Uganda Motorcycle Adventure offers exciting guided tours of Uganda with the top of the line motorcycles.

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21 Days Guided Motorcycle Tour around East Africa

June 5-25 | August 19-September 8, 2022–2023
    from US$7,400
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    Reviews (3)


    from Spain, January 2020

    "Uganda 10 Day Tour"

    Uganda is an amazing country to visit, and the tour was great!. About 40% of our 10 day tour was not on asphalt which was a little unexpected, but in the end it only added to a great experience. I would make sure you plan your tour well with Ali, and make sure you base it on your real previous riding experience as there are plenty of options. If you have little experience of mud tracks and long distances, then the tour should be planned accordingly. There is a major roadworks construction project going on in the west of the country (2020), which can make the riding challenging if you have no off- road experience, however the asphalt roads that we did use were in a remarkably good condition. I would definitely recommend the tour, we thought Uganda was a truly amazing place, and our riding guide Pius was not only an excellent guide but a genius mechanic! I would recommend not trying to do too much in terms of visiting all the 'must see' sights and parks, its quite difficult to plan how long it takes to get anywhere (after all it is Africa) and anyway the riding alone is remarkable.

    James Segundo

    from Australia, July 2019

    "Unbelievable experience"

    The parks, the nature, the animals, the people of Uganda, it was all spectacular. This trip was the most memorable experience and probably the coolest thing ive done. Ali and Joseph are generally very good and accomodating guys. Even though there were many issues, Ali and Joseph did their best to take care of everything including buying my medicine and crutches after my accident

    Peter Loogna

    from Czechia, July 2018

    "Motorcycle in Uganda"

    I am a beginner and recently took my driving license for motorbike. This was an excellent oppurtunity for me improving my drivingskills in different environment. Often the roads were quite challinging but that was the reason coming to Uganda. I am so pleased with everything from guides to food and different gameparks. Better vacation than this is hard to beat!