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UpSouth Adventures offers adventurous motorcycle tours within southern Africa and beyond. They have over eight years of experience in motorcycle tour industry.

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Werner Roux

Seven years ago, Werner was commissioned as a professional photographer by a motorcycle touring company. A whole new world of adventure biking opened up and broadened his view of motorcycling. Since then, Werner has guided tours and traveled Southern Africa extensively, all the way up to the equator. Born and raised in South Africa, he provides an adventurous experience with his incredible knowledge, at the same time looking after the interests of UpSouth Adventures' clients with his somewhat easygoing attitude, making sure everyone is satisfied beyond their expectations.

Marcio Bassoli

After several years working at a prominent bank, Marcio felt life had more to offer. He set off on a now 10-year adventure, traveling across the globe. Combining his love of travel, nature, and the underwater world, Marcio started working for one of the biggest cruise lines in the world. After only a few months, he climbed the ranks and had never looked back. It was the experience that equipped him to move on to this next phase in his life with UpSouth Adventures. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, you can trust that he will ensure your experience to be exceptional.

Testimonials 2

Volker Lang Germany

UpSouth Adventures Facebook page

Werner and Marcio did a fantastic job during the whole trip which started in Windhoek and ended in Cape Town, with more than 4000 kilometers of gravel and tarmac. The places where we came through and where we stayed overnight are unique and excellent.

Moritz Hanning

UpSouth Adventures Facebook page

We had perfect guides and support all along the 4000 kilometers of gravel and tarmac ride through Namibia and South Africa. Thank you very much, guys. It's been an adventurous, impressive, tasty, and luxurious ride.

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