Toscana Moto Tours provides guided and self-guided tours in Italy, with an all-inclusive formula: rental and personal. They provide any customized solution.

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Matteo Casuccio

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from Israel, October 2019

"Great Motorcycle Tour in Tuscany! "

It was a special and almost personal tour. The landscape, the routes, the places we visited, the guide gave as an unforgetable experience!! Also the food...... Thanks!

Darko Neuschul

from United States, June 2019

"Absolutely the best way to experience Tuscany!!! "

The experience was infinitely better than expected. The sites that we visited, Matteou's knowledge and friendliness and the fact that we came back to stay at the same place were all just perfect. It was an experience of a lifetime. You get to see wine regions, historical sites, hidden gastronomical gems, and you get to enjoy the seaside on top of it all. Matteo is the perfect guide. He's thoughtful, fun, smart and will make your time spent touring Tuscany amazing.

Janet Spencer

from Australia, November 2018

"Short but fantastic tour. "

What did we like? Everything. Our tour guide Daniele was one of the nicest, most helpful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. If anyone could make something happen - Daniele could.

Our Tuscan tour was as I'd hope it would be and so much more. The real Tuscany, it's people, culture and food. Our accommodation was a small farm just outside of Follonica (highly recommend this option) we had a lovely apartment overlooking the countryside below. The farm was also home to a beautiful restaurant called 'Agriturismo' at which we dined on spectacular menus full of local produce.

Our daily riding tours took us deep into the Tuscan lifestyle, visiting small villages and towns the sites of which took our breath away. The roads we rode were challenging and exciting - just the way we like it.

Can't imagine anything better.

Paul Croll

from United States, June 2018

"Great tour"

Matteo was a nice guy and knew the area very well. He did the Paris Dakar a few years back. The countryside was beautiful. The towns and villages were beautiful. The bike was pretty new and in very good condition. The roads were amazing, very

twisty and with little traffic. We stopped at local restaurants for lunch each day and the food was excellent.

I stayed in the 5* Andana. I upgraded to a Prestige Suite which is not actually one of the options originally on the web site, but Matteo added it for me especially. The hotel was nice and the suite was everything I would expect. The staff very friendly. It is a very quite and tranquil location with a private drive that must be 700m long! Apparently it used to be the residence of the Arch Duke Leopold II, so you get the idea.

I am from the UK (not the USA as this website says). I turned up with normal biking kit, which was way too hot for me, even with the liners out. Matteo took me to a local bike shop to buy some cooler kit, without which I think I would have been in trouble! If you are from a cooler climate like me, I would suggest a mesh jacket and Kevlar lined jeans .