12 Days Hanoi Loop Motorcycle Tour Vietnam

  • Nghia Lo, Yên Bái Province, Vietnam

12 Days Hanoi Loop Motorcycle Tour Vietnam

  • Nghia Lo, Yên Bái Province, Vietnam

Motorcycle Tours Vietnam

Come and discover a wild and remote area of Vietnam! You will ride on all types of roads, from flat and smooth to gravel and bumpy, dirt tracks, and jungle paths. On this trip, you will skirt along the Vietnam and China border, starting in Hanoi to Nghia Lo, Than Uyen, and Sapa, then continue to the beautiful Ha Giang, Dong Van, and Bao Lac before descending to Cao Bang, Quang Uyen, and Lang Son. The spectacular view of cloudy mountains is a great memory from a motorcycle trip!


  • Starts and ends in Hanoi
  • Discover the city of Lang Son
  • Boat ride to the lovely Titov Island
  • Ride through the Mu Cang Chai Massif
  • Amazing view of colorful mountain hill tribes
  • Relaxing cruise to the Surprising Cave
  • 11 nights accommodation
  • Guided motorbike tour
  • 12 riding days
  • English
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During this motorbike tour, you will be staying at several hotels provided by Travelo Vietnam. There will be overnights in Nghia Lo, Than Uyen, Sapa, Bac Ha, Ha Giang, Dong Van, Bao Lac, Cao Bang, Lang Son, and Ha Long Bay.


  • Bike: rental bike
  • Terrain: mix of flat, smooth, gravel, bumpy, dirty, and jungle roads
  • Mileage: 1822 kilometers / 1132.1 miles
  • Daily rides: 80 to 250 kilometers / 49.7 miles to 155.3 miles
  • Meals: all meals included

Day 1 - Hanoi to Nghia Lo (250 kilometers / 155.3 miles)

Before the ride, it takes 30 minutes to double check the bikes and ensure that you have all necessary tools and equipment to guarantee maximum fun. You will first head out of Hanoi skirting along the Red River to Son Tay and then head up the mountain to Nghia Lo.

The road is easy and flat from Hanoi to Thanh Son. From Thanh Son to Thu Cuc and Ba Khe to Nghia Lo, the road is beautiful, snaking the foot of Hoang Lien Range. Nghia Lo is a big mountain town where you will stop for the night. You will start with a challenging ride with about seven hours on the road.

Day 2 - Nghia Lo to Than Uyen (180 kilometers / 111.8 miles)

Your first challenge will be the wild and bumpy road with Lung Lo Pass. The next one will be the higher Khau Pha Pass. You will ride through the Mu Cang Chai Massif, almost as high as the Fansipan. From the top, it offers one of the most beautiful views of North Vietnam. The ride is challenging but very rewarding. You will spend the night in a hotel. You will ride for about five hours.

Day 3 - Than Uyen to Sapa (140 kilometers / 86.9 miles)

The area of Than Uyen is mainly populated by Flower H’mong and Dzao people. Then, you will head to Sapa. The track is easy for 100 kilometers and asphalted mountainous road for the last 40 kilometers. You will stay in Sapa and find out the reason why this city is one of the most popular places for tourists in Vietnam. You will ride for about five hours.

Day 4 - Sapa to Bac Ha (100 kilometers / 62.1 miles)

The drive from Sapa to Bac Ha takes about three hours. About 34 kilometers down from Sapa to Lao Cai, there is a border city where you can take photos with China as the background. After lunch, you will ride up to Bac Ha for 70 kilometers with stunning landscape. Overnight will be in Bac Ha. You will have a rather short ride with only three hours spent on the road.

Day 5 - Bac Ha to Ha Giang (200 kilometers / 124.2 miles)

After breakfast, you will ride on the track to Xin Man and on many small and back roads with scenic mountain views before joining the main road heading up to Ha Giang. You will stop in Ha Giang for the night and apply for a permit. On your fifth day, you will ride for about six hours.

Day 6 - Ha Giang to Dong Van (180 kilometers / 111.8 miles)

After getting the permit to ride in border areas at Ha Giang’s Immigration Police, you will ride on small, challenging mountain roads on the land of colorful mountain hill tribes. The roads can be difficult but they are incredibly beautiful as well. Then, you will head up the Ma Pi Leng Pass.

Here is yet another amazing place with cloudy mountain ranges and the poetic Nho Que River winding off in the distance. You will ride on a zig-zag track until Dong Van and meet the hard-working local people here. It is inspiring to see how they survive as they manage to live in the rocks. When you reach the town, you will have some extra time to wander the ancient streets lined with H’mong homes of clay bricks and tiles roofs built centuries ago. You will ride for about six hours.

Day 7 - Dong Van to Bao Lac (80 kilometers / 49.7 miles)

The road is still under construction, which makes this part of the ride relatively long in spite of being only a few kilometers long. The landscape is among the most beautiful of Vietnam and the slow tempo is only more appreciable.

You will cross the wild regions of the mythical province of Ha Giang and stop for the night in Bao Lac, the ethnic crossroad of Northeast Vietnam. Many other ethnic groups on the two sides of the border meet at the market every Sunday. You will enjoy a short ride of only four hours.

Day 8 - Bao Lac to Cao Bang (150 kilometers / 93.2 miles)

You will enjoy a beautiful ride down to Cao Bang Province. There are a few passes from where you can dominate the area. The road is easy but there are many blind curves. The group can stop very often for photos. Altogether, with a stop for drinks and food, it should be an eight-hour journey. You will stay in a hotel for the night. You will ride for about five hours.

Day 9 - Cao Bang to Lang Son (180 kilometers / 111.8 miles)

You will ride from Cao Bang to Lang Son on the famous historical Highway 4. You will have time to discover this city, which has become a big trading post between China and Vietnam. You can shop for cheap Chinese products at the nearby Dong Kinh market. Overnight will be at a hotel. As the previous day, you will ride for about five hours.

Day 10 - Lang Son to Ha Long City (200 kilometers / 124.2 miles)

You will have a long drive mainly on secondary roads, passing many coal mines along the road. Hopefully, you will not be covered in dark coal dust when you arrive in Ha Long City, the new name of Bai Chay. You will have a relatively long ride, with six hours spent on the road.

Day 11 - Ha Long Bay cruising and sleep on a boat

Relax in the morning to recover from the long ride the day before. There are two options for today. First, you can join a group trip at noon, depart by boat to Ha Long Bay. For lunch, you will enjoy a deluxe Vietnamese set menu on the boat. The cruise will head to Surprising Cave, where you can enjoy kayaking and swimming. Dinner served will be Vietnamese food.

For evening activities, you can choose from enjoying a movie, singing karaoke, or joining squid fishing with the crew. The second option for the day is booking a private boat and cruise in Ha Long Bay. Overnight will be on the boat. This option costs extra. Travelo Vietnam will let you know the cost if you want this upgrade.

Day 12 - Ha Long to Hanoi (160 kilometers / 99.4 miles)

There are two options with the cruise. The first is transferring by tender from the boat to Titov Island, swimming, or just relaxing. You can continue cruising and refresh on-board and come back to Bai Chay. Lunch will be at Thang Long Restaurant in Ha Long City or on the boat.

The second option is to continue cruising in Ha Long Bay, have lunch on the boat, and return at noon. This option costs extra. Travelo Vietnam will let you know the cost if you want this upgrade. Afterward, you will pick up the bikes and ride back to Hanoi on Highway 18 and then 1B. Arrival in Hanoi will be around 5 p.m. You will ride for about five hours on your last day of the tour.

  • Booking a private boat and cruise in Ha Long Bay
  • Discover the city of Lang Son, which has become a big trading post between China and Vietnam
  • Dong Van and meet the hard-working local people here
  • Enjoy a movie, sing karaoke, or join squid fishing with the crew
  • Shop for cheap Chinese products at the nearby Dong Kinh market
  • Stop for photos in Cao Bang Province
  • Take a cruise in the afternoon, heading to Surprising Cave, where you can enjoy kayaking and swimming
  • Take photos in a border city Lao Cai, with China as the background

This motorcycle tour takes place across different cities in Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay

Located in northeast Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is part of the Tonkin Gulf. It was called "the wonder standing in the heaven." In 1994, Ha Long Bay was recognized as the World Natural Heritage site by UNESCO. The city is known as the capital of Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. This place has many islands with the spectacular views and famous caves; this is a central natural heritage of Ha Long Bay.


Hanoi is the capital of Northern Vietnam and keeps this role until now. The city is located on the right bank of the Red River and about 1760 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City. It is considered one of the main cultural centers of Vietnam, where most Vietnamese dynasties have left their imprint.


Sapa located in the northwest of Vietnam. The natural beauty of Sapa is combined with human creativity, the topography of the mountains, and green forests, which creates a romantic spot. Sapa has a great diversity of ethnic minorities; the total population is 36,000 people that consist mostly of minority groups.

Each ethnic group has a difference in dress, lifestyle, customs, and methods of cultivation together with the distinct cultural identity.

You will be provided with a welcome dinner upon your arrival. Travelo Vietnam will provide you with daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole tour. All Vietnamese food is included; Western food costs extra.

If you have any specific food requirements, such as vegetarian, vegan, or food allergies, please inform Travelo Vietnam in advance so that they can provide notice to the restaurant, tour guide, and partners. If you are a food lover, Travelo Vietnam can also be your culinary guide and provide you an opportunity to savor tempting local food and world-famous dishes.

  • 11 nights accommodation
  • All entrance fees, permits, tickets, boat trips, ferries, and bamboo rafts included
  • Daily Vietnamese breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Fuel
  • Indochina Explore Tours Vietnam support
  • Motorcycle
  • Sleeping bags, mosquito nets, and pillows for homestays
  • Third party motorbike insurance (if you have a Vietnamese driving license)
  • Tour guide, translator, leader, and handy mechanic
  • Vietnamese green tea and rice wine
  • Accommodation and food in Hanoi
  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Bike shipping and tour guide’s travel back to Hanoi
  • Breakfast on the departure day and dinner on the return day
  • Drinks other than tea and local rice wine
  • Protective pants, jacket, gloves, helmet, rain gear, and other safety equipment
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal medical insurance
  • Single room supplement
  • Tips
  • Train tickets

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Noi Bai International Airport (HAN).

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 14% of the total price.
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.


  • Review by Wim

    "Hi, thank you for your mail. I was happy with the trip we made, and we were guided very well. I have some few remarks I would like to state. – As I was going back from LuangPrabang to Saigon, I ran into visum problems. Apparently I had only 1 entrance possibility. It costed me about 105 USdollars to get it back arranged in the airport of Cambodja. – Our guide in Vietnam was very friendly, although we could have received a bit more explanation during the trip in the day. Our guide in Laos had done it more. – A few hotels were overrated. Especially the last one in Laos (which was a different one then mentioned on the paper) and the last 2 in Vietnam. On the other hand, I also have some extraordinary points. – The 2 guides in Laos treated us very well and friendly. – The food was really good on the whole trip (all local food). – We were in contact with local people many times, which was very special. – your personnal contact was also appreciated Anyway, I am now in Hanoi until Sunday. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact me."

    "br, Wim"

    Travelo Vietnam website, edited

  • Review by Michele from Australia

    "Hello Mr. Dung, We arrived home yesterday afternoon and everyone is very tired. Thank you for your help with the organisation of our tour through Vietnam. We enjoyed seeing Hue for the first time. Feedback for the trip: Hotels The hotel in Gia Bao Hotel in Hanoi was nice but too small for our group. The restaurant faculties were not adequate. The Green Hotel in Hue was OK but the rooms were a little musty and the hotel restaurant was very expensive. The Glory Hotel in Hoi An was wonderful. We would like to stay here again in future. Junk boats on Halong Bay were good (although one was very old). Less problems than last year with the boat captains and staff. Too much food and too early for lunch (10.30am). There was an incident with some male boat staff looking into our girls’ windows. This is not acceptable. Transport (Bus) Drivers were excellent. Much safer driving than last year. The attendants helping the drivers were courteous and helpful. Guide Huy was helpful and enthusiastic. It was good to have the same guide as last year. his service was excellent. We will be planning our next trip in the next few months. I will contact you via email to ask for a quote as soon as I have planned the itinerary ."

    "Thank you once again."

    "Kind regards,"

    "Michele Michele Hockey Teacher, Senior School"

    Travelo Vietnam website, edited

  • Review by John and Pat

    "Hello mr Dung"

    "Thanks once again for another successful CTC tour to Vietnam. Everyone enjoyed the experience of travelling in the northern provinces despite the rain, cold and fog. Please convey our special thanks to Mr Tuyen and Mr Thanh. We would find it difficult to run the tour without their invaluable help. Also thanks to Mr Tung and Mr Tinh for their enthusiastic support. Thank you also on behalf of our group for the lovely scarves and the superb farewell evening. A very memorable occasion. We are looking forward to a new adventure with Travelocity Indochina in March and would be very pleased if Mr Tuyen and Mr Thanh will join us again Thank you once again for a great tour With very best wishes"

    "John and Pat CTC Cycling Holidays"

    Travelo Vietnam website, edited

  • Review by Jane

    "Hello Ms Ha,"

    "Yes, everything is fine. My friends head is all healed nicely, and I will let her know that you asked about her. We had a most enjoyable trip and Mr Pye was a very good guide. We enjoyed his company and we learned many things about Myanmar. We do hope that we will be able to travel with you again some day. your company has always treated us very well. Thank you from all of us"

    "Very best regards, Jane"

    Travelo Vietnam website, edited

  • Review by Darek Dabrowski

    "Dear Ms Nguyen Ha."

    "Regarding to your email from 02 DEC, I have spoken with our tour leader Mr. Przemyslaw Kunysz who was in Vietnam with our last group. In general – we are very satisfied with cooperation with you. This itinerary is good and standard of accommodation and transportation was satisfied. We like also a service of your professional birding guide who took care about our group. As our cooperation looks good, we plan to organise the same tour by the same itinerary next year. it will start at the end of October and finish in the first half of November 2014. Could you, please, send me a new quotation for this tour for Oct / Nov next year. And than I will send you the exact dates of this tour. I am looking forward to get a reply from you. With kind regards from Poland."

    "Darek Dabrowski — Klub Podróży HORYZONTY ul."

    Travelo Vietnam website, edited

  • Review by Geraldine

    "Hi Ms Ha,"

    "Just want to thank you for organizing the trip to Ha Giang. I enjoyed the trip and Mr Tien and Mr Bao were very professional and had plenty of local knowledge. I look forward to more trips with Travelocity Indochina. Thanks! Cheers, Geraldine "

    Travelo Vietnam website, edited

  • Review by John and Ai

    "Chao anh Dung,"

    "Thank you very much for allowing our trip to the North after your illness. We appreciate your efforts with em Ha to make sure we have our holiday, Cam on nhieu. We had a good time up there and anh Kien and anh Duc were very capable guides and drivers. The hotels and food were all very good , especially in Sin Ho and Muong Te where we expected not so good accomodation. We had a lot of laughs with Kien and Duc and we saw many interesting ethnic people. Now I am settling in to the house in Hue but I must buy a computer screen to start looking at my photos. I am only using a TV screen at present. We thank you again for the trip and look forward to travelling again with you in the future. Hope you are well soon, and thanks again for making sure we had our trip under your difficult circumstances."

    "Very kind regards my friend, John and Ai… "

    Travelo Vietnam website, edited

  • Review by Johannes from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "This is about enjoying long hard climbs, spectacular mountain vistas, and hours in the saddle. We were very happy and satisfied with our bike tour of northern Vietnam. The tour was a great way to enjoy the beautiful nature, and to experience the rich ethnic culture. Really enjoyed this tour and would highly recommend. next year we will come back vietnam and book other trip with you."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Kiet N.
    10 out of 10

    "Dear Dzung, How are you? tomorrow morning we will flight to Home, we wanted to write just to thank you for our trip and for finding the time to meet us. It was very nice!. It is sure that you are a high skill tour operator, and the guides you hired were really nice and professional. You have been so nice with us, and your guides were very nice too, the places they show us were wonderful and the food!. The mark we give to the whole trip is 10! Thank you very much for everything and for planning such a memmorable honeymoon in Vietnam"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from New Zealand
    10 out of 10

    "We purchased a two-week package from Travelo Vietnam, including travel from Hanoi to Sapa, trekking from Sapa into the mountains, and transport back to Hanoi. "


    "We worked with Mr Dung to arrange everything and he was super-reliable, knowledgeable and helpful both before our tour when we were writing to him with questions, and during the tour. Nothing was too much trouble and he always responded quickly. "


    "The hotels he recommended and booked for us were really nice and better than we could have selected on our own. The trek was just as we had asked for, and when unfortunately the weather got bad and also I got sick he was really, really helpful and very quick in offering us other choices and arranging these for us. He got us back to Hanoi and arranged a cruise for us while I recovered and I always felt like we were looked after and cared for, and that the money we had paid was used to give us the best possible experience in Vietnam. "


    "I would recommend working with Travelo Vietnam and in particular Mr Dung to any traveller no matter what your needs as he really listens and makes sure that your trip is tailored to meet your requirements. He can offer a lot more options than are shown on the website so I would recommend sending an email to him and I'm sure that - like us - you'll have a great experience. "


    "Highly recommended and if we have the opportunity to return to Vietnam we will definitely use this company again."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

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