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Dalat, Vietnam

Top Gear Easy Riders offers private motorcycle tours of Vietnam for single persons or groups of up to 20 people.

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Loi is a Dalat native who has been giving motorcycle tours of Vietnam for more than 25 years. He loves to provide highly personalized tours for his guests and is excited to show you the beauty of Vietnam's countryside. Loi speaks English well and will be an engaging tour guide for you on your journey.

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  • Anonymous

    September 2017, BookMotorcycleTours

    The carefree sightseeing way and get to meet the local people.

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    • Gabriella Coronel United States

      Top Gear Easy Riders website

      This has been one of the best experiences I've had throughout my travels (it's been 8 months and counting). Loi picked me up from my hostel in Da lat and allowed me to have the most memorable riding experience up to Hoi an. As a solo female traveler I was anxious and hesitant to do this journey on my own but all those worries were quickly dissolved upon meeting Loi. He's easy to talk to, an incredible driver, and allows you to get an authentic experience in Vietnam. I was able to enteract with locals and see Vietnam through a natives perspective. He's a good guy and someone you can talk to about just about anything with.

      Like other reviews have mentioned, it is pricey. But absolutely worth it! The hotels are great and you get what you pay for. It's a comfortable ride not only physically but mentally as well. I always felt safe and everything was really more than I could have asked for. Also, Loi knows the best places to eat! I had amazing food the entire time and if there's anything in the intinuary you rather skip or do instead he is very accommodating and flexible.

      I highly recommend doing an easy rider tour and I highly recommend going with Loi! I would do this again, it's been an unforgettable experience (:

    • Joshua Crossiu United Kingdom

      Top Gear Easy Riders website

      I travelled around South East Asia for 6 months in 2009. The trip was fantastic, one of the most memorable I have been on, and looking back it was my time spent Loi riding down the Ho Chi Minh Trail that has really stayed with me. I rented a small scooter to follow Loi rather than hop on the back of his bike.

      Biking through Vietnam was something I had wanted to do before leaving the UK and I had initially planned to go it alone. I am so glad I didn't. Not only did I feel incredibly safe with Loi leading the way along potentially dangerous roads, but Loi also turned out to be a truly wonderful guy. He was incredibly knowledgeable and I saw things and met people I certainly wouldn't have had I not been with him.

      The journey together through central Vietnam and down to the delta was incredible. It's one of the most beautiful places on earth and the people were incredibly warm, welcoming and inviting. I am so grateful to Loi for showing me a side of Vietnam I would probably not have experienced otherwise and would highly recommend seeing the country in this way.

      Thank you Loi.

    • Ashley Box Canada

      Top Gear Easy Riders website

      I HIGHLY recommend the Easy Rider Tour. My friend and I were lucky enough to run into Loi and Phuck in Da Lat, and instantly we felt trust with both of them and decided to take a 5 day trip. I was able to explore and discover parts of Vietnam that a tour bus would never be able to show you. They were both very passionate and knowledgeable about their country, and I learned so much from them about the culture and the land. It was by far the highlight of my two-month vacation and I am counting down the days until I am able to return and go on another trip. It was a very relaxing time for us, we were able to sit back and let the guides take over, they planned where we would stay and provided every meal for us and all of those were good experiences. Both of them made sure we were always comfortable and enjoying ourselves, it truly was the best experience of my life.

      Loi and I still keep in touch to this day, I'll be back for sure :)

    • Andrew S. United States

      Top Gear Easy Riders website

      Loi was a great guide and a great guy. He was flexible and creative - we had a fantastic adventure, going off the beaten path quite a bit and connecting with some friends of friends of mine near Dalat. He's not just a good guide; he is good company, easy to talk with, smart and opinionated. He is an excellent rider also - safe and cautious. As other reviewers have mentioned, he was able to accommodate my luggage with no problem. The value is excellent - my price included accommodations, which were not five star but were perfectly acceptable, and meals, which were fantastic - Loi knew some great places to eat. I am happy to have made a good friend while in Dalat, and I highly recommend Loi as a Top Shelf Easy Rider Guide.

    • Lisa Morris Australia

      Top Gear Easy Riders website

      Thanh picked me up at Da Lat airport and then I went for a 4 day/3 night trip with him to Lak Lake, Drasap Waterfall and Gia Nghia. The places we visited are beautiful and I had a great time. Thanh is very knowledgeable about everywhere we went, and stopped

      frequently to explain or show things that I had never seen before. He also knows the best places to eat and had no trouble finding excellent vegetarian food for me. Highly recommended!

    • Neil and Ashley Canada

      Top Gear Easy Riders website

      We travelled from Dalat to Hoi An with Easy Riders through the central highlands, with the best two guides loi and xuan. The trip took 6 days and was outstanding. They took us off the tourist trail to alot of villages and homes of the locals. We ate some of the best food in Vietnam thanks to the boys and their local knowledge. They were both so knowledgable and passionate about their country and it was a real joy travelling with them. We stopped along the way to see the different crops being grown in each region and tried everything. They also took us in to local homes where the family made or grew things for market, things like rice cakes, rice wine, hand made drumbs, silk worms, pepper, coffee, fruit, the weirdist mushrooms we've ever seen....the list goes on. . The people are so friendly and the children so nice.. we just fell in love with them! The country side is so beautiful, and they took us places we would never have gone. We did and saw so much over those 6 days that it's impossible to write it all down. All we can say, is it was the best travelling experience we've ever had in Vietnam.

      Thank very much to loi and xuan.

    • Lisa Rose Sand Austria

      Top Gear Easy Riders website

      My husband and I recently took a 6 day trip with loi and Duong from Dalat to Hoi An. Neither of us had been on motorbikes before but we absolutely loved this first experience - the bikes were comfy and made driving through the beautiful countryside a really pleasurable journey. Nam and Duong were very passionate about Vietnam and we felt that we gained so much by having them as our guides. We ate in local restaurants and tried lots of delicious Vietnamese food. We gained a true insight into the daily lives of local people and everything was organised perfectly. Our highlights from the trip included: visiting a Banar ethnic minority village during a celebration and being invited to join them to drink rice wine; being welcomed by children with very enthusiastic cheers of "hello!", whenever we drove through a village; and spending time in remote areas of captivating scenery. This really is the best way to get off the tourist trail and see the 'real' Vietnam. Thank you so much to loi and Duong for an unforgettable experience!

    • Peter

      Top Gear Easy Riders website

      We met A LOT of "Easy Riders" in Da Lat and we undecided if we were going to do a tour or not. Mainly as we are long term travelers on a budget. But once we met Mr. Mo and loi our minds were made up. We had a fantastic three day trip from Da Lat to Nah Trang. We learnt so much about Vietnam, tried new food, met lovely local people and saw so much of the beautiful Vietnamese highlands. It was fantastic!!!!

      Mr mo and loi were professional, knowledgable and fun. They answered all our questions and were very safe drivers.

      We stayed in good accommodation and ate excellent food. They made sure there was plenty of Vegan food available. It was all local places and local prices. You really get a feel for what Vietnam is like away from the major backpacker/tourist towns.

      To anybody who is unsure, book it. You will have a fantastic time.

      Many people claim to be the original "easy riders" - my advice is just to pick the one who you feel most comfortable with.

    • Alex Karasik

      Top Gear Easy Riders website

      This was the best activity I had done in Vietnam. I did a 3 day trip with Loi and it was a blast. Loi was very gracious and patient from the beginning. He showed me the parts of Vietnam that foreigners rarely get to see and had a personality to match the fun and different environment he was showing me.

      He made it a point to make sure I was happy and comfortable throughout the day and became a sincere and genuine friend. Sometimes, if I got tired, he would have no problem pulling over for a little hammock time and taking a rest. If there was something unique and different to see, he made sure I was aware of it and taking it in.

      If you are in Vietnam, don't miss this opportunity!

    • Richard Schaefer United States

      Top Gear Easy Riders website

      My easy rider tour with these guys was amazing! My wife and I did a 2 day trip from Da Lat to Nah Trang. We had Loi and Dan as our guides, and they did a wonderful job. Both of them were kind, warm-hearted, fun, and spoke great English. We felt safe and comfortable the whole trip, and never had any problems. One of my biggest concerns at the start of the trip was luggage. They strap your luggage on the bike very securely and bring it along for the ride so it is in your possession the whole time. At no point did I feel uneasy about the that. Also the motorcycle helmet they provided us was high quality and study, and they drive the motorcycles very carefully. The hotel we stayed at was a nice, private room, and we ate well and for very cheap the whole trip.

      At first glance I thought the price was a bit steep, but by the end I thought it was worth every penny, especially considering what is provided for the fee (they are not ripping you off). You should not pass up an opportunity to do an easy rider tour. It really is the best way to travel in Vietnam, and maybe the only way to see certain parts that are somewhat inaccessible to foreigners. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and highly recommend it to anyone else who has the chance.

    • Linda de Jong Ne

      Top Gear Easy Riders website

      Mr. Tu, my wonderful driver and guide, would like me to write my feedback in Dutch. So.. Ik heb een fantastische reis achter de rug! 5 dagen toeren door de Central Highlands met Mr. Tu was een geweldige ervaring. Tu is een super aardige man die je met enthousiasme verteld over alles wat we onderweg tegenkomen. Hij weet veel en deelt deze kennis graag met je. Van cultuur tot geschiedenis en natuur tot agricultuur. We zijn over wegen gereden met de meest prachtige vergezichten, tussen de begroeiing van het regenwoud en over de hobbelige zandpaadjes om bij culturele minderheden op bezoek te gaan. Tu laat je kennis maken met het echte Vietnam. Wat is er nou niet heerlijker dan achter op een motor om je heen kijkend door de prachtige heuvels scheuren. Dit is het beste deel geweest van mijn 3 weeks reis door Vietnam. Ik heb 5 dagen lang met een grote glimlach achter op zijn motor gezeten.

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