpredictable weather conditions. Some areas are also politically tensed so because of any such natural or human-made calamity if, the tour is extended/diverted or terminated before the ending date then in such case TONY BIKE CENTRE / its associated partners/ hotel owners/ cab owners will not be responsible for it and any additional cost has to be paid by the clients.
  • Tour excludes all such things which are not mentioned above

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
12 days / 11 nights
from --
Pricing information
  • Innova / Xylo (minimum 5 pax): 35,000 INR per seat
  • Tempo Traveler (minimum 10 pax): 35,000 INR per seat
  • 2 seats in the backseat: 33,000 INR per seat
  • Single occupancy supplement: 10,000 INR
  • If Volvo is not required by a rider then the price will be 1,000 INR less.
  • Upgrade to 500cc: 6,000 INR
  • Upgrade to 410cc: 9,000 INR


Minimum group size

This trip requires a minimum of 6 participants

Select your package:

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